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  1. got this error when logging in... HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP error Internet Information ServicesTechnical Information (for support personnel)Error Type: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A0006)Overflow: 'CInt'/login/default.asp, line 21Browser Type:Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/85 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/85 Page: GET /login/default.aspTime: Wednesday, July 09, 2003, 12:25:25 PM ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  2. Man, no wonder I can never find my beer and porn!
  3. info from a whois response: Domain Name:GEOCACHE.ORG Created On:06-Aug-2000 14:25:22 UTC Last Updated On:25-Jul-2002 08:15:18 UTC Expiration Date:06-Aug-2003 14:25:22 UTC ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  4. Things I dislike: Newbies who can't figure out how to open an ammo can, so they decide to pry it open with something thereby breaking the seal. Owners who don't check on caches that have been reported as having cracks or wet contents. Mosquitos. Inadvertantly leaving the DEET in the car. Stepping into mud up to my knee and having it gush into my boots. Cleaning the inside of boots after stepping into a mudhole. Complainers.
  5. Spending less than 200? You can get an eTrex Summit or eTrex Legend for under $200 if you look in the right places. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  6. we started in March and have about 50 finds at this point. We normally go once a week or so. However we are planning a full day in the next few weeks with a goal of 21 caches. We have the maps ready and we are planning our routes at the moment. Has anyone had any full day cache trips? And if so, how many were you able to get? ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  7. According to Googlism, we define BFL in the following ways. bfl is a continentwide study to look at the effects of habitat bfl is the chestnut bfl is publicly listed on stock exchanges in india bfl is a hurdle that gip tries to overcome each year bfl is already supplying bfl is asia's largest merchant steel forge shop and 5th largest globally bfl is 0 bfl is an instance of the hybrid belief systems presented in the "hbs" leaflet bfl is located on the north bank of the colorado river near downtown austin at 2907 lake austin blvd bfl is your gateway to the finance market bfl is quite good bfl is a full bfl is also expanding customer base bfl is yet to identify a suitable partner bfl is more than a set of principles; it is a society for people in action bfl is the only canadian member of this prestigious association bfl is today one of the largest privately held commercial insurance brokers in the industry bfl is a stock with expectations of high growth bfl is committed to providing a quality service to their clients bfl is internationally reputed for its cutting edge technology bfl is upbeat about its prospects as a global player bfl is currently traded at rs bfl is nearly optimal bfl is the national structure bfl is a profitable investment' bfl is trading at 16 bfl is issued a number bfl is so much more then that bfl is the place to be bfl is the dominant league in the tournament with each of their 7 members advancing to the tournament round bfl is flexible in our consulting services bfl is a choice many people make for life bfl is very geared to male bodies bfl is the distance from the last lens surface to the image plane bfl is left bfl is right bfl is both an urban ecological study area and a laboratory bfl is renowned as france's premier tax law firm bfl is the nation's largest tournament circuit bfl is divided into 22 divisions bfl is that being on the program seems to have finally cured my scale obsession that i've had for over 30 years bfl is divided into 26 divisions bfl is a great program bfl is all about and where in arkansas i can chat with folks about strength training bfl is the one that finished second lowest in the average combined club championship bfl is 'worth it' bfl is 52 per cent owned by baring india investment ltd bfl is almost here bfl is a team of experienced and skilled strategic communications consultants specializing in new product marketing bfl is simply our brotherhood bfl is again making the opportunity available during the 18th annual holiday expo for people who want to have outstanding or tickets over bfl is looking at the effects of forest fragmentation on north american forest birds ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  8. quote:Man, I should be warned before clicking on a Geocities link. Those popups drive me batt Use Mozilla. Or for that matter, ANYTHING other than IE. I'll never use IE unless it adopts tabbed browsing. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  9. I heard about it on slashdot back in late 2000. Old school link ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  10. So, I'm on OS X as well and I've got an old Palm III. I can hook it up and use iSync to make my address book sync up, but I've had trouble moving any data other than addresses into the Palm. FullQuiver, do you have any pointers? ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  11. I found it the 1st time but since we're a team I don't log it until everyone has found it. The person below smells so much like a sock puppet that they might as well work at Hanes or Fruit of The Loom. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  12. It's true. *hanging head in shame* The person below LIKED selective availability. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  13. I've placed a cache on Io, the lava moon of Jupiter. It's a 35mm film canister painted blue. It contains oxygen, only about 3 cubic inches though, so don't waste it! Unfortunately, I used another cache service and a different datum. IoCaching, using HST-03 Bonus points for knowing what HST is. Hehehe. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  14. As Stunod said... a blog is a Web Log. Basically a place for someone to record their thoughts while allowing the masses to read along. Check out the entry at Everything2. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  15. I run mozilla browsers as well... can you provide a link so I can check it out? ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  16. Most caches don't require specialized info be supplied to the owner. Are you doing all virtuals and offsets? ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  17. On the lines of not putting caches in the obvious spot, another option is to place the cache in a place that has an overabundance of 'obvious spots'. Such as an old stone wall with numerous holes and cracks, an area with many trees that are fallen or hollowed, etc. When we hide our caches we almost always create fake concealed spots within a 50 foot radius. It just keeps things interesting. I agree on the notion that I don't want to walk 3 miles and then have to search alongside a cliff or an insanely small cache. Anything more than a mile walk I want some nice trinkets to paw through. I love the urban microcaches though. It's all about thinking like other cachers and having enough stealth to not alert the muggles to your intentions. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  18. Colors work in some instances. Use an RGB color matching chart to find something that works with the other colors. Example ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  19. I'd love a headlamp but I've found they don't put out the amount of light I'd like. I tried one that The Leprechauns let me borrow and I really liked it in close proximity, but it requires a "side arm" flashlight as well. I use a Porter Cable 869. Check it out here. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  20. easiest and most standard compliant is by way of style definition. Use the following to change background <style type="text/css"><!-- body { background-image: url(//domain/images/image.jpg); } --></style>
  21. I use Avery Name Badges. 8 to a page, 50 pages in a package. I use a laser printer at work rather than an inkjet printer since the inkjets tend to run if they get damp. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  22. I'm not a paying subscriber (yet) and I've added one to my page... All ya hafta to do is go to "My Cache Page" and click on "Change your account information". In that section there is a part that says you need to upload pictures. GO ahead and upload one, then the profile picture dropdown will contain any pictures that you have uploaded. Pick it from the list and there ya go. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave. [This message was edited by Team VaxCave on June 22, 2003 at 04:41 PM.]
  23. Same thing happens to me. I log in and use the remember me checkbox. I go to my profile page where it says I am logged in. I click on 'filter finds' and it takes me to the caches nearest my home coordinates, but it now says I am logged out. I click on login and I login again using the remeber me box. I go back and everything is fine. I've come up with the same results testing on the following platforms and browsers: Safari 1.0 beta 2 (v74) on Mac OS X 10.2.6 Camino 0.7 (build 2003030613) on Mac OS X 10.2.6 Mozilla 1.4rc2 on Mac OS X 10.2.6 Firebird 0.6 on Windows 2000 Mozilla 1.4rc2 on Windows 2000 ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  24. Depends on my mood and how much the picture needs to be edited. For resizing and color management I use Photoshop 7 (on OS X of course) For just rotating and redeye stuff I use the built in functions in iPhoto. At work on Windows XP I use Photoshop and on my linux box I use GIMP. Any or all of these get the job done, the best one that is almost photoshop and is still free is the GIMP. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  25. The hardest one to find that I've done is PA Turnpike #2: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=65113 The cache is located inside an adandoned turnpike tunnel. The gimmick is that the tunnel crests in the middle so you can't see the light at the other end. It is the darkest place I've ever been. The tunnel is about 2 miles long and *cold*. Hardest so far (only 40 finds right now), but also my favorite so far. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
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