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  1. Congratulations to samiaminca for a BIG 400 finds!!
  2. Congrats to Chuy for finding 119 puzzle caches and Flagman for 169 puzzle caches! Not many can say that!
  3. And to D-Jollymon for passing the big 1000!
  4. Thank you for all your suggestions. We are into a 2 CD set already! (can you collect them all?)!!! It is nice to remember some of those songs from "the good ole days". Look for the first rough draft CD Burn to be released this weekend! Next will be the CD label contest on the Banter page!
  5. I am putting together a geocachers CD with a mix of some good geocaching music. So far I have "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2, "Time" by Pink Floyd ("Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town"), "Hotel California" by The Eagles....etc. Any suggestions? ... to be found in a cache near you soon! Thanks.
  6. Congrats to fisnjack for 700+ finds Lucky kid and proud parents for 1300 Team Nohoch for 2400
  7. There is always ebay! ~$70 Buy-it-now fossil pda Search on ebay
  8. Actually, I waited a day to post it. I was worried the sock police would get me again!
  9. This just in from Big Bear - BIG BEAR CACHE BASH Claudia with Robyn of Team Reid, kawikaturn and fisnjack. Sushi, a hot dog and some meatballs! Ymmm. Just a handful of others from SD co. Lots of caches to go around and the raffle was enormous.
  10. BIG BEAR CACHE BASH Yea! Another event! I am cleared to go. Anybody want to share a ride / room?
  11. Here is the CNN article Re: the new second signal, I wonder if a new GPS receiver will be required to use it? Sorry Rocket Man - its not one of yours!
  12. Thoughts, prayers and best wishes etc. to RV Paces for a quick recovery. She broke her ankle BAD doing a cache in Northern CA. See her log at After the Falls . Add her to the list of major injuries while caching..... is there a list? Is there a forum for this? (just kidding). Be careful out there everyone.
  13. It was in Pacific Beach area - Here is the story: Police Investigate Bomb Scare In Pacific Beach. Anyone claim it?
  14. My guess is somewhere around Ocotillo Wells. How about near N 33° 08.946 W 116° 05.185? You picked a good weekend to go. I had a friend call me to try to get me to go Motorcycle riding out there since it was a cool weekend. I went to Vista instead!
  15. Actually, I still think the puzzle cache tips was a grand idea.... to think one bid $100 for the TT package! I'd like to see more of those!
  16. Consider this Shortcut to Revenge of the Parking lot Geocache GCQ67G before you consider this Revenge of the Parking Lot Cache! . Or, wait and try this around Christmas shopping season!!!
  17. V3. I like the clean look and the website address on the back.
  18. Thanks fisnjack! It is nice to be one of the first congratulated on the congratulation page! I just wanted to share one of my most memorable finds of the last year here. It is a bit wordier than most of my logs, but it is a good example of how one can make a 2/2 into a 4/4! If you want a laugh, see the photos also! The "EYES" ARE WATCHING YOU cache Thanks again to all who give thanks!
  19. All this terrible news from the path of Katrina. I wonder how many NEW ORLEANS cache container victims there have been? When I see the flooding news photos, I am looking for floating tupperware and ammo boxes! One piece of good news, Fats Domino has been found. Good luck to the area. Maybe a few CITO events after the water gets drained out!
  20. I posted a question for the ebay listing. If someone bids, the listor would have to pay a hefty ebay fee. eBay.com Fees I almost made a bid for the fun of it.
  21. Rocket Man may be leaving, but he won't take his bridge with him! Rocket Man Bridge I figured a new cache in his name would be fun. Who is gonna be FTF?!!! Thanks for everything Rocket Man.
  22. For the record, it is cah-we-cah-turn. I know it is tough for all the non-hawaiians (including me!). Sorry we are going to miss the pizza party on 8/21, but if anyone wants a TB to go to NY, I would be happy to take a suitcase full. Who ended up with that big femur bone TB from the last event? Drop off any TB headed east in any of my Carlsbad caches by 8/8 and I will put some miles on them.
  23. I bet I have at least 100 FTFs. I have not kept track of them, but if you want to go thru all my find logs and count them, I promise I will keep counting and track them from now on! Is there a software program that can count them?!!!!
  24. Thanks to everyone that had a part in this. Good job everyone. Looking forward to finding one! Are they printed on chocolate flavored edible paper stock?!!!
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