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  1. I have a question.


    I put a trackable into the Family Jeep so it can be logged when seen on trips, around town, ETC....


    When I activated the trackable, do I need to select it as a collectable or non-collectable?


    I want the tracker to never to change hands, because it will be on the Jeep, but I want people to be able to log and say where the trackable and keep was seen.


    Thanks in advance for your help.



  2. I bought a received a “Tracker” for my vehicle in the mail today.


    I have a question thought…… I have the “Tracker” active, but I am wondering if I need to make it collectable or not collectable in my Tracker Page.


    The tracker will be on my Jeep Wrangler, and never removed, but I want to make sure people can log the tracker if they see/notice it.


    Thanks for your help, sorry if this question has been asked/answered before, but I could not find it in the forum.

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