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  1. Why not log a DNF. Are there points to be awarded/deducted? Is there a national race going on? Pride? Will GC.com cancel you account? I never understood why one would purpously not log a DNF. I use it for my use in the future, sometimes the owner will send you an extra hint. Those DNF logs can be valuble on the more difficult caches. Log it..no one will think lesser of you. I have 18 DNF vs 150 Finds. (as of Sept 4)
  2. hey chuckster26, went looking for your Sudbury & Area geocachers facebook group and didn't find it. Is it up yet? Paul.
  3. Wow, 7 new caches in the last 2 days. (mine included) I think there was 4 or 5 new caches in the last 2 weeks. Thats alot for Sudbury! PAul.
  4. My new cache will be posted soon. "Pop Quiz". Good luck to all. Paul.
  5. Hey Thrasher22. I just applies to TerraCache. It would appear I need 2 sponsors to get full access. Can you sponsor me? Thanks. Curious to see if there are other Sudbury caches. Paul.
  6. It would appear winter has arrived finally, a little late however. It's March 3rd! Should make for some interesting caching now! Paul.
  7. Looks like the caching activity has gone up this weekend (Feb 17-18). Been trying to do the Fielding park cache and having a hard time with it. Can't seem to find the WP#1. On the last attempt, there was some crazy Mid-Evil times battle going on outside. There are a couple more multi's I'm working on as well. Rotary Park is a long, but a nice walk where WP#5 could be a challenge, and the multi at Science North. Both still not found. Paul.
  8. Thanks all. Well we got our 50th find, now the baby can arrive. LOL. We are probably the only city in N.Ontraio right now where you can still easily do some winter caching. There's only 3" of snow in the forest! It's been a pathetic winter. Paul.
  9. Oh ya, I'm still caching. Trying to hit 50 before the baby comes. (3 weeks to go) As a matter of fact, we just put our 1st cache out this weekend (Feb 3). Should pop up shortly on the site. Paul.
  10. I've done a couple where I had to park along a major highway with very little shoulder to park on. Not fun, don't feel safe. Desided to avoid those caches. Also, if the previous 10 logs say "The coords are way off" or "The coords are 100m off" or "everything is wet inside", this shows the owner of the cache has no real interst in the upkeep of his cache. I tend to skip those. But....To flip the coin here, it's attitues like that that could kill all interset in this hobby... I guess it's up to the hidder to think well ahead when hidding a cache for the finder. Paul.
  11. Acutally, I would have followed my GPS. BTW Paul, did you get Don his coffee? LOL... That reminds me, I have to drop off your coin. Gonna do that tonight (Jan 22) Paul.
  12. Why hang up the GPSr? Winter just adds to the challenge but not a reason to stop caching, actually one of my pet peeves is when a cache is removed on a weekend for winter, usually the day I am looking for it. There nothing like the challenge of following foot step in the snow. Just recently did a couple that way. Didn't even bother turning on the GPSr, except for the "GPSr next to the cache" pic. Paul.
  13. Looks like winter finally got here. Time to hang up the GPSr till spring.
  14. Don't think there is a dedicated forum to the Sudbury area on geocaching. If there is, I'd like to know as well. There might be one on another site. As far as I know, there are still ppl caching around here in the winter, I'm one of them as a matter of fact. No snow, good weather, go for it. Paul.
  15. My wife said she wanted to get me a GPSr for my brithday. I didn't think it was practical because I don't hunt or fish. She said to think about it. OK, so I went on google and literary typed in "Things to do with a GPS". Well that led me a few ramdom caching site (still didn't know what it was), then naturally those site lead to GC.COM. After reading a bit, I thought "No way can this be happening in my area" Well was I suprised, over 100 caches within 50km from my house, and over 500 with 200km. The following day a 60CSx was on ordered from gpscity. This is the cheapest hobby I 've tired yet and somthing the family can do together and get involved. Now I a few friends and relatives who are, or getting in to it, just because I've started caching and they see how great it is. Side note: I beleive this hobby will grow exponetionally for the year 2007. Paul.
  16. On my 60CSx it's a lot less than 115mi. More like 15miles.
  17. Recently pick-up a 60CSx a few months back. Great GPSr by the way. I just recently got a subrscription at CG.com and went ahead and downloaded 500 caches in my area to my GPSr (now using GSAK, which is very sweet). All of that is fins till I looked at the Waypoint (or Geocache) screen and only saw a couple dozen waypoints. So I tried the download again, and only a couple dozen show up. Then, just by chance, I flip the sort to show by name, and voila, all 500 caches are there. It seems the Sort By Distance has a limit of 20km or so. As in the GPSr will only show you the caches within a certain range. Is there anyway to change that??? Show all the caches regardless of the distance Thanks, Paul.
  18. I'm not a hunter myself, but I have read the regulations. A hunter is supposed to identify what he's shooting long before he pulls the trigger, NO EXCEPTIONS. This obviously did not happen.
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