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  1. Sold quickly Thanks for your interest Tim
  2. I have the following coins I would like to sell I would like to sell all of them at once $155 Shipped for all of the following. Paypal or money order All new and unactivated Crake 2006 suncatcher compass rose 2007 silver/gold 2 compass rose 2006 gold Snowwolf gold /black Snowwolf LE black nickle Sliver nut geocoin geocoin fest gold 2007 taurus 2007 glow in the dark geocoin bigbear 2007 event coin Evil micro nickel Shipping will be from Huntington Beach CA 92649 Thanks Tim Slaby
  3. Hello All I would like to complete my yrium's pals collection I am in need of a few and have some to trade I need the following Series 1 1 - Tuna printed in 2002 4 - Bikedog printed in 2002 5 - Beeque printed in 2002 9 - Iron Chef printed in 2002 11 - Whistlestick printed in 2002 13 - Yrium Printed in 2002 or 2003 20 - Jeremy Printed in 2003 UDesignit 3 - Halstaff Printed in 2003 The following is what I have to trade series 1 #10 - Gromit Printed in may 2006 #14 - Mark71mark Printed in sept.2006 #16 - Splashman & Splashette I have 2. 1 Printed in january 2003. 1 printer in sept 2007 #17 - Team Gecko Printed in may 2006 UDesignit 1 - Ruscal 2 - B-nic & K-nic have 2 SlabyFam card also Thanks SlabyFam
  4. ***UPDATE*** Well, we are out in Borrego Springs right now and I had to write in about our little surprise of the day. We spent the day hiking and at the end we went to check on this mysterious cache. It turns out that it was indeed the missing Sea to Sea! Somehow this cache did indeed migrate quite a ways. It was 300 feet away as the arrow goes but it went quite a few hundred more to get to where it did. Must have been some heavy rains then. The last log for this container on the site was in 11/28/2005 but unbelievably this cache has had 5 groups visit it in its displaced location by folks who all found it by accident! These people all signed the log stating the accidental find. Some people even made trades. Most logged that they were careful to replace it as found. I thought that in light of everything going on with geocaching in the desert that this was rather heartwarming. It was nice reading all of the old logs from those of us that competed in the Sea to Sea Challenge in 2003. That was so much fun! A special THANK YOU to Scott for posting this find in the forum and getting it back safely!! Accidental finder Ken from Ft Lauderdale wrote, "Integrity tester in the middle of nature". Nicely put! Good Times!
  5. We completely agree. It's not necessary. It especially touches a nerve with the herbalist in me. Enjoyed walking to your caches when we got them 4 years ago and also wanted to say that we love your website. It's an absolute treasure trove of information for anyone with interest in the starry sky as we are. Everyone should check it out! Thanks!
  6. It doesn't appear that way. I have been corresponding with him and he provided a pic that looks like that is the cache that went missing 2 years ago. He gave a really good description of exactly how to locate it along with the coords. It is actually not far from the original spot. He sounds like a really cool guy and I'm going to assume this is all in the up and up. I'm going to head out there this weekend to get it while I do some of the peaks for more retrievals. It's not far off the road and a very short hike so it's not a huge leap to check on. If it is it, I will say that I will be super thrilled! Considering everything that has been going on and the sentimental attachment we have to those Sea to Sea's. I'll post back after the weekend to let everyone know how it all turns out.
  7. The case for Borrego Vista went missing 2 years ago. It was replaced with an ammo can. We did have a case disappear this year, but it was clear across the desert by Blair Valley! I will also add that the C2C's out there have already been picked up by us.
  8. The case for Borrego Vista went missing 2 years ago. It was replaced with an ammo can. We did have a case disappear this year, but it was clear across the desert by Blair Valley!
  9. Now about HOW you reach some of these cache destinations! I think we can look at what the off roading community has been dealing with to get an idea of how disputes are handled within this park. The last 1 1/2 years have been getting increasingly challenging with the threat and legal action that has been in battle over the threatened closure of Truckhaven, north of S-22. You can read about this on the San Diego Off Road Coalition website here. As well as on the Tierra Del Sol website, where it has affected their 46 year event here. You can also read about it here on the CORVA - California Off-Road Vehicle Association website. HERE you can read about their latest lawsuit with Center for Biological Diversity/Desert Protective Council over Truckhaven. SDORC spends over $6,000 a month on legal council to fight this and other issues that affect our local trails. They also have a lobbyist. These guys are out there fighting to keep these areas open for all of us. If any of us have taken our vehicles off the pavement to get to any geocaches then it affects you. These proposals, threats, lawsuits are a part of what these groups have to deal with. We support them because they are our voice and act on our behalf so that we may be able to enjoy seeing parts of this park and others, we may otherwise be unable to get to either because we don't have the vehicle, or because we are unable to hike a long distance. This is not to say that groups such as the CBD or the DPC are bad. Not at all. I think most of us are opposed to the proposed Sunrise Powerlink going through the desert. The DPC has been fighting hard against that. So they are a voice for a lot of us on some issues. I will note that part of that land there is not owned by Anza Borrego yet, it is still owned by the Anza Borrego Foundation .This foundation does acquire land that is going to be transferred to the State Park. The land in the article that what posted is a bigger piece that the foundation was trying to buy for the park, but the deal fell through. So that made it so that the state could then buy it and classify it. They will either give it all or part to Anza Borrego and or make the other part go to OWSVRA. The controversy was that the ABF wanted to buy it for Anza Borrego to keep it out of OWSVRA hands. So this has been a huge let down for them. Here is a link to to the CEQA document filed by the state. This outlines evrything going on with that. There is also a map. Classification of how the state will divide the land will be made after studies are complete. So this General Plan, could be a couple of years off so... We all like to off road, hike, geocache. Maybe we need to find out who some of Anza Borregos active supporters are and ALIGN ourselves with them. Since it seems that much of the drama that plays out in those places is done between lawyers and the appointed voices. We supported the San Diego 4 Wheelers this weekend by attending their event. They discussed the ongoing issues and said that the rangers had issued citations for trespassing in Anza Borrego in the Truckhaven area in the last year. They asked if you know of anyone who has received one of these to contact SDORC or TDS. They don't even want you walking in their newly acquired areas. Hmmm! Not until they say, yet there are no signs. They said the rangers have been difficult through this. They even have air patrol there! Anyway... I see Groundspeak is a member of Tread Lightly. Maybe we expand on that and try to contact TL and see what they can suggest. Here is what they have about Geocaching on their site. Just some information of what else is happening out there with HOW you can reach these cache destinations! Sure hope those closures in the southern part of the S-2 don't go through. With all of this going on, they still have time to get our caches! Amazing!
  10. I wonder if we know of any good attorneys that are geocachers
  11. An unfortunate turn of events but alas I'll not give up faith that something can be agreed to. A good point is that I don't see how the placement of any virtual or earthcache should have to go through him. Unless designated as such we can go anywhere in the desert there. That said... Today Xiara and I will be going to the desert to continue our studies of indian sites and villages, plant life and the search for rare mineral depositions (to study of course!). Because we can. For now. We will also be exploring Sunday on our way back from Superstition. If anyone has a cache that they really want picked up let me know. We will resist the urge to litter, ruin trails, kick around old rock piles and take rare indian artifacts. Instead we will walk with awareness and respect for the land we enjoy so much. Again, the biggest issue I have with all of this is how geocachers have been GIVEN this very negative 'reputation' by Jorgensen and whoever else is leading this. And then not allowing any sort of opportunity to at least prove them wrong by working together. I for one always work to keep my ego in check and question my motivations. Are these actions serving the greater good in a beneficial way? But the bigger question is also how one chooses to act. Do the ends justify the means if you deliberately hurt others along the way? Where will the outlet then go for those feelings? Seems like it could create an unending circle here. Tolerance and compassion, tolerance and compassion... Yes, we should have been given at the very least an opportunity for a retrieval process. Sad. Interesting how this situation gets people to react in so many different ways. Fascinating really how we can see so many differing feelings, thoughts and actions come out of everyones different responses to a passionately felt situation. The beauty of being individuals and free thinkers. To see this expression and the ability to have it and be able to make it...it's an awesome thing. I'm sad about the cache removals of course. But for how long can I be mad and upset about this and Peace,Espavo and that mysterious indian artifact...I wont let that negativity sit inside of me. I do think that collective light can produce far better results. I'm an eternal optimist I admit. And yes, I hug trees, but I'd never approach a mountain lion. I'm on 147.555 on the ham and my call sign is KG6QPP if anyone has a ham and they want to say HI if you'll be out there as well! In Superstition Tims call sign is KG6QPL if you want to find us on the trails or camp for the Superstition event. Peace out!
  12. YES! Anyone going to Superstition? My rock krawling group is going to be there all weekend doing the most extreme trails. We'll be doing our own thing as the event runs have to many vehicles. If you have a WELL equipped rig and want to do some scary stuff contact me and we'll be glad to have you! We can grab a cache if it's on the way. The link to the event is here: http://www.sd4wheel.com/ I'd want you to have the same required equipment that they require for the class 4 to 4+ runs. Info for the trails is on there. Damage can be likely. Cuz you know, we're using our 4x4's for rockkrawling not to look shiny as you drive down those city streets! Wonder what Flagman's doing this weekend? Though I hear Marko Ramius likes to do trixx !!! Tim
  13. I have been sending him prayers with love and healing intentions since reading this. We hope his recovery is kind to his body as he heals and that his spirit feels at ease through this process. We sent our get well note as well. Thank you for letting us all know so that we could have this opportunity to offer support and to send him energy . The Slaby's
  14. I would gladly come out and help you anytime Jahoadi! Especially since you noticed my almost 40 pound weight loss ! Here is a pic of an FJ40 I had no problem getting back up! I do have the ultimate JEEP after all!
  15. Convert them all to member only caches so these folks at least have to shell out money to find out where they are to remove them Done!
  16. Cache Logs January 3 by Notaranger (8 found) This cache has been removed per ABDSP new geocaching policy. btw...nice try. That is fine with me, the part I could live without would be the comments like................" nice try" or................"just out picking up trash" Hey, I noticed she logged it as a find! Nice. She logs them as she tells us they are gone. But I thought she didn't remove it? If Notaranger wants to earn some smilies she can go grab our caches up in Indianhead, Coyote, Granite, Whale...and if they aren't there I'll allow it as a virtual log! Good Times!
  17. Miragee, Did you find any more info on the west of the S-2 road closures? Also would like to add that I like your idea of allowing a virtual find. We also extend this to anyone that visits any of our caches and finds it gone. If you make the effort to get there you deserve the log.
  18. Wow. That's a lot of work for you. So they must be looking through the cache logs in the containers and such and relaying to you the name of the cache and owner. Then you get to look it up and post your message. You are so nice to tell us of this after the fact. So then, you are then saying that you are the person that they are going to and communicating with after caches are being picked up. I did hear that there was someone going on geocaching that they were working with. While you are jumping in and reading this, as I suspected, could you kindly tell me what this artifact was that you found in our Peace Espavo cache as neither we nor the last finders remember seeing anything that looked like any sort of 'artifact'. Would love if you could clear that mystery up for us. It also would have been nice if you could have been a little kinder in your email to us after we asked you if we could have our cache back. Especially after telling you it was there for almost 5 years and hidden with our 3 kids who were a few years old then. It was sentimental and not trash to us. Have a good day.
  19. There is already an active thread discussing this topic HERE. I hope not. Doing that will only be counterproductive.
  20. That's some news! We don't get that paper here. What is the reason given in wanting to close that area to vehicle activity???
  21. Happy New Year! We just returned from our 5 day camping trip in the desert. We were in Truckhaven with our 4x4 group. We met up with a ranger there who was informing us that the park had recently acquired a new area there and that the park boundaries are extended. They didn't have signs up yet and were letting people know verbally. They are closing access to some of the existing roads back there. The bummer for us is that they are moving a geocache that has been there for many years that has become known far and wide in the Truckhaven off roading community. If you have wheeled out there you know what IT is. I will not reveal what it is as it has been agreed that the park is willing to work with getting it moved as it is an attraction. And not just because it's a geocache. So, sad about less wheeling space, but glad that this cache wont be thrown away. We were really surprised that they would want to take this out. So there appear to be a lot of changes afoot in the park. This ranger spoke to us for quite a while and he was really cool. He said there are mixed feelings about the geocache issue, but that it is one that Marc feels very strongly about and has for many years. He said that if something could be proposed where they have the say and control of where these are placed that MAYBE something could be worked out. That they don't want to leave it up to a reviewer who does not know the land. Plastic containers that get brittle and break apart does look like trash to them. So maybe getting them to approve the type of container can be suggested. And as far as the number of caches, he said numbers and data talk. That if something could be produced showing the number of caches, the number in areas, the number of visitors to these locations since posting that it would be helpful. Maybe someone with a cool program could get this data together? When he first approached us we were outside of our jeeps checking out the sparkling gypsum fields around us and he asked us what we were looking for. We told him we were just looking around. Thus began our initial exchange. He said that we were in an area that was near an old indian village and that we would have no way of knowing this because we are not privy to this information. So if we had placed a geocache here that it would be approved because neither we nor the reviewer would know this. Point taken. So he said a proposed solution could be one where all geocaches go through them and that they would be the final authority. So it does seem like there could be a glimmer of hope here. The ranger we spoke to said that they understood the geocache count to be 3-400. They found that alone to be an alarming amount and it does seem that for sure they don't want any more placed. But perhaps the existing ones could be weeded out through them. He also said that they were working with an archaeologist who has been checking on these regularly on the geocaching site. So I do believe that they are far more aware of the accuracy of the count than what is exaggeratively portrayed. A suggestion he made was that perhaps we could produce interpretive panels of some sort explaining unique features a geocache is near. Something that could perhaps give more value back than just a cache. My guess is that there has been some talk about this as he had a lot of ideas. I understand that they are quite upset over the recent dismantling of an old indian rock cairn. But I question how they know for sure that a geocacher did this. Is there any proof for sure? And the mention that a large amount of caches have been put in places that are sensitive could also be fairly questioned I think. It seems that a lot of these reports are coming 'from the field'. That they have been getting calls complaining of the caches. Is there an obvious intent here or were they in areas that one would have no clue were sensitive. This ranger did not have all of the facts concerning these specific incidents. I am not saying that these things did not all occur but it can be easy for someone to get upset over something they care about even if it is threatened in the slightest. This person is probably reading this thread. Hopefully this person will see that we care about the park as well and have equal respect for the land. When we asked for the return of one of our confiscated caches we were told that it had an artifact in it and that the cache was thrown away. Contacting the last finder they said they remember no artifact. So we don't know what that was about? But the accusatory undertone was completely unwarranted. No further information was given. We understand that Marc has been working to protect and care for the land for almost 40 years. Anyone with the Lowell Lindsay Anza Borrego books will see his name mentioned in most of the books! His love and passion for Anza Borrego cannot be more apperant. Obviously he has good intentions. I think he just needs to see we ALSO have good intentions. Because we were asked to we did begin to remove some of our caches. Initially the ones we'd be sad to miss if they were picked up. We do love those desert sea to seas. And we were happy to see The Squeeze had not been taken yet. But we removed them with hopes of being able to bring them back in the future. It was questioned whether geocachers would come and remove their caches or just leave them behind as litter. He said thats why they are picking them up. Because they don't trust or believe we would return to retrieve them. They don't know what cachers are about at all. We told the ranger that our belief is that we would remove them if we had to do it. We are a respectful community. More than the right to have a geocache on ABDSP, we are defending our position of being part of a community of caring and aware individuals that do not trash, litter and disrespect a place that many of us drive hours to get to in order to enjoy and appreciate. Hopefully relaying parts of our conversation with the ranger will prove helpful with future talks. I will provide the name of the ranger we spoke to if Marko Ramius would like it. He had some good thoughts. Both sides have one thing in common for sure. Our love of this wondrous desert.
  22. We have changed our plans to go to Utah and are on our way to the desert instead. Without the kids we can move a lot faster. We'll be base camping somewhere different every night so we'll be moving around. We'll be out there until Tuesday picking up our caches. Let us know if any of our are near any of yours and we'll get them for you. Give us a call if anyone has any thoughts for hikes etc. for meeting up to get these. We'll be at the Squeeze event tomorrow. Tim and Shilona
  23. THEY MEAN ALL CACHES IN ANZA BORREGO! FROM THE PEAKS TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! This cache has been removed. See below. By order of the: Superintendent Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Colorado Desert District EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Numerous geocaches have been placed within the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park without authorization. No consideration was given to resource sensitivity in the placement of any of these geocaches, and many have been discovered in very sensitive locales. Caches have been removed from archeological sites, paleontological areas, bighorn sheep watering sites and in sensitive caves. All physical geocaches placed within Anza-Borrego Desert State Park must be removed. If the cache owner does not take responsibility for removing his/her own cache, it will be removed for them and it will not be returned. As of this date, December 21, 2007, placement of new physical caches will be prohibited in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Virtual Earth Caches will be considered on a case by case basis and must be approved before being published on the Geocaching.com website. Contact information for Earth cache approval: Mark C. Jorgensen Superintendent Anza-Borrego Desert State Park 200 Palm Canyon Drive Borrego Springs, CA 92004
  24. Our Peace,Espavo cache just got that notice and was removed. I wish we would have had notice and we would have removed it. That was a special cache that our family placed that was undisturbed since 2003! When we placed it we took care to look around and see that it was not near anything we thought was sensitive. Oh well. We were told that it wasn't about the cache placement per say, but just the fact that it was there and that the rules are that no physical caches are allowed!!! What??? We were also told that we have no way of knowing if an area is considered sensitive or historical because we are not experts in this field. That such an area does not have to be marked. They also informed us that other caches are being removed and we are not being told about it since it is considered litter per park rules. They said to spread the word. This is from the Supervisor that signed the letter on our cache page for Peace,Espavo. Yes, a sad day. What happened? Who digs holes searching for Geocaches?!?!?! Hmmm.... Have you looked at your Avatar lately???? Hey........ That hole was there when I got there......
  25. Guys Today is a sad day for Geocachers. Please don't sprinkle salt in the wound. Lets stop pointing fingers and wait to hear from our Leaders. SlabyFam
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