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    Flakey API

    I have the same. GSAK geocaching access is almost unusable.
  2. I would love this feature also!
  3. As someone who owns both, as far as geocaching, 62s hands down better. As someone who sold his 62S after getting the Montana, Montana hands down better. Faster coordinate input, larger screen, better JNX handling for sattelite images, better geocache screen and with a free extra Li-Ion battery from garmin just about unbeatable
  4. crewone

    Garmin Montana V3.00

    No, I wasn't aware it was fixed and my montana has 'the touchscreen issue' and has been away to garmin for a few weeks now.
  5. crewone

    Garmin Montana V3.00

    Still no compass fix?
  6. Jumping in... my calibration screen appears to work. I can hit all six dots with fingers or more precisely with a pen. It doens't change the end result. My spot appears static. When I change to landscape, I can press the button in the lower right corner. I do, however, experience trouble with the lower left corner so the only way to navigate successfully is to flip between the orientations. The rest of the screen works fine (at the moment). It seems limited to about 1/2" square at the corners. Send it in. It's a hardware problem, according to the other thread in this forum. Garmin will issue a replacement. (They did so for me.)
  7. I'm not sure if you did so already, but send it in. They will exchange the unit. PS. I'm with you there, with the regrets. But knowing garmin, the software will improve. It can't really get any worse
  8. I sent my unit in as well. Exactly the same issues, even with 2.7. And it only got worse. It doesn't give me a very nice feeling about such an expensive unit. I had to go back and use my 60CSX again, and it surprised me how good it actually was. The build quality of the 60CSX is definitely superior to the modern Garmin units.
  9. Thanks I had the same issue. I didn't think it would be an hardware issue. (But mine was returned anyway.)
  10. Mine went back to garmin after touch screen trouble. No amount of calibrating was able to fix the problems. The calibration went "fine", but once in the menus or keyboard the buttons 2cm next to the actual press was registered. The weird thing is.... when I got it, it was fine.
  11. Ðamn, they still didn't fix the worst issue: that crappy touchscreen keyboard. It's nearly impossible to input some text. Whichever orientation, one part of the keyboard is 'off' by one or two complete keys. Also, 2.70 broke the internationalization of the interface. Part of the interface is now English, making it a hybrid English-Dutch interface.
  12. I think most of us already got that Your personal war against the Montana is well documented. I'm sorry to say you had a bad experience. Although nobody can accuse Garmin of providing excellent software out of the box, my experience so far is excellent. Good enough to sell my 62S. The montana is a bit heavier, but about as big due to the size of the antenna on the 62s. Also the montana is just as accurate, and in addition to that provides a better viewable screen and an actually usable JNX experience. (Self-made BirdsEye images.) Also, Android is great. c:geo on the sensation is... sensational But when in areas where there is no free internet or 3G coverage at all, the phone fails to work.
  13. It is sort of hard to believe that a screen could crack when you pull a screen protector off. Was is glued on or something?
  14. I switched my 62S for a Montana. Couldn't be happier. Just watch the forums before you upgrade your firmware 2.50 is pretty good. Also, Birdseye for Montana (or self-made JNX's from MOBAC with Google Earth) is TEH WIN!
  15. crewone

    Good bye c:geo

    Is that ToU even legal all over the world? The way I see it, if you put a website up on the internet the information disclosed on that website is freely available to anyone who knows how to open a socket. If you want to prevent people from seeing the content, block them from your server. It is, after all, YOUR SERVER. And if webscraping isn't allowed.... then how come Google does show results from Geocaching.com? They sure as hell are scraping too! Also, the money I pay Groundspeak every month should be MORE then enough to cover the few live queries I do with c:geo. Anyway, opensourcing c:geo may be the best thing that happened to geocaching on Android. Go C:GEO!
  16. What is the difference between slow map drawing speed and fast drawing speed? Other than the obvious I mean... is there a catch somewhere? Excessive battery usage? The manual isn't exactly clear on this one.
  17. crewone

    Good bye c:geo

    A dadgum shame. I liked c:geo!
  18. I got my new 62S a few days ago and have subjected it to a few tests. My findings so far: The unit is in most ways a much improved 60CSX. By this I mean: * Although the screen is no marvel of technology these days, it is a better screen than the 60CSX has. And as a bonis it is actually readable outdoors. (As opposed to the garming touchscreen devices) * The unit responds much, much faster when panning and zooming. Even on 'modern' maps like CN Europe 2010 and the new Benelux TOPO. * The geocaching options are nice. I can see myself doing paperless caching with it, if the cache description isn't too heavy on pictures. A welcome feature! * The buttons have a better feel to them and are a bit larger. Especially important if you use the unit with gloves on. * The internal memory is nice! I loaded all of europe onto the internal memory and most topos on the MicroSD card... perfect! There are also a couple of negatives: * The default clip sucks. I had to order the belt clip (60CSX default) seperately. * The beeps aren't very loud. I'd say not loud enough and no way to change the volume as far as I can tell. * The battery compartment is a bit tight. I had difficulty inserting some Eneloop batteries. Bottom line (so far)... a very nice unit, which is basically an updated 60CSX. This might be a good thing since the 60CSX is basically the gold standard as far as outdoor GPS units go, but for those of us that already own a 60CSX it might be hard to justify spending €380 ($420?) on this unit. Tomorrow we'll go caching with both units. We'll see how it holds up. I'm sure it will perform just fine. The question is.... will it perform €380 worth of 'fine'? By the way - I squeezed a bit around.... no squeaking whatsoever
  19. Me too. If it is that much more readable, it might just be worth getting! Not for the crappy camera, but for the better screen PS: 3.2 Megapixels!? WTF! What were they thinking!? Mobile phones come with 5 megapixels these days! (Nokia N82 for example) And why couldn't they make the AA's and charger an option? Not like their batteries are any better then Eneloops or Sanyo's.
  20. I also have these yellow pins. Does anyone have a solution yet? My GE version: 4.0.2737 (Build from 31 jan 2007) -S
  21. It actually has a common mini-usb connector so if he has a digital camera, there's a good chance he will be able to use that cable.
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