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  1. I use 2700mAh NiMH and get close to 20 hours out of a charge (screen 50%, 30s timeout + batt save). I agree that the 62S behaves much worse (as does the 'gas gauge', which shows 75% charge at time of failure) with alkalines.
  2. No I wasn't, Thank you for pointing this out. I'll try upgrading and post whether it had an impact on this issue or not. Any luck? It looks like 2.5 fixed your problem, so you should be happy @ 2.6!
  3. Are you aware that 2.6 is now available for 62S? Probably will not help you though! I haven't tried Geocaching yet. Soon will!
  4. Not sure whether this answers the OP, but yes you can manually enter coordinates (if you really want to!)... Press the 'FIND' button, and 'Coordinates' is one of the options. I think the advertising blurb you quoted was to do with 'paperless geocaching', where there is no need to resort to using the above metod. To see paperless geocaching in action, connect your 62S to your PC and go to http://garmin.com/geocache To see the 'paperless' part (once you have downloaded one from the above site), press the 'FIND' button, then 'Geocaches'. select a cache, press 'ENTER' to see the map location, then 'MENU' and select 'Review Point' to see the instructions (though not the hints - you can get those from the web if you need them). You also ask how you can see what coordinates you are at... You can add that field to your map screen if you like... First, from Main Menu/Setup/Map, choose '4 Small' (for example) in the 'Data Fields' box. Now PAGE (or QUIT!) to the Map screen, where you will see the 4 small data fields you asked for! To customise them, press 'MENU' while in the Map screen. Then select 'Change Data Fields'... Select on of the 4 (it will turn blue)... One of the many options is 'Location' - this will show your current coordinates, in whatever format you have chosen when you setup your map. I use the British Ordnance Survey Grid, for example. Useless if you're not in UK! Hope this helps somewhat.
  5. In an attempt to answer the original question: I would be happy with a unit that lasts for a day of trekking. In my case that would be around 10 hours. The GPSMAP 62S does just that (and more) with 2700mAh NiMH AAs. I do carry duracell spares just in case, but so far, the battery life is very close to the claimed 20 hours.
  6. If you are following an off route route (a route that connects waypoints) you can modify the behavior here: Setup>Route>Off Road Transitions: Manual, you can force the manual transitions or Distance, change the distance sensitivity Brilliant. Thank you (Yes, I know it IS in the manual, but I failed to see its significance!)
  7. OK, I have bitten the bullet and have a (slightly sqeaky) 62S. I have a question about waypoints: Is there a way to alter how close you need to be to a waypoint for the unit to jump to the next one. It seems to require me to be within a couple of feet, which may be impossible in some instances (considering the positional accuracy). Alternatively, can you manually make the 62S follow the next waypoint in a route? Sadly (and as usual), the user manual is sadly lacking in information. .... By the way, software version 2.6 has just been released. Connect your 62S to Webupdater!
  8. Not from DVD... Seeing that you either haven't caught on yet or are purposely being obtuse, lets clear something up. He's referring to MapSource Topo US. It only came on CD. BZZZ! WRONG MapSource Topo US (2008) definitely comes on...tada!!! DVD. Just like mine did. So yourself. http://www.gpsnow.com/gmmstp.htm http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-MapSource-Top...K/dp/B000RAASFK http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s...r:referralID=NA Enough links for ya there, Einstein? Lots of links to the wrong product that clearly show you don't know witch way the mop flops. Prime never said he had TOPO US 2008, you assumed he did and you know what they say about that. Nope, wrong again. You incorrectly, very much so, said MapSource Topo US only came on CD. That is not the case. Read your OWN quote...again... I think it's time you two put your toys away. Kiss and make up
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