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  1. Last week my son helped me do a bit of gardening around the house here in Hamilton Ontario and I would have never thought to check him for tics before bed. The next morning he woke up with one baried in his chest. He didn't know what it was so he pulled it out during his bath that morning. The little bugger (the tic, not my son) left a big hole in his chest. My wife called telehealth and they did not seem to be too alarmed, they just said to keep an eye on him.
  2. Nice way to advertise your away from your motor for sometime I don't use one, but it I can see it serving many purposes. I promotes the sport and it lets people know that your car is not abandoned on some old country back road waiting to be toed away.
  3. I bought mine at Canadian Tire for $7.99. here is a link to their online store http://www.canadiantire.ca/browse/product_...fromSearch=true Works really well!
  4. I couldn't wait for someone to answer the question, I had to google it and that is the coolest thing ever! I had to go out and try it and it works!
  5. Nice to see a positive article about the sport!
  6. did 2 this morning and they worked fine
  7. Sorry! The race takes place in my home town. If I recall correctly, the Hamilton 30k has been running since 1894. Close enough, Around the Bay Road Race is the official name and yes it is 30kms.
  8. Sorry! The race takes place in my home town.
  9. I run so that I can drink a belly full of guiness
  10. The Cannonball Run! Funny, but not correct
  11. Wondering if anyone has ever combined running and geocaching? I know I've used Garmin forerunner 201 in the past and ran from one cache to another on a rail trail with caches manually inputted into the forerunner. Would love to share routes with others.
  12. OK I know its not a "geo" type question, but here goes: With the Boston Marathon only a week a way it prides itself as the oldest Marathon in North America with the first race on April 19 1897. What North American road race is three years older? If no one responds, I'll try a new question.
  13. This is totally a guess with some help from Wikipedia, is it Prince Albert, Sask.? Sorry, although Prince Albert sits on the North Saskatchewan and play significant roles in early times it is not the answer. This portage joins the Churchill River system with the the Mackenzie River System. The legendary Methye Portage (also known as Portage La Loche)
  14. This is totally a guess with some help from Wikipedia, is it Prince Albert, Sask.?
  15. I'ne never heard of it?
  16. Ancaster powercenter had a bit of a scare today when a cosco employee called in a reported cylindrical package with a wire hanging out of it in a tree. Has anyone ever seen anything like that before? http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/NewsLo...aspx?ID=1003929 Check out the story!
  17. I thought I came accross a cache when I found a bottle of whiskey with two cans of pepsi. Looks like someone was going to have a good time.
  18. I know most are quick to point out when they receive bad service or bad products, so I thought I would point out the great service and products I received this past week. This past Saturday was my son's tenth birthday and for his party he wanted a geocache theme. I went out and bought three ammo boxes, found a good location for all three. Went to party packages and filled them right up with trinkets for each kid to have at the party. Then it hit me, I had no "real" geocache products in the caches. Here is where my props begin, I went to Landsharkz.ca to order a geocoin and a pin. Not really that big of a purchase, but it was important to me and my son. When I did the final check out on the website it said allow four to six weeks for delivery. My heart sank! With a hope and a prayer I emailed the website explaining the situation. Helen from Landsharkz emailed me the next day and told me she would send it express in a gift envelope. I received the package on Thursday and the birthday party was a hit and my son loved the geocoin and pin. The Geko geocoin is one of the best I've seen too. Anyways, props to Landsharkz for good service and good products!
  19. congrats. Geocaching away from home is always exciting!
  20. You are way too smooth, are you a car salesman? Anyways, I think there is something here that all us men can learn from. Luckily, my wife introduced me to geocaching!
  21. I had my Garmin forerunner 201 (for running) repaired by Raytech. They just took my old unit and sent me a refurbished unit. That was two years ago and the unit they sent me is working good.
  22. Just bought my first geocoin from Landshark for my son's birthday. Very quick to send (got it two days and I'm on the other side of the country) and the coin I bought is the best looking coin I've seen.
  23. Management in the automotive manufacturing industry.
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