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  1. There seems to be some movement in that direction though? It seems like a pretty trivial database query since the profile page already returns similar info. Thanks for the info as well. Seems like it may be a little more work than I'm willing to do if I can't get the archived caches as well.
  2. I'd like to get a .loc or .gpx file that returns all geocaches that I have done. I want to run some statistics but it seems that the PQ only allows for queries based on distance from a location. I can get the list from my found caches page, but the list is broken into about 20 pages so it doesn't make it feasible to get the data. Any help with constructing such a query (if it is possible) would be appreciated.
  3. Think this is cleared for use by TPTB? ( link )
  4. Does MacGPS provide support for importing tracklogs from the eTrex series of GPSrs? I'd love to get MacGPS Pro, but without a demo I don't want to drop $40. I want specific features and I'd like to know what I"m getting into before I spend money like I did with Route 66. I've read their website, but there are no screenshots or information that is beyong the "marketing-speak". Any info would be great.
  5. Well, here's what I think of it... Route 66 is a very convienent product for road trips. For real time caching it isn't very useful though. You can't load waypoints into it, you can't type in a Lat/Lon and have it show it to you. The only way to view lat/lon is by using the 'ruler' tool and mousing over the map. I'm disappointed in it as a geocaching tool. I was hoping I could import tracklogs and the like, but that isn't available either. The maps are decent for driving directions. The GPS link-up is cool, but the refresh is SLOW, it always has me about 3 blocks away from where I actually am located. I would recommend this as a product for planning how to drive to the cache parking area, but not for cache intensive ventures. It simply doesn't have all the useful features of the PC counterparts.
  6. The Three Rivers Informal Geocaching Organization looks forward to meeting and greeting all attendees on CITO Day 2004! Our event is ready to go! Join us in beautiful Pittsburgh PA for a day of fun, fresh air, and fraternizing. ""Left Nothing; Took A Dump" will help in cleaning up Highland Park. We will have a picnic after the cleanup effort. The pavillion is located next to the famed "Super Playground of Highland Park" so this event is certainly kid friendly.
  7. I'll be stressing out with cutting it that close, but if TPTB say that's the way it is, that's the way it is! Thanks and Happy CITO Day to everyone!
  8. Any word on the post date of the CITO merchandise?
  9. I recently bought Route USA by Route 66 for driving and autorouting directions for geocaching. I bought this because my computer is a Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther). This is really the only decent mapping program available for OS X. At 40-some dollars, the price was right. Many people have posted on various forums that the software has poor support. I have to agree. After sending 10 to 15 emails over the past 3 weeks, I *finally* received an answer. Below, find my email and the response that I received: To which they responded: I post this information purely as academic information for my fellow cachers. On a PC you may want to go with a different program and on the Mac you may want to do some more research before buying this software. I'd be happy to answer any questions that anyone has. I like the program for what it is. The map details are great, but I just wish it was possible to create a search or a pushpin based on Lat/Lon info.
  10. I just ordered the Route 66 software for OS X. I'll let you know what it's like as soon as I get it.
  11. Our Legend gets about 10 to 12 hours and our Summit gets about the same. What sort of batteries are you using? We are using 2200mAmp rechargables.
  12. Okay folks, I did a search for Mac mapping software in the forums and found nothing. I'm looking for a street mapping software package for Mac OS X. Anything is fine, but it has to be street level. I've looked at National Geographic TOPO! but that is pretty useless to me as I want to do driving directions from location to location so I can more efficiently plan caching trips. Virtual PC and windows apps are NOT an option.
  13. I second the eBay sentiment. After that: Google.
  14. I'm proud of FFF2. Although I STILL can't believe you fell off that wall Kordite. We had one user find it after 9 visits. Even some of the mighty cachers have had issues with that one.
  15. We are 3 people and cache as a team. We never log individual finds unless one of us makes a significant trip that the other couldn't possibly make (Europe, West Coast, etc). Our general rule of thumb for our team is that at least 2 of us should be present to make a team find. Except locationless caches, those don't count.
  16. test again... ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: New Geo-Emoticons (inspired by Enfanta):
  17. once again... ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  18. again... ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  19. test ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  20. It's a bit of a drive to the Fayette area from State College, but try anything that 'Quest Master' has placed.
  21. I'm calling on Fishin' Magician's: Grand Theft Auto (2.5/3) At the time this was his first hide... he recently placed another traditional cache... so that may void him from this thread ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  22. Yes, we left Pittsburgh on Friday night with 92 finds and returned with 108 (109 really). We hit some caches in Emlenton and all of the Presque Isle caches (except the on that is temp archived). I haven't posted the CITO one yet as I am still digging through the more than 200 pictures that we took. We had a great time on Presque Isle. Doing the Fellowship of the Ring multicache and the Multipurpose Trail multicache was a realy challenge. Between the two of them they had 19 waypoints. Yikes. Dan and I really jelled as a team on this trip in being able to cover about 23 miles (according to our Garmins) on foot, bike, and car. We started the day by biking almost 13 miles to and from the different multicache waypoints, but around 5pm we realized that the LOTR cache was bouncing us back and forth and the sun was quickly going down. Presque Isle closes at dusk for those who haven't visited. This was when we decided that loading the bikes and going to the rest with the car was the only way to go. As it turns out on Presque Isle the only trail that allows bikes is the multi-purpose trail. All the LOTR stages were far off the MP trail. It was quite an interesting day of satellite maps, topo maps, trail maps, cache printouts, and Power Bars. Thanks to Lep for suggesting the Multipurpose Trail and spawning our interest in having Presque Isle hold our #100. We had to do the LOTR cache as #100 since I am a total geek. I looked funny sitting in the woods with my red leather bound version of the books. I'll be sure to have a post on our website with details and pictures from the whole escapade. Thanks to everyone for their support and keeping us in this game. I had a rough start with that Magellan 300 and it was only the encouragement of the community that kept me in. Hooking my brother into it was easy. Keeping my wife involved is harder since she isn't obsessed like the two of us. We'll see what the next 5 months bring for Team VaxCave. Our first find with the GPS (and not dumb luck / searching) was on 4/6/2003 (Schenley1), a cache operated by who else? Lep. Thanks again everyone. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave. [This message was edited by Team VaxCave on September 25, 2003 at 09:22 AM.]
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