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  1. Garmin dropped the RTCM DGPS option with the introduction of the 60/76 Cx/CSx models. It had been available on the prior generation C/CS models.
  2. It will take several charge/discharge cycles for them to approach capacity. They will also have reduced capacity at higher currents, so try the 200mA or 500mA charge setting (100 or 250mA discharge). Mine reflect a capacity of about the claimed 2700mAH.
  3. MtnHermit, Garmin; "Topo U.S. 2008 provides land elevation contours with elevation shading on the PC". I am not familiar enough with the file structure to know whether the DEM data is embedded in the map set sent to the GPS receiver, but the elevation shading is not available on present models such as the 60/76Cx or eTrex HC series. On the PC, moving the cursor to an area between elevation contours displays intermediate elevations.
  4. The map provided for Garmin's Topo (image above, in post by MtnHermit) does appear to display the same data for that location as the Topo U.S. 2008, at N36 11.279 W111 43.999, and about 1.6 miles East of Grand Canyon National Park. That also puts it just outside the coverage area for Garmin's 24K maps.
  5. Sanyo Eneloops here, too. No worries about topping off the charge if they sat idle for a while... they are ready to go!
  6. It also loads to the Zumo 550, but there is no "change history" yet.
  7. I have also been annoyed by the track log issue (#3, above). Starting the HCx in a new location starts a new segment of track log, but the first point in that log seems to be the location the unit had previously been turned off. I have seen the speed in that leg indicated at over 1000 miles per hour, too. The track log capability should remain "low-maintenance" like it has been in other Garmins I have used. It has worked fine, without requiring starting & stopping, resetting, or clearing. I do understand that it wll take a few moments for the position calculations to settle down, but that was also true with StreetPilots I have had, 76 series, eTrex units, and so on. It is clearly a bug related to the HCx, and should be corrected in a firmware revsion.
  8. There is certainly some basic "passes" information out there, as Garmin's own MetroGuide USA v4.01 (2001 data) identifies many. The data providor was Tele Atlas, rather than NavTeq. A quick search in MapSource returned results for both Blewett Pass and Old Blewett Pass. As for non-autorouting MapSource offerings, passes were/are identified in U.S. Roads & Recreation, US Topo, and 2008 Topo US. Unfortunately, that does not address your "avoid passes" preference issue, but these points could easily be made into waypoints for the area you travel, increasing your awareness of them.
  9. Years ago I had taken The Canadian several times, between Vancouver and Toronto. I spent much of the time in a dome car, and had great success capturing track logs in all but the deepest chasms of the Fraser and North Thompson rivers. Even these data gaps were fairly short. My receivers on those trips were Garmin eMap and GPSIIIPlus. I also remember using an external antenna (GA26, I think) suctioned to my window in the sleeper. My most recent trip was December, 2000. Given my seemingly good luck with this older equipment, I wonder if Via Rail have made some change to the windows in the dome cars. It seems like todays chipsets should have no problem at all.
  10. My Vista HCx seems to display 51 as "13" on both the graphic display and the strength bar. This bar is at the right of those numbered less than 33. Yesterday I saw two 13 bars. Seems like a "typo" in the display text.
  11. The "highway" page is a carry-over from the days before detail maps were an option, and is mainly intended for marine use. It provides a graphic view when following a route over water.
  12. Many of the "bundled" products have allowed for a second unlock without additional charge. What model receiver do you have? It surprises me that you were able to unlock the stand-alone version prior to receiving your GPS receiver, as the serial number is required to obtain an unlock code. In your "My Garmin", do the two entries show different registration codes (not unlock codes)?
  13. Remember not to exceed the limit of 2025 maps that the 60CSx can access.
  14. Zumo 550 with preloaded CNNANT8 arrived today, complete with DVD. Registered and unlocked, "My Garmin" shows availability via link to "unlock additional unit". Awaiting shipment of pre-ordered Vista HCx now.
  15. Well ... I chickened out. Before 1 June I went ahead and used my second CNNANT8 unlock on the 76Cx, without incident. Next, I'll see if another v8 unlock is available after I register my Zūmo 550, arriving Wednesday.
  16. I don't sail, but would there be benefit to the barometric pressure trend plot available on the "S" model?
  17. The crosshatch is used in other products to indicate partial coverage. For City Navigator Europe, the key indicates coverage of "Major urban areas with intertown roads".
  18. The Garmin online map viewer for Inland Lakes shows pretty good detail for Weiss lake, including bathymetric contours. I wish it had that level of detail for the larger lakes in my area.
  19. If your hunting use includes mounting the unit on an ATV, I suggest the 76 series with a RAM mount. It is significantly more secure than the 60 series mounting solutions, and is what I have used on my dirt bike for some time.
  20. Last week I registered a StreetPilot 2730 automotive unit which shipped with CNNANT8, and my "My Garmin" currently displays the "unlock additional unit" link. My back-up 76Cx should arrive well before 1 June, but my (pre-ordered) Vista HCx will be a while. Decisions, decisions...
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