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  1. Maybe we should tell the bomb squad about all our caches attached to the CEV's!? OR, maybe they enjoy blowing up caches for practice.
  2. Thanks for the update, Tom. Yes, I have over a dozen on hand. Different sizes and colors. I even have a pink pair! I sell them for and average amount of $55.00 on ebay. Click on the photos for more info on my ebay product page. I sell the exact same product as snakeguards.com sells for $63. Please contact me directly if you are interested and save $ on shipping and ebay fees. Dave "kawikaturn" Turner aka kawikaturn on ebay also!
  3. I am just the guy for you. shoot me an email and we can hook up.
  4. Congrats to condor man for #9000 finds! What an amazing, outstanding accomplishment!
  5. I logged onto another account and searched for the route and made a new PQ with the same result. Will go back to the drawing board again.
  6. Then it has to be in the criteria you chose somehow. Because when I tighten up the route and request 1000 - I get caches along the whole of the path with zero criteria chosen. Ok, then I removed ALL filters and allowed all cache types. Notice some of my previous founds in this screenshot:
  7. No, the image above has 251 caches. I used 500 and 1000 when testing the route PQ. When I opened up the distance on each side and removed all filters, it still showed the partial route, but a wider swath. Here is a PQ with 995 caches:
  8. I created a route along US RT66 from San Bernardino to Santa Monica. The route looks good, but when I made a PQ from it, part of the route produced NO caches. Yes, there are caches that should be included with the PQ along this route. The route is saved as CA WEST Rt66. I tested with 2 browers and checked the PQ output as well. I removed terrain/difficulty filters in the PQ with no change to the gap in the output. See screenshot photos below: I have created hundreds of routes over the years and have never had this issue. This is day 30-31 of our trip planned this summer. All my other routes of this trip worked perfectly.
  9. Looks like <500 is working OK. 500 is better than none!
  10. Whats up with the new PQ system? Instead of a data email, we now get a link to a screen that will not work with my BB curve. Does this mean I need to dl the file on my PC and email it to myself separately?
  11. Latest News: Laa Laa completed the Element series! 8 years old, 10 mile hike in 6 hours. Yes, daddy is kinda proud of her. Oh, and daddy found #8000 on the hike!
  12. WooooooooHoooooooooooo!!! Thanks, everyone. Keep hiding lots of caches [] Glad you could join me on my milestone hike. "There sure are a lot of nice flowers today"
  13. I have no idea where this sign is, but it would be a good location for a cache. I thought you would get a kick out of this one. The sign was probably paid for with tax dollars so you might as well enjoy it!
  14. Some Road Trip highlights: Patriotic Rock Worlds largest ball of Twine The biggest Van Gogh painting But the best part of all.... Visiting Rocket Man Ranch! Thanks for the fun visit.
  15. This was spotted on the roads in Oklahoma today! Must be a loose red herring! I wonder if there is a jellybelly one also? Notice the Gas price of $379.9 !! The lowest I have seen on my trip is $3.65. See - it Pays to travel to areas where gas prices are less! ... or does it?
  16. Just got a phone call from Dave, he just cached in three states today and wanted to brag. The three states are Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. He will try and post some pictures if he can. Good Job. Oh, but I must post these pics in order! Cadallac Ranch THEN, 3 Corners!
  17. Congrats to Thunder-4 for finding over 3500 caches! THATS A LOT!
  18. I noticed that too. After Babylon 5 was cancelled, the acting jobs must not have come through so he had to become a volunteer cache reviewer. I don't know why, he's a good looking guy... Or is it a woman? :)
  19. I live only 1.17 miles from this cache and decided to try to find those missing keys but with a hiking stick, bitter resolve and 1 1/4 hrs. all I could do was come home smelling of that darned licorice plant. If the wife liked licorice then it would have been worthwhile but alas I have come up empty on two fronts. Most of the loose trash is now at ground zero but I think that the metal detector idea or more folks with rakes out there and we might eventually find them. If anyone else wants to try then I will join them. Hmm, a lostguy looking for lostkeys, how would that work out? Nice try anyway. Well, thanks for trying. I plan to visit it tomorrow with my magnetic rake!
  20. kawikaturn posted a note for The snail resting place!! (Traditional Cache) My sister linbo&kam found this cache today, but lost her keys (8-10 keys) between the dirt road and the cache. Anyone have a metal detector? If so, you would be a hero if you found them! Her log: This took me a while to find. I actually started looking on a whim, when I had dressy shoes on and not a lot of time. Couldn't find it for quite a while. All of a sudden I realized I didn't have my keys with me & ran back to the car to see. They weren't in sight so I went back and found the cache, wrote in it and continued to look for my keys. It's a huge set of 2-3 rings and a silver small cylinder with a fish etched on it. I must have put them down when I was checking through the dense bushes and grass. If you can help me find them I'd really appreciate it. Linbo&Kam
  21. absolutely. geocache navigator. I use it for a backup and it works great all over the country. screen a bit too small to read text, but all you need is there! just $6.99 / mo.
  22. Ditto that . . . Ahhhh.. too late now. Guess we should place more traditionals everywhere!
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