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  1. Hope everyone enjoyed their coins from last year!   2b4a4539-36ea-4166-85e0-7f61c4578597.jpg

    ... Now that's done,  let's move on,  you know the drill.  

     First post on the hour,  every hour may or may not ever see anything from their efforts, BUT... its worth a shot! ;)


     Happy Easter and a Foolish day to all! 

  2. I will make contact with each one of you shortly, but as I said...The mint is closed in celebration of the foolish new year (if you didn't already gather that) so delays are mandatory and expected.


    Thank you all for coming to play this year.



  3. My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me all the world and exiles me from it.

    Here, you are accepted. Here we are one... WE ARE THE FOOLS!

    Only 1 shy, so I guess this year I join the order of fools. Haha

  4. Haha... Ladybee you are in the Foolishhood indeed :P

    Congrats... I think ;)


    I think we still have 2 unlucky spots with fun for fools in our little foolish boat of madness today!






    and Ladybee4T


    That's 5! 2 more to go... :D

  5. Happy Fools Day Everyone :) Keep On Caching! Found 7 and DNFed 1 and all by riding bike. Rode 22.5 miles today. It was great to be out. ~Valarie of sweetlife. :)

    Another high ranking individual of the brotherhood...Well um, sisterhood...Foolishhood??? Haha :P Sounds like a foolish time was to be had by all :D.


    Congrats...I think :-)

  6. hahahahahaha Secret society of foolishness and I have a rank in there!!!


    I already have 3 april fool's coins and I think.. I won the fourth!! hahahahahahaha


    I am high ranked fool!!! oups!!! :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:


    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    Wow... You are a high ranked fool! Congrats...I think ;-)


    Proud of you sir... Welcome to 1st rank of the foolish brotherhood. Not even I can say that. Haha :P :P :P

  7. It's 2017....We gots foolish crickets these days ;)


    happy april fools!!!! :laughing:


    I always come here for this game!!! I am called a fool.. and I like it! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


    hhmmm... shall I say that to my doctor? :anitongue::laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


    Haha... You came to the right place old pal. ;). Welcome to Secret society of foolishness once again. Glad to have ya! Life is always grand when you're a fools fool. :P

  8. I am wondering if someone has checked their P.O. Box latley?

    Hmmm...It's been a minute. Is this fool gonna be foomed at Po box??? Hmmm. :o


    Now I wanna test my foolishness ... Some foolish thoughts say so


    :blink: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................... :ph34r:

    I'm 22 miles from my PO. You want me happy or you happy??? I'm having the mint prepped over the foolish new year... It's a fools game at this point.

  9. I am wondering if someone has checked their P.O. Box latley?

    Hmmm...It's been a minute. Is this fool gonna be foomed at Po box??? Hmmm. :o


    Now I wanna test my foolishness ... Some foolish thoughts say so

  10. I've been getting fooled all day so far... so I guess I know who the easy target is... ME !!

    But I'm having a great day and I wish you to have one too !! :D

    Thanks Dave, but be careful ... There's a lot of foolishness afoot ... around every corner ... even in po boxes ...

    Goodness gosh! Don't play me for a fool!

  11. Ahhh... I see you use smilies whilst logging your caches [;)]. Haha ;)


    I knew the fools would come to play :). Welcome back for another year of foolishness :huh:


    We got one!


    6 more to go... Need 6 foolish posts every hour on the hour till 7:00pm PST. First fool wins! :blink: (that's 1 fool an hour...First post)


    But with the foolish new year... Who knows what to expect from the mint this time! :ph34r: ...Or when :ph34r: :ph34r:


    20 minutes till the next fool.



  12. The mint has closed for the foolish new year... Mint will reopen when the fools come back to play. Any further updates will be disregarded as utter foolishness and shall not be considered as anything other than foolish.


    Delays are temporary, chicks dig fools...Glory is forever



  13. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: i was in hiding :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:


    A reunion of foolishness :D you are all wonderful and its a pleasure to have you back. It was a fool of fools game and you're all a winner in my book! ;) ...wait...you're all winners!!!

    YOU WON!

    The winners are without further ado, i present you...




    MtnMutts ProDuckShins






    Congrats to all!!!...I think


    Ill contact everyone through your profile and hope you all had a lil fun of fools!...yer gonna dig this years edition. I promise...i had a great idea i knew couldnt happen so i set off for plan B with the mint

    ;) ... it turned out!!! :D A 12 step process that went in to this foolish prize! ~Enjoy~



  14. I only hear crickets... :unsure:

    Its quiet here these days. Not like the good ol days when this thing got started, everyday was a madhouse of coiners n such having geoshenanigans all day eryday ;)

  15. So, did I win ??? :laughing: ... maybe I still can't tell what time it is... :blink:

    You are indeed a winner. :-) Congrats!!!...i think ;-) 2nd year running!!! Yer gonna love it!

    Next post wins aswell. My apologies for lack of attention.

    Thanks for playin :D

  16. its that time of year again!!!

    The 2016 April Fools shananigans will commence at 12:00pm PST and run through a winner EVERY HOUR on the Hour. First post on the hour wins that hours coin prize there are 7 coins to be won finalizing the foolish shenanigans with the 3rd wheel edition at 7:00


    It is now 10:00, so let the games begin in 2 hours. All you gotta do is be the first to post at the beginning of each new hour. This years coin is sure to be a knock out and there are NO DELAYS AT THE MINT! ITS READY!!!


    Disclaimer: im goin through some personal things with a little one today, so i may verywell likely let the cointest run its course and contact winners later. Thanks for your understanding :)


    Have a most foolish day and good luck!!! ...i think

  17. Across the pond came a Norse gift of a sly demeanor... His presence is a gift and a gift of utmost Yule Tidings. Thank you to the Deadly Viking. Your efforts are appreciated in the highest degree.




    Im amazed beyond words of the unscant gestr to grace upon thee.

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