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  1. That would be great. Looks like bikedog has 12 active caches at this point.
  2. Congrats again to Tombmaker and Hidude_98 for their personal records of 101, 100 and 96 caches in one day . Many of them in Dallas, TX. 107 degree heat!! See their log at Patriotic Rock!
  3. FYI - The San Diego REI is having an event 9/4/2006 @ 7:00 PM: In July 2003, solo ultralight backpacker Amy Racina set out on a trip of a lifetime-a challenging 170 mile loop in Kings Canyon National Park. Near the end of her journey she fell 60 feet. Come learn how she survived and how this near-death experience shaped her life. For more info see this link: Angels in the Wilderness No membership or registration required.
  4. Done. I threw a few more into the pot, but sorry to say it lost 3 as well. Maybe a non-local "Our out-of-state caching friends" list is in order!?!?! It seems someone was removed from the list. Geez, you leave for a few months and you get kicked off the list. OMG, it's actually been a whole year. My how time flies. RM Thats easy Dave, just come back!
  5. Thanks Team Geogeeks for the tip. They would make GREAT FTF gifts!!! UPS Ground = Total: $16.37
  6. Done. I threw a few more into the pot, but sorry to say it lost 3 as well. Maybe a non-local "Our out-of-state caching friends" list is in order!?!?!
  7. Just a reminder for everyone about the event this Sunday in La Mesa: Coffee Cache and Dash Hope to see you there!
  8. Keep your radios tuned to Ditch in the afternoons on KGB for an interview of Tycho52 soon! Del Mar View
  9. Hey - maybe a forum should be set up for *@#$% photos. Remember, Tinky Winky and Laa Laa read this forum! Just doing my part to roll it along to the next page.
  10. I just noticed the new (5/26/06!) cache type. A mega-event is an event planned for 500+ people attending. Hope I can attend one someday soon! See this forum for the official details.
  11. I nominate the photo for Most Favorite. Does anybody know what the cache is near or in it? ... not that I have to go or anything! /pun!
  12. Congratulations to The Senior Sleuths for finding Patriotic Rock. They are on a major road trip going across the country to St. Louis and MN and NY. I have been watching this cache in Iowa ever since I got an email about this historic rock. Keep it up S&E!
  13. The next question is, what are the 2 closest caches to the co-ordinates!
  14. Reminds me of Illyngophobites or Acrophobites beware!
  15. Congratulations to MissMarbles for completing Eternal Hills Cemetery to Calaveras Lake Multi . There have only been 2 finders since 1/4/2006 when it was placed! ... maybe if the 11 part multi counted as 11 finds more people would have visited it! .. just kidding Edit - actually it does count for 3 other finds legally!
  16. Congrats to GoBolts! for passing 2000! Awesome job.
  17. We will be "camping" at Santee Lakes this weekend as well as next. If anyone wants to go to a few MTRP caches via MTN Bike early Sat or Sun morning, let me know! There are 130 caches within a 3 mile radius of "Brothers" for me to do. (not counting puzzles, of course)!
  18. 500 caches in Montana! Talk about miles/cost per cache!
  19. Lets go geocaching in Montana! ahh, I guess I should check to see if there are any there first! I will guess there are more in SD county (maybe city) than the state of Montana!
  20. Prevention and awareness are the best repellants! See this link for some advice from lyme.org. Thanks for keeping us aware (especially those of us that take little ones out on the trails). I have brought a few home (Red October), but never had a bite.
  21. Lets see, I did 14 caches the other day and my fill-up cost was $92.00, So my cost per cache was $6.57! Oh well, I figure it was worth that!
  22. Ok, thanks, but how about a file WITH the puzzle solutions!??
  23. That was quite a place. Worth the trip since the weather and area was beautiful. Nice 6 mile or so hike looped the area. The slots and "painted" walls were majestic. I heard a rumor about another desert event scheduled, but it is not released yet? Any word on that? Already looking forward to the next one.
  24. Congrats to TrailGators for flushing out 1400 caches! Dump Here
  25. If you want to go meet us at the El Norte & 15 Park&Ride at 7AM (in the larger east lot). We will head out via 79 to 74 caching along the way! Plenty of room for more. I have a Yukon XL 4WD. Of course, I always have the Sirius radio as well! I plan on making it back home early evening.
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