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  1. Found this guy near our camp south of the Superstition Mtns. THANK YOU Don for starting this thread!! The closest cache to where I found this is my new cache still unfound: Lucky Lady
  2. Nice to be back home from the desert, except we had better weather out there. I love it when I am in the desert and it is raining at home. BTW, there are a few new caches out there to be had.... Still a FTF opportunity from Thanksgiving! See: Lucky Lady. I placed a new one out there yesterday, still waiting approval.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone. Speaking of Santa, he is alive and well in snow country. We had a personal family spotting this morning! Tinky Winky and Laa Laa loved it. Hope he filled everyone's stockings as well. As I heard him exclaim "...and to all a good night!"
  4. Hey - give me a break - it is also the first snowman! Tinky Winky and Laa Laa did that part! Next time I promise to use a whole carrot vs a frozen one from a bag in the freezer!
  5. Happy Holidays to everyone. I am stuck in Utica NY with this sad snowman! The good news is I am having my first ever white Christmas. The bad news is I have only done 1 cache in a week and 3000 miles! I miss you all... Look forward to gettin back to CA for sure. Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone. May your holidays bring many caches!
  6. Has anyone found any cool geocaches lately?
  7. update - bids are only up to $203.50 as of 2:00 Friday afternoon. Could be a super 1/2 price deal at this level!!
  8. NEW Garmin GPSMAP 60CS Handheld GPS Geocaching No Reserve Auction started at $0.99. Its at $201 at the time of this posting. Thanks for looking! I don't need 2 of them.
  9. There is one item that everyone on the list has that is missing..... hmmm. And a lifeline phone # is also helpful!!! haha. Love the Stone Brew for sure! note edit. I just added bitmap to the stat list.
  10. Congratulations to Tinfoil-Hat Head & Wall-Eyed Nutbag for making it on my list BEFORE I even got an email! Ask, you shall receive!
  11. Congrats to TrailGators, Fattboy, Tinfoil-Hat Head and Wall-Eyed Nutbag, Miragee and The Senior Sleuths for hitting 1000 caches!! Also, TT for (1000 * 3) ... it rhymes ! Way to go everyone. Also, a blanket WTG on all the other 00's out there. Geocachers Stats
  12. sure, keep rubbing it in. Somehow, my upcoming trip to FL & NJ just got a little duller! This should pick you up: We are going to Utica, NY (my inlaws) for 8 days during Christmas. Currently 18 inches of snow. Maybe I will find my first snow buried cache.
  13. Right. Another great memorable cache thanks to the DAK girls. Everyone should have this on their to-do list!
  14. You know who this is, but do you know WHERE this is? You should!
  15. That is a good hike. Even better on a M/B! My Double Peak Log Enjoy a good hike on Saturday. Take lots of photos. I just had one of my view shots appear on the GC main page! Cache you on the next event.
  16. This dude? Somebody give that dude a GPS!
  17. Good job ahimsa! So, did J&J place a cache there? The closest one is Christian's Birthday Party by crzycrzy (GCHNA5) Looks like a good area to do some caching.
  18. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to make my favorite list: kawikaturn's Favorites
  19. Thats nice, but could it be made into an online form that could easily be printed, posted or emailed to someone? ... just in case! any ideas? what do you think?
  20. a 35 question, multi - guess test - No Morse code req'd for tec license. I am planning on taking the test 12/10! Here is a good informative link . See the arrl link for more info or to take a sample test online.
  21. Congratulations to all the cachers that color into this map! See this blog for more info.
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