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  1. Lucky kids and a Proud Dad: Tinky Winky and Laa Laa had fun on thier first dirt biking ride. Ever seen purple tassels on a pink mountain bike before? BEARly off the Trail cache
  2. Ok you FTF addicts - Who is gonna go for this 5/5!! Yukon Diving (SCUBA, Underwater) This would have driven TT mad since it is well within his found radius!
  3. Looks like most of the caches are Mtn and desert areas. I see Gecko Dad is also a member with some finds. The closest one to Carlsbad is 75 miles (Mt Laguna) with the following 13 caches up to 95 miles away (Indianhead Peak - Anza Borrego ) Might be fun to find some near existing GC caches!
  4. I see you are already sponsored. That didn't take long! Its not who you know, but where you go!
  5. Right. Sorry we did not see a MRS4X4 in the lineup, but I am sure you have been down it many times.
  6. See what some of you missed? Who knows where this is?
  7. At the Keep on Truckin event this weekend.... To think, Mom took this one!
  8. Don't save the .gpx file in EasyGPS. When you do, it truncates the file and you lose many of the important fields you are missing. Use the original .gpx file for GSAK.
  9. That did the trick. THANKS! Excellent program. I'm all set now except for one more thing... I have the smart names on my GPSr - is there an easy way to list them in the Palm to cross reference them to the cache files? Its always something... What do you do? Thanks again.
  10. Have you ever had problems with the cache logs (Using Express Logger)? When I tried your steps to view the cache log, I got the gc error: "We were unable to find a listing in the system." I tried another time using another cache and it pulled up the wrong cache to log. Instead of the cache 25 Acres, it pulled up a cache called Grizzly Mountainin Oregon! I must be doing something wrong, but this one stumbled me. I am using CacheMate V4.1.1 Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
  11. Official Congrats to SD Rowdies for doing over 100 caches in less than a month and spilling over the 700 mark!!!!
  12. Thank Gary! It could be a fun event and possibly meet some other cachers.
  13. Yes! Excellent! Be sure to "Download Geocache browser in Google Earth". Great tool - adds caches to the map view automatically.
  14. It might be a good time to go surfing! A light earthquake occurred at 2:11:34 PM (PDT) on Sunday, October 16, 2005. == PRELIMINARY EARTHQUAKE REPORT ==
  15. That works for me. I have even eliminated multis since that parking lot revenge one in Carlsbad! (Dont get me wrong, I will still DO them, just don't want them on my daily screen. Looking forward to doing Ding dong, the witch is dead! and Society For Putting Things On Top of Other Things !)
  16. I am heading out to some La Costa / San Marcos Mtn caches tomorrow AM. If anybody wants to join up, let me know. I have 7 caches at the top of my list I have been putting off for quite awhile. I probably wont do all 7, but start at TOP "O" LA COSTA. I posted a larger photo file there than this forum photo. As KNIC says, "Cache ON"! ---------------- Then in the afternoon, anyone heading up to Tortillas by the Lake ? Hope to see you there or somewhere!
  17. Maybe it will turn into the next MTRP ???!!!
  18. Thanks! There are quite a few out there to go around, I bid on the first one you linked also. It is an upgrade of my current M100 (with only 2MB installed).
  19. BIG Congratulations are in order for Miragee - 800+Finds! Good Fun!
  20. Congratulations to Chuy for passing 1700!!! Thats a lot! That ranks him into the top 70 cachers in California!
  21. Congratulations to GoBolt for finding Carlsbad Village Historic Walk Cache in 12 minutes. I thought the old record, held by Ncad of 21 minutes was unbeatable! Way to go!
  22. Also, congrats on doing it during a 4 state cache tour. Can they make it International? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congrats to olvegrn for 300 finds!
  23. BIG Congratulations go out to pqcachers for spilling over the 700 mark! Good job.
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