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  1. I'd be happy to make up a label in MSWord format and email it around to those of you who want it. I don't have any film canisters or labels on hand, so if someone could let me know what size label should be used and what you would all like it to say, I'll put it together ASAP!
  2. Before seeing this thread, I had heard (or read anyway) the term Lamp Post Cache, but never knew about the skirt lifter type. Tonight, while dropping a TB, we went to grab a few quickies in the area. One of which happened to be in a parking lot. I immediately knew it would be at a lamp post, but I was thinking nano. We walked around said lampost for 5 minutes (trying to be as discreet a possible!) before I figured it out!! I thought it was a neat idea! So then, I come here to read the forums and see this whole thread about LPCs/Skirt Lifters! Had I seen it earlier, it would have saved me 5 minutes searching and I would have missed out on 5 minutes of fun!! Not my favorite type, by any means, but I will still grab them when they are nearby! Seems like not too many people seem to like them, but they serve a purpose. After all, not everyone is able hike for miles to get a cache.
  3. I was unable to find a Vista CX in a brick and mortar store, but I was able to get one through West Marine. I asked if they price matched, which they will do in most cases (I guess it depends on where you get the price), they matched WM's online price (best I could find at the time), shipped to my house in 2 days free of charge. The unit I got wound up having a messed up screen, so I went to the store and had them order a new one, they let me keep the first one to use until the new one arrived (it was useable, just a line of messed up pixels). They have GREAT customer service, and I would not hesitated to shop there again!!! I don't think they had the 60cx in stock, at my local store, but 2 day free shipping is a pretty good deal!! BTW, the rubber was pealing of from the battery case of the second unit, so I went back and switched it with the first one, and once again... great customer service. I am beginning to lose faith in Garmin , but not West Marine!
  4. ah huh! Ok, that seems logical! I knew there had to be some reason, but I sure couldn't figure it out. Now this brings up the question... Are all/most maps this inccurate? If not, what would be a better map.... For little or no $$$?
  5. Yup!! When I am zoomed out, it looks as thought the icon is on land, only because it is so big in relation to the river. The closer I zoom, the bigger the river, and that puts the icon in the water! Very strange! It's not a little tiny river either. Probably >1/4mile wide at that location.
  6. Hi all! I recently got a Garmin eTrex Vista CX, the first problem was that the screen has a line of messed up pixels from top to bottom, about 1/8in from the side. I brought it back to the store to have them order me a new unit and they are letting me keep this one untl the new on is in! Great customer service!!! I have only used the Etrex to find one nearby cache and it got me within 4 feet. After reading of all the problems with the eTrex series being way off, I thought that was pretty darn good! Anyway, my parents live very close to a large river, about 50 yards from the riverbank. So, I marked a waypoint, while sitting in thier kitchen (with good sat reception). When I look at the map, it shows that thier kitchen is in the middle of the river!?! I can be sitting in the same chair, as where I marked the waypoint, and it tells me that I am 0.2mi from it. I went outside and re-marked the waypoint, but I got the same results. I took a walk around the neighborhood and the track shows that I was walking around in the river. BTW, this is not a trick question, they do not live in a house-boat and as far as I know I can not walk on water!! :DLOL Does anyone have an idea, as to why this is happening? I am just using the base map that came preinstalled in the Etrex and haven't uploaded or changed anything (waiting for the new unit). I know that the preloaded basemap is probably not the best map out there, but is it common for it to be off by nearly 1/4 mile???? Thanks in advance, for any help that you may be able to offer!!
  7. Hi there, I am new to the forums. I am expecting my Garmin Vista CX to arrive today! I went with the eTrex series because I have seen it recommended so often in these forums. I did find one place that will allow a side by side comparison, but I am not sure I am allowed to name a store in the forums. If you want to email me, I will tell you where to look. I got the Vista CX for $245.88 at a marine store, they were willing to price match a major department store and they offered to ship it to my house for free (ordered on Wednesday, should be here today). Just thought I would offer my limited experience, since I was in your shoes a few days ago.
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