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  1. You're allowed that second shot but what makes the shot unique? Two things.. The hole is a dog leg, so you hit it back into Canada?
  2. I'm sure I'm not the first to complain about this, but what are you to do when you go to a cache that says it has a TB, but when you get there the cache has no travel bug. Should you email the cache owner, the TB owner or the last person who was at the cache who may have taken the TB, but has not logged it? This seems to be happening more often and I'm getting frustrated. I guess I should just buy my own TBs
  3. These ruins are on crown land just off Safari Road near Rocton Ontario. They seem very interesting and I'm curious if anyone knows anything about them or how to research them.
  4. Wearing safety glasses might be a good idea when searching for a cache in the forest!
  5. You are correct. If you want to check out the webcam on top of the Sheridan and see the history of the peregrine falcon in hamilton here is the link http://falcons.hamiltonnature.org/
  6. Hey the first name is Jason and I have not got into the geocoin collecting, yet. Let me tell you how I got into Geocaching! A couple of years back I started training for a marathon and Sunday long runs would take a couple of hours or more, so I started to listen to "podcasts". If you don't know what they are I highly recomend that you check them out on I-tunes. While on one of my long runs listening to a podcast called "The Dump Runners Club", Matt the host, started to talk about how you could use you Garmin Forerunner201 for another sport called geocaching and even suggested running from one geocache to another. For those of you who don't, a forerunner uses GPS technology to measure a runners pace, speed, distance, altitude, grade... well you get the idea. Well most runners don't know that you can mark a location using the forerunner and then change its co-ordinates to mach that of a geocache. Using my forerunner I found my first 20 or so caches. Looking back it was very difficult not having the luxury of topo maps or streetmaps, but it still got me hooked on the sport.
  7. Never noticed the google ads before, I just had to go back to see where they were.
  8. Like every one else, I bought a palm m500 off ebay for $25 and payed $10 for shipping. I've downloaded cachemate for $8 and it works like a charm. I'm a computer idiot and I got the whole thing running in ten minutes.
  9. I agree that most winter friendly caches are not winter friendly. I found right now I stick to micro's and I watch the logs to see if there has been any recent finds. If there has been no finds for a couple of weeks or more, I tend to stay away. Recently there has been a lot of "Grab and Go" type caches and series', I've had better luck with them. Hope I've been some kind of help. Just think, the clocks just sprung ahead, so spring must be right around the corner.
  10. She showed up today at 3:30 PM!!! I'll post her link when someone guesses the right answer.
  11. While on the topic of endangered species, who is Madame X and where does she live when she comes to Hamilton every year?
  12. Is it the Banff Spring Snail?
  13. Hey everyone, thanks for all your great advice. Just got my palm m500 in the mail and just finished downloading cachemate. I've put on a few caches already, I can't beleive how simple it is. Just wondering, now that I have this palm, is there anything else that I can do with it?
  14. WOW. I wasn't expecting such a response to my question. Thank you to all. I figure that a Palm m500 was probably my most cost effective way to go (which got off ebay). I toured the cache mate website and for $8 US. it appears to be a great program (especially for the not so computer literate type). Also, the Palm support website seems like it has an endless amout of resources. Once again, thanks to everyone for their responses, but don't let them stop as I think as geocachers, we should be "eco/enviro" responsible. Who knows, maybe my next question will be about cache in, trash out.
  15. Thanks to everyone for their help. To Blue Quasar, I might just show up to the event in St. Catherines. I work out of town and if I can make it back in time I'll head down the QEW and check it out.
  16. Looking to start paperless caching and not sure where to start. I've been looking on Ebay for a Palm or Pocket PC and I'm not sure which is easier to use or better to use? I have no experience with either Palms or Pocket PCs, but I would like to use the easiest and hopefully cheapest method. If you have any experience in paperless caching, please help.
  17. I just bought a premium membership a couple of days ago after having a regular membership for over a year. I have not figured out what the advantages are yet, however I thought it was a way to give back to the sport.
  18. Hey thanks for the info on the Canadian TOPO maps. Tried downloading http://www.ibycus.com/ibycustopo/ and when I tried to run the program I would get a message like "Start up files are corrupt cannot run program". Any ideas on what is wrong? Would love to give the program a try!
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