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  1. As others have written, I collect what catches my eye - and I've found that Tsun's coins totally catch my eye. I don't have all of her coins, but maybe some day ....


    I love lemon cheesecake and key lime pie, so when I saw YemonYime's citrus coins, I tried to collect those too.


    And my most recent designer I like is Jackalgirl.


    The problem is that it's often rather difficult to find out who has designed a particular coin, so I've sometimes been surprised when I finally was able to track down the designer.

    Turns out my cool Alien Compass Rose was by YemonYime too!


    I have other subjects I try to collect - like Japan-related coins, and since I'm in Denmark, it's also Danish made and Denmark-related coins. And Jackalgirl was partly responsible for the Four Elements Compass coins - plus some Japanese-related ones.


    There might be a few more subjects ;-)

  2. I have been a member for years and pay monthly - last payment July 27.

    And yet my profile is now listed as basic and I have no access to premium features :unsure:


    I have however changed my membership name a short while ago, but since my membership number remains the same, as does my email, I'm surprised that a name change might cause such a glitch.


    I've emailed the Groundspeak contact email and I hope they fix it asap.

  3. I started out with one cacher name and changed it to my current one.

    I would like to change it back to the original one, but I get "This username is not available."


    According to Groundspeak support:

    If a username already exists and has ever been validated, or the username has been used in any way, then the username is not available.


    Is that final?

    No way around it at all?

    If I ask very nicely?


    Please ....

  4. I'm trying to put together a group of Hawaii-themed geocoins as gift for a friend, and so far I have a surf board, a Tiki and the 2007 Hawai'i Geohana.


    I just saw an "Aloha from Hawaii" pathtag on ebay, but alas the seller doesn't ship internationally and there's no way to contact him and ask like there usually is on ebay.


    Does anyone have an idea who minted the tags so I can try getting one elsewhere?


    And suggestions for any other Hawaii coins or tags to look for?

    Preferebly a place to buy them too.


    Thanks for your help.

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