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  1. I just got the word from Cornerstone4 about an event scheduled July 10 just north of Murrieta. Temecula Valley Caching Event This from Cornerstone4: I just got an event cache listed for July 10th. It will be up in the Murrieta area, so it will be a bit of a drive for you, but hopefully some of the other North County cachers can make the trip. I just got an email that Groundspeak is sending a couple of WJTBs for the event as well! In addition, I have just over 30 new caches that will be released that day, so there will be plenty to keep you busy! See you around! I am already looking forward to the next event!
  2. Be sure to do the close by regular cache Mono Cache and go swimming in the lake! (I did while I was there) The mineral level in the water makes you float like a cork! ... well, maybe a waterlogged cork, but it is an experience. ( I almost said nonetheless or nevertheless but maybe a period is best these days!) Enjoy your trip. EDIT - Added text and link: Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve A swim in Mono Lake is a memorable experience. The lake's salty water is denser than ocean water, and provides a delightfully buoyant swim. Old timers claim that a soak in the lake will cure almost anything. Keep the water out of your eyes or any cuts, as it will sting.
  3. WOW! Thanks for your work on this one. Proud Dad (me) is glowing now! This will really impress the grandfolks! Next thing we know, she will be jumping over the whole pool! Thanks again. You exceeded my expectations. Now, if we can just get all those cowboy caches......
  4. If someone is looking for a fun photoshop project, Ive got one. I have 2 photos of Laa Laa jumping into a pool. Could they be "melted" together or "jumping" Laa Laa placed in front of "standing" Laa Laa? Like a double exposure time lapse photo? Just something fun to kick around. I have more ideas than software / knowledge / time! Maybe after a few more lessons, we can get her jumping off the diving board! Just a proud geo dad bragging about his almost 4 year old geo daughter! By the way, If she could type, she would have logged at least 300 geocache finds already!
  5. Baby Cache Chase is a cute baby. Who can fix him up like a serious geocacher? A tattoo, hiking cap, walking stick? Just for photo editing training of course!
  6. I disabled my beach cache! Carlsbad Beach Escape Excuse #186 Check the news before you go coastal. Tsunami estimated to hit La Jolla at 22:14!!
  7. Sorry I missed it. I was on my Mtn Bike at the time. It got my wife out of bed and into a doorway in Carlsbad. I LOVE QuakeMap: QuakeMap photo with caches Edited to add neaby caches!
  8. Something to look forward to in NJ: Something to remember from SD: Have fun wherever you are!
  9. Hey, TT- Sorry to hear you are leaving SD. We will all miss you, but you will always be remembered. Hopefully your caches will live on. I may never get them all, but it would be nice to have them around. Looks like you already have some friends over there. I am sure they will welcome you as we did. Keep in touch - See you at an event soon. If nothing else, how about an event at The Blarney Stone and hear Tony Cummins!?? Enjoy!
  10. Congrats to pqcachers on the BIG 500 !!!! GOOD JOB.
  11. While we are staying at a RV park near PB for the weekend, I planted a new cache, Rose Canyon Bike Path . My curfew limited me from posting a note here last night. Of course, you know who got to it less than an hour after it was approved! (fastest approval and FTF I have ever had). The catch is the FTF prize will need another $100. to eat there! Have fun and congrats Jeff. Everybody have a fun and safe M. weekend. See you around town caching this weekend!
  12. I just picked up a Zire 72 with the bluetooth GPS Navigation Pak. Cachemate loaded good into the Palm, TomTom Navigator loaded ok with my local map, but I cannot get the GPS to connect to the Palm. It is a trusted device on the palm, but I cannot get the satellite connection to work. The status lights on the GPS are normal. (slow blink orange and slower blink blue). I thought this was going to be a breeze, maybe the GPS antenna is not working. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  13. THANKS!! That was a fun cache with a T-Shirt for the memories. The candies were good too. Not many caches have that FINE Hersheys chocolate for the reward! Go for it Harmon!!
  14. Does anybody know who these guys are and what they are doing or where they can be found!?!?!?!! Never hurts to ask!
  15. Thanks Dan-oh and Parsa for creating it. One of the legendary and locally famous caches for sure. I had to finish it before the 1 year anniversary! Thanks again to both of you for your efforts and originality. Today is a day I will remember forever!
  16. Any news on this event? Is it official yet? Looking forward to it.
  17. Congrats to Rocket Man on his 500th!! See you all at the Picnic! edited to close tags so purple and size would work
  18. Is there any way to find the oldest cache? I sure would like to visit the great grand father of all these caches! Where is that first ever cache? Anyone know? How about the cache that has the most # of visits? That may be interesting also. Maybe a list of the top 10 oldest and most visited?
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