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  1. I partly agree with the topic starter. I too see a lot of needless travel and issues in trying to fit in lab caches in regular caching missions caused by the ordering in the ALC. I would not go as far as to forbid this ordering, because there can be good reasons to do so or the owner perceives his/her reason to be good enough to use ordering. But I would like if in the lab builder a comment was placed near the ordering switch stating that putting an order in the ALC can cause excessive / irrelevant / unnecessary travel for players. That will hopefully make new owners think about the consequences twice before putting them in effect or not. As I do believe that many ordered ALCs are the result of blindly following what other ALC-owners have done before and/or not much thought going into the effects of ordering.
  2. Agree. I would also welcome naturecaches, for interesting areas in nature that don't fit in the earthcaches theme. And I too would love to see webcamcaches back. I would prefer for geocaching.com to allow these on a project-basis that would include a maintenance plan for the coming years to ensure the webcamcache can stay alive for some time. Also for organisers of Mega- and Giga events to get an opportunity to create a new one that can stay after the event. I really see technical and organisational possibilities for that, if there only was a possibility to create one under requirements from HQ.
  3. Reading about these first dates for different types of caches makes me think about the Geocaching "development phase". I wasn't a geocacher back then so can only imagine, but can so see how much fun it must have been coming up with all these ideas, new technologies and how they fitted in, development of new caches and rules of play to go with that. Now please don't take this as negative criticism, as it is in no way intended like that. But I personally think it would be good if we could have some of that original grassroots test, trial and error sense back in the game. Some new developments, a bit more allowance towards new possibilities etc. Admittedly, geocaching by now is a mostly well-run factory, but I personally miss the "new possibilities and goals on the horizon perspective". Some new stuff to look forward to, to get involved with. I suppose Groundspeak / Geocaching does have some kind of R&D department, but I'd love to see some more communication on what's going on in there or where the ideas and game are going. Preferably even get involved with development if that was possible.
  4. Because hunting for diversity is part of the fun for many of us. What is supposed to be good or fun is very subjective and different amongst cachers.
  5. Are you aware of the fact that the creators of Cachly are working on creating Waymarkly? It's not published yet (in beta testing), but it is expected this year - for IOS only. More on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/waymarkly/
  6. I've had an iPhone 8+ for some years now. Especially in the beginning, the GPS location could be way off. And I remember some comment from Apple at the time that this was indeed confirmed to be an issue, and that it would be rectified. Since then, GPS locator service has improved quite a bit. So I'm with Kunarion on this that I think that individual IOS versions may mess a bit with the locator service and make it more or less reliable. By now, the GPS is very useable but still not always correct. I suppose that the GPS receiver in the iPhone is more prone to disturbances like reflections from tall buildings and not properly finding the satellites in wooded areas than most handheld GPSes are. Being aware of that, I usually keep checking the background map to decide where I'm supposed to be besides just blindly following the not always very correct GPS location dot. Especially in urban area's, using a good background map where you can see all the buildings and compare to where you are in the field is just more useful and makes me find the cache. And experience in finding good / usual hiding spots helps a lot too of course.
  7. Same here. I'd love if HQ would adopt an option for parties interested in bringing up a Webcam to file a plan for how the Webcam would be set up including maintenance plan to secure the continuous operation of the Webcam for some time to come. HQ could select the best ideas based on the actual plans and grant a Webcam cache to those. That would be a pretty safe way to set up just a limited amount of new Webcam caches that probably will stay for a while.
  8. I've been using that option too. My cache about the early life of painter Rembrandt van Rijn: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC891P0_rembrandt-the-early-years
  9. I think they are? As long as the owner of the land agrees, that is . . . But apparently I'm wrong in thinking that. See below.
  10. Good they allow more cache types to be found for those old & new year souvenirs. I missed this years CITO souvenirs because events are not allowed due to COVID
  11. Actually, that is not the default. When a new AL is being built, it starts with the "Play locations in sequential order" switch set to off. It's a deliberate change that AL creators make . . .
  12. Here you go, a Multi bonus cache for an adventure lab: https://coord.info/GC8NZ3A . . . And a Letterbox Hybrid bonus cache for an adventure lab: https://coord.info/GC8HTX1 Now the above two examples are in France. But there are a few more in other countries too. Just using the find options on the geocaching.com website produced some more interesting bonuses: - One "sort of LBH for AL bonus" in the Netherlands at https://coord.info/GC8K299 - Another "sort of LBH for AL bonus" in Belgium, and set for premium users only at https://coord.info/GC8VZBM Now these may not be considered "proper bonus caches". But they do show that more is possible than meets the eye . . .
  13. To me too. Makes me also think of Wherigos. Can't see why they cannot be used as bonus caches either, as they too can have clues fed from other caches . . . On top of that, I have already noticed a multi bonus cache for an adventure lab recently. So that was accepted in error?
  14. Maybe you could set up an Adventure Lab on the subject? If you can find up to five locations that are somehow connected to the hobby? You could use the location pages in the Adventure Lab to each tell a bit about a particular aspect of Control Line Flying. And wouldn't have to leave any flyers as to tell about it. Or add a bonus cache to the Adventure Lab where you could leave flyers for geocachers to take . . .
  15. Same here. My friend and me have been organising GIFF events for 5 years now, and would love to do that again. But Corona is making this totally impossible at the moment. The last couple of GIFF events we organised, we had around 100 people attending. Many of the visitors have become "regulars" for this particular event. Due to no GIFF event this year (apart from Corona which would have spoiled the fun anyway), I'm not sure if we will lose many of those if GIFF would continue to be organised in the coming years. I've had questions this year from former visitors about GIFF being organised or not. Our plan was to do exactly this: show the TOP 3 of the last 5 years at an event and call that our GIFF 5-and-a-half event. Glad to see that HQ is picking up the (almost) same idea though, even if we can't organise an event around it ourselves now.
  16. Together with a friend, we put out two Adventure Labs of 10 locations each. Mine was about the history of beer breweries in Leiden, and traces that can still be found of them. Hers is a Pub Crawl along 10 nice "old style" cafés in Leiden. The two Adventure Labs are in the same style, add to each other, reference each other, are at separate locations but in the same area, created to both be done as one experience while visiting the town. Not unlike what CAVinoGal describes above except they all are in walking distance in an old partly medieval city centre. We published these two end of February, when Adventure Labs were relatively new. They were really received well back then, and we had lots of positive logs in both the Adventure Lab Activity Logs and the logs with the Bonus Caches. But that was then. Since that time, Leiden and the whole area is swamped in Adventure Labs, so the specialty and novelty wore off. Second, Covid set in, forcing cafés and restaurants to close, making the Pub Crawl Adventure Lab far less attractive than it used to be. On top of that, the answers to the questions of these two Lab Adventures can now be found on the Internet, which not only facilitates armchair logging, but makes the experience for those that actually walk the routes less "active" with the answers already in hand. And we both see that in the logs, as we receive fewer long positive logs and far less Favourite Points to the Bonus Caches. Now these may not be the most Adventurous ALCs of the type the topic starter means, but I suppose it describes what to expect from your ALC over time . . .
  17. Support multiple languages (which could be done by allowing longer main description over 1024 chars, but there are alternatives to think of) In the builder: add text as to indicate that a waypoint order should only be selected if there is a real need for ordering.=
  18. I'm just wondering why people use Adventure Labs to span such distances. Somehow, for me it makes so much more sense to create Adventure Labs with waypoints at walking distance in (most often populated) areas where cell coverage is no issue. If I wanted to create a cache to span a distance, I'd create a multi instead of an ALC. Just an opinion, not me trying to push this on anyone.
  19. I so agree with this. The map is useless. And the missing scale makes things even worse. You can't even guess how much travel or effort an adventure lab is going to be from the map.
  20. Not at all! But if the tour you've got planned isn't working as an Adventure Lab, you might still consider to create a multi or Wherigo instead and use the Adventure Lab for another . . . well . . . adventure.
  21. No, you can't. You have to finish the previous location (so answer the question for that location, even when you're no longer at the location), before you can go to the next location. This is another reason to not use specific orders for Adventure Labs by the way.
  22. Just to make cachers aware, Cachly does just that: it shows the corrected coördinates AND the exact cache type. Only within the app though, as the corrected coördinates on the geocaching.com map show the correction but still don't show the cache type.
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