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  1. The QR thing can be found on the munzee pages. I have a couple of them, but it's not the same thing. I feel that it's more business like thing, and not as fun as geocaching. And gc.com has better rules for it, munzees is somehow too free. But that is only my opinion.
  2. In Finland the publishers write "Publisher @ hh:mm". And then the cacher(s) that get an FTF on in writes it in a similar way "FTF @ hh:mm" (Mostly) Nice to see how quick they are sometimes. =)
  3. I haven't had any problems with the neither, nor any of my geocaching friends. It's the best map so far. =)
  4. Actually, I think it's on all pages with geocache lists.
  5. It's the blue rectangluar icon with a number in it, before the found it column, in the owned geocaches page, on anyones profile page. (I got a long sentence there) =) At least i see it there.
  6. I noticed today that I have a pen next to the coordinates where I can write the right coordinates, then it shows the right place on the small map too. But the large map shows the original place. I haven't tried to transfer it to my gps because we have an other site that already has this feature, so I haven't tried it further. But I have some Groundspeak addons, so it may have come that way, I have to check later.
  7. OK. I didn't understand that you only asked about new ones, as you wrote "What's new with souvenirs?". Forget my stupidity. Finland isn't published yet neither.
  8. A little bit more. If I go to you profile page, and souvenirs. I see that you have found a cache in Česká Republika (not that strange), if you then click the souvenirs image, then you see the image that was on the flickr page Link this one
  9. But one thing, it can't ba automatic, so when I log a cache, it reveals the place. or, hmm, that could me nice.
  10. Of course I only have the souvenirs I've earned?! But I have a friend with 38 souvenirs (Pele53) He has them from different US states, Canada, different EU countries (Česká Republika) and so on. So get a cache that is needed for the souvenir and you'll get one.
  11. There are some sites providing geocheckers, but it's up to the owner to create them. Here in Finland geocache.fi provides that service (for finnish caches), and many uses it. You only insert the coordinates that you think is right, and the checker gives you the answer if it's wrong or right, and if right, a message that the owner has provided. Protected so you can't check more that 10 coordinates / 10 minutes, or you are banned from the checker. But I've seen other places too, with other options like e.g http://www.geochecker.com/
  12. You find them on your profile page and click souvenirs. (Here)
  13. Greasemonkey isn't a Groundspeak product, so if greasemonkey crashes then you probably have to ask them. But greasemonkey doesn't work on my Firefox 7 eather, so it's probably there where the problem is.
  14. But there is a search also. In the top menu, Play > Hide and Seek. Or did I misunderstand something agin.
  15. Didn't see anything about a problem I have. Yesterday when the new challenges came, I saw a challenge that I thought would be easy to get, named "Find a Geocache" (http://coord.info/CXCF) so I accepted the challenge. Now that challenge is archived. How can I leave the challenge now when I don't get to the challenge page?
  16. Löytyy kyllä paljon nollapisteitä kylissäkin. Ainakin meillepäin. En olen tarkistanut jos ne ovat mukana listassa valitettavasti.
  17. Pieni vastaus vain. Jos minuä ratkaisen joku mystery ilman checkeri, niin kyllä minä laitan viesti omistajille ja kysy jos ne on oikein. Jos kiinnostaa. Mutta sitä, jos mysterykätkö joskus siirretään, niin sitten on vaikea (melkein mahdotonta) tietää mihin se on mennyt. Ja jos tarkistaa kätkö ohjeet, niin ymmärrään niitä näin. ----- - Beacon Cache : Siis "tutka kätkö". Naatit menee alkupisteelle, Esim "Chirp"in avulla löydettävä kätkö. - Night Cache : Siinä lukee että vaatii että sisältää tarkat naatit, mutta nehän menee alkupisteelle. Oma kommentti : Mutta jos kätkötekijä on fiksu niin hän voi kirjoittaa loppupisteen naatit loppupurkille. - Puzzle Cache : Kätkösivu antaa ohjeet kuinka jotain ratkaistetaan että saa loppu naatit. ----- Kätköomistaja täytyy antaa jotain tarkkoja naateja, mutta ei loppupisteelle jos on yökätkö tai "tutka" kätkö. Mutta minun mielestä omistaja kyllä vois laittaa naatit loppupurkkiin, jos on joku sen tyyppisen kätkö ettei saa naatit sivulta.
  18. Miksi TravelBug voi kääntää jos sitä ei saa kääntää?
  19. Sorry. Even though I get e-mails from the forum I didn't notice that. There are so many posts every day so it's hard to notice everything Thanks. =)
  20. I activated two new coins for a moment ago. When I edited the coins "Is collectable" to No and press Submit I get a url 500 error (http://www.geocaching.com/error/500.htm) The same thing happens when I try to move them from my inventory to my collection on the "Trackables Inventory" page. Not a big problem, and can be done later, but makeing a notification of it.
  21. I logged two yesterday evening (in Finland) without problem.
  22. The map is also in the other maps listing, the one named geocaching google map or something.
  23. So all images are gone, probably a setting thing like "don't show pictures on the page" maybe?
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