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  1. I think only the forums have Private Messages. The replies to your messages through Geocaching.com just come in your email.

    Ohhhhh, That's right!!! Thanks so much for your reply!!! I thought I was losing my mind, looking all over the GC.com site. :laughing: At least I warned you that it was a dumb question!!! LOL

  2. Sorry in advance for the really dumb question!!


    Do you have to be a premium member to exchange PM through this website?? I can not seem to find the feature. I have been out of commission for quite a while, but I seem to remember having a "PMailbox". I know I can send messages from individual member profiles, but where do I go to find the replies??


    Thanx in advance!

  3. I think you should be able to remove it from your cache's page since you are the owner of the cache.

    That's what I thought too! As it turns out, you can do it from the TB page. It was staring me right in the face, I just didn't see it!!! ;) Thanx for the help though!!

  4. Provided it was really dropped it went missing right after the next finder. You could ask that cacher but I would be very careful not to accuse them of anything.


    You should remove the jeep from the cache listing. Access the jeep page and under Trackable Item Options you'll see Mark item missing, Click Go.

    Thanx! I meant to ask if there was a way to remove the listing, but my fingers were working faster than my brain! LOL


    I went to the Jeep page, but I don't see a way to remove it!?! Do I email whoever is running the contest??? ;)


    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out! Thanx again!!!

  5. So, the inventory of my one and only cache is listing a Jeep TB. The problem is that the TB is not in the cache. Shuld I contact the 10 or so people who have logged the cache since the Jeep was placed? Do nothing? It has been listed in there for over a month now and I assume that the contest only last for a certain amount of time. Any advice would be appreciated!

  6. This is why you can't believe everything that you read on the internet!! LOL I check the nest cam quite often, but I can't tell the two apart, so I never know who is on the eggs. I think it was in that same article where I read that the gestation of osprey eggs is 32-33 days... and clearly that had to be incorrect. :o I will try to refrain from sharing any further knowledge I have on ospreys!! :)

  7. I've been watching them come and go all day and saving pics, trying to figure out who is who. Anybody got any ideas? I was thinking that the one on the left is Fred with the dark spot on the head.

    I read somewhere that only the female will sit on the eggs, while the male hunts for food. Once the eggs hatch the pair takes turns in the nest. Soooo, I guess HE is the one not sitting on the eggs!! LOL But I am no expert on the subject.

  8. Thanks! I thought it would be fine, but wanted to check with the elitists.... errr... uhhhmm... more seasoned cachers. :rolleyes: (Sorry! I had to say it! No offense to anyone who answered my newbie question!!)


    Off to do some fact checking.

  9. I have one lonely cache plant, which was recently published. It is in an area that is rich with history, but I didn't include any of that history in the description, when I submitted the cache for review. Is it ok to change the description to add such information? The location will not be changed and there will be nothing added, as far as hints or clues.


    Thanks in advance for any advice!!

  10. I just tried it for the heck of it and even though their main page says it's down, when I click on the link to the webcam, it works and has the current date and time on the camera shot.


    Must have just got back online. I have a direct link in my favorites, which wasn't working as recently as yesterday around 6pm. I just tried it and got right in! Thanks for posting that it was working again!!

  11. That is awful, and only on your second find!! Don't let that sway you from the hobby, but do use it as a lesson to be more aware of your surroundings. I'm not sure that would have helped in this case, but it sure couldn't hurt. Hope your doing better soon!!


    Does anyones else think that it is quite the coinsidence that this happened so close to the posting of the "how much $ is in your bag?" thread? Anyone could stumble onto that thread and decide to "stalk" a nearby cache! It's a crazy world we live in. :drama:

  12. Geocaching on L&O???? How did I miss THAT??? I am a huge fan of that show!


    Anyway, I spend a lot of time on a garden forum and someone made a post that mentioned letterboxing. I looked that up and thought it would be a great way for DH and I to do something together. He agreed and we started with that. After lurking around the AQ forums for a while and seeing lots of references to geocaching, we looked it up and found GC.com, borrowed an OLD gps'r from my Dad and gave caching a try. Now we do both! DH seems to like caching better, I think I like *gasp!* LBing better. We have currently found more caches than boxes, but we have planted 2 LBs and have yet to plant a cache (hopefully that will change soon!)


    So that's our story in a micro ...er uhhh ...nut shell!! LOL

  13. A cache in the middle of the playground will be stolen.


    First because kids are just that good at poking into everthing.

    Second because some finders will not bother to worry about muggles and will seek the cache anyway and alert any muggles (especially the short ones) about the cache. Then it will be found by a muggle and muggled.


    I knew I had another point to make, in my last post, I just couldn't remember what it was!! LOL Thanks RK for reminding me!


    What Renegade Knight said... The "second" part!


    I will also add that although there will likely be a lot of cachers who would pass it by, there would be a few who go for it BECAUSE of where it is, like egami, who likes this type. You just can't please everyone, every time!!!


    If you do decide to place this cache, please think really carefully about the type of container!!! See this recent thread, if you haven't already looked at it.

  14. As a parent, grandparent and (fairly new) geocacher, here are my thoughts:


    Law enforcement and suspicious parents aside, I can see two ways of looking at this.


    1) If the cache hidden well enough that a child, who is using the playground, can't find it. Then it will probably require a good deal of searching by the geocacher, who is looking for it. Not something I would want to do in the middle of a playground (with or without a child in tow!)


    2) If it is hidden in such a way that the geocacher can, pretty much, walk up and grab it. Then a child WILL find it!!


    A few more things to consider. In scenario 1, a lot of cachers would probably pass this one by. In scenario 2, a child who finds it is likely going to open the container and scatter all of the neat little toys all over the place, before his or her parents even sees what they are doing. Of course this will take place within the 2.5 seconds that said parent took their eyes of the little angel! LOL. Which brings us to the fact that, no matter how hard they try, a parent can't watch a child EVERY single second (and face it, some don't even try), especially if they have more than one to watch.


    Maybe you could somehow use the equipment to figure a set of coords to the cache, placed nearby. (Example: how many rungs on the ladder + how many letters in the color of the slide = N_ _*XX.XXX.) That way the cache seeker could gather the clues from a discrete distance. Just an idea!


    It's your cache, place it how you'd like!

  15. Check your sent mail box. Make sure you sent it to the right address. If you replied to an email message (like a log message sent to you if someone found a cache of yours or watchlist notification of some sort), it goes to a "noreply" email address.


    Ohhhh.... I think the problem is that I sent it from my AOL mail.... it was sent to logo@Groundspeak.com. I would think they still would have gotten it, even though it wasn't sent through the website?!?


    Edited to say that.... I just recieved a reply and thank you all for your help!!!

  16. I am guessing that my email has slipped into the "None at all" category. It was requsting permission to use the logo for CITO labels (Not for profit!!!). I read in an post that another cacher had sent in the same request and received a "promt and friendly" reply. Oh well, I guess I will use some other appropriate icon.


    Thanx for the reply!


    I grabbed that from wikipedia. I would not expect many more than 4 eggs as these chicks grow fast and only so many will fit in the nest. Although I believe there were three or four laid last year and Little Dude was the only viable one. So who can say for sure.


    Here is one of the snapshots that DH sent in email.... Tell me what you think.... 4 or 5?


    Maybe it's just my ...ummm.... not-so-good eyesight!! LOL

  18. So, of course, I have to check on Fred and Ethel this morning, and I catch the changing of the guards:

    Fred, or is it Ethel, pushes the other one off, kind of saying "My turn now" And what do I see?


    4 eggs!!!!!


    woohoo, you go Fred and Ethel!


    Are you sure that there aren't 5 eggs??? When I saw this post this morning I thought it was my imagination, but DH just emailed me from work and said he thought he saw 5 when Ethel (or Fred) was standing up a few minutes ago.


    Edited to remove photo! (I hope!!)lol

  19. Ttepee and I were working on names the other day for Mom and Dad. So far they've always been Mom and Dad. We kind of like Fred and Ethel, that was a preliminary idea. We'll think some more on that.


    Funny you should say Fred and Ethel... When I read the post about naming "Mom and Dad", the first names that popped into my head were Lucy and Desi!! <_<

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