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  1. Groundspeak has changed the name on accounts sometimes, but then the new name has to be free. It's been discussed many times before. But if you already have registered the new name, then it's probably easier as WeightMan say. If it's only 17 finds.
  2. Lainasin sitä, ja työpaikalla se meni kaikki geokätöilijöiden (5 kpl) läpi. Naiskätköilijä sanoi että hän ei koskaan lähtee ... =)
  3. Why not do it the easy way and use http://www.flagcounter.com/
  4. Usually, the small HTML text that is used on a cache page could be written with notepad if you want to write it before you do it on the geocaching site. I use mostly: <img ...> for images <br> break <b> bold and for spaces. Then the page is clear and easy to read. If there is something importatnt, then I can put the text in red. The codes is found on many places on the net, and is not hard to understand.
  5. McBack

    Small bug

    Tried to post it earlier today, but don't know if it disappeared. Noticed today that on the wap site, Everything about a cache is visible, (Except pictures of course) even if I'm not logged in. and The LoFo version of the forum is very low. Couldn't even post a topice there, used my mobile and tried so same bandwidth. But as I understand the forums is not "made by" Groundspeak. (The wap thing could have been discussed earlier, but didn't see it)
  6. McBack

    Small bug

    Maybe discussed earlier, but checked the wap version. I can see everything about a cache including coordinates even if I'm not logged in. And, the LoFi version of the forum is very low. Couldn't even make a new topic. (Lower bandwidth on a mobile)
  7. Today I was wondering about my own log on my own caches. If I go and check a cache, even if I don't do anything, should I log it as a Maintenance log or a Note? If it's a Maintenance log, then other cachers quickly see that I've been there and everything is ok. If it's only a note, then it's only a note in the other logs. Or how much do I have to do to when I maintenance it, sharpening the pen, change bag... Until today I've mostly used notes, but in one way it's good to see that a cache is taken care of. But of course, if every second log is a maintenance log, that's no good. How do other do?
  8. McBack

    Firefox 3.5

    I'm also using 3.5.3 at the moment, and all GM scripts that I have works.
  9. Cache O'Plenty: Yes I know that. If we check "OCC-Tank" TBHHFG 8/28/2009 Pele53 retrieved it from 0 km: Jurva Yes that's ok next log: 9/1/2009 Raksen discovered it 0 km: Jurva 4 days later it's discovered in the cache, even if we know it's not there. Then it's discovered more, when it's later dropped in the next cache. 9/1/2009 Pele53 placed it in Koivulahden tehtaat Maybe a wrong example because it's dropped the same day, but it doesn't matter with one I check it's the same thing on all. An other one Sunshine Geocoin TB14DKV I took it from a cache 8/23/2009, then it's discovered the next day in the same cache, even if I still have it. BlueDeuce: It's not the day issue eather, as I write in this reply
  10. I noticed one thing. A friend has taken a TB earlier from a cache, when others discovering it later, the log header still reads 9/1/2009 "geoname" discovered it "cachename" even though it's taken from the cache some days ago. Not a problem, but a small (travel)bug.
  11. I've only heard about one cache that was hidden like this in Finland, it was removed after the first found. The owner was a younger boy that didn't understand the english written rules. But after a translation he changed the cache at once, and it was activated again. So the only problem here was the language. But a lot of new geocachers want to hide their first cache when they have found one or two. It would be good to have a older geocacher to check and approve or a minimum found caches before they can hide their own. I have given many cachers advices both on how to start geocaching and how to hide them. And they are thankful all the time. But they have to know they can ask. I don't know if they have realiced they can ask the reviewer eather, maybe they think the reviewer also only understand english when all the rest on the page is written in english. Thoughts?
  12. I use GSAK. When I solve a Mystery I can add "corrected coordinates" to a cache. Then when transfered from GSAK to the GPS I have the right coordinates to a cache. There is user notes also in the GSAK, but I haven't tried to transfer them.
  13. I have a Garmin Colorado and I'm using the logging possibility in it. It's hard to type a full log so I usually only make a small note about it. Then at the computer I can use the Field note option and uploads them from the Colorado. Then I have all cches in right order om the screen, I only have to edit the log text and submit. I alos have a friend that used paper and pen before. He was on a trip and took 230 caches on it. His friend had everything on paper, but she had a lot more to do before she had all the caches logged than him, and she hadn't made any notes of two caches that he had marked in the GPS.
  14. I don't see that as a problem. More that if my coin has disappeared from a cache, and a lot of cachers has found the cache, but doesn't mail it to the coin owner. I had a coin in a cache that people visited for months. When they logged the cache they could log with "I didn't see the coin", but I didn't have the cache on my list so I didn't get it. I understand if a couple of days has gone, and a coin is missing. Everyone isn't logging their visits on the web at once, that's not the problem. And it's hard to know when the right moment is to notify the coin owner. But somehow I like to send a message too much than too less. Then it's up to the coin owner to decide what to do. Usually I also log a note on the coins own page, then others know that the owner is notified that something is missing. I don't know if it's a bad idea, but noone has complained so far.
  15. McBack

    Encrypted Hints

    I also tries to find the cache for a while, but if I don't find it, then I'll check the hint. Or maybe if the cache is in a place were many mugglers is disturbing.
  16. Do you have any style-sheet checker add-in installed in FireFox? All errors seems to be stylesheet errors.
  17. I understood that it had to be done "manually". Have checked the lua files a little already, so that's no problem (I hope) I'll try it. Thanks! sTeamTraen: I tried to search for the Earwigo, but I only came to a loginpage???
  18. Tried to search but it didn't work, so I don't know if it's asked before. If I wan't to create zones, or change the size f a zone in mid game, how can I do it? Thanks McBack
  19. I think the easiest way to do this is to open the original GPX file with notepad (or another texteditor). search and replace all the "<sym>Geocache Found</sym>" to "<sym>Geocache</sym>" (without quotes). I've done this a couple of times, always worked. =)
  20. I'm using a sdript for the greasemonkey (and FireFox) add-on called "GC VIP list". In it I can select my "VIP" friends. And then in the right menu on every cache page it shows me the names of my VIP friends that has logged it. I have to show all logs before they come in the list, but there is a script for that too (automatic show all logs) if it's needed.
  21. Why not make a customable menu that everyone could select what they want in it?
  22. Only on iPhone, not iTouch? The iTouch has version 2.2.1 and no PQ application as I've seen.
  23. Check here: http://www.geocaching.com/gps/default.aspx is it this page you where looking for?
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