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  1. Thanks so much for the example. That worked like a charm. I was able to add some of the other options I needed as well. However, I notice that gpsbabel doesn't parse webcam cache logs properly. It doesn't seem to see it as a "found it" since the XML marks webcam found logs in the following manner: <Groundspeak:type>Webcam Photo Taken</Groundspeak:type> instead of <Groundspeak:type>Found it</Groundspeak:type> I imagine the same thing happens with event caches. Oh well, I'll submit a bug report and work around this for the time being. Thanks so much for helping a n00b.
  2. I'm attempting to use GPSBabel to run a query on a GPX file. I want an output that looks like this: "Waypoint", "Lat", "Lon", "Name", "Last found", "Last found by" I've read the documentation on the GPSBabel and it seems to be a very robust program. However, the specificity of the documentation leaves something to be desired. The last command I tried (which failed) looked like this: ./gpsbabel -i gpx, -f 132158.gpx -o csv ,GEOCACHE_LAST_FOUND,"","%ld" -F parsed.txt What order do I need to feed in that GEOCACHE_LAST_FOUND option to make that field show up in the results? I'm doing this via a command line, so GPX Spinner and GSAK aren't an option for me. This will run on either Linux or Mac OS X. A Windows GUI is out of the question. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. This thread has become WILDLY recursive. It makes my head spin. (Disclaimer: I'm an old time TRIGO member and a moderator. I don't agree with everything that some of the other old timers think. My opinion doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.) To sum up: With the current state of the GC listing/loggin system all that we can do if we want quality caches is to lead by example. I do wish some of the listing regulations were different, but that's my opinion. Take it for what it's worth. If TPTB start losing money, we'll see change. Otherwise, the game will continue to become saturated and mass marketed. Other things: That picture of me confronting the visage of Phil is breathtaking. Thank Phil that he joined as that evening so that no more blood would be spilled. I believe Jim spilled his Apple-tini though. Sadly, I'm one of the geeks in TRIGO. The test that was posted earlier reveals my score to be just over 51%. I'm not ashamed of this. I didn't major in computer science so I could be picked first for dodgeball. Don't allow the vocal few to influence your opinions about any group. This happens far too much nowadays. A few loud voices end up labeling an entire community. You can see this in politics, religion, and business. Don't let it happen with local GC groups. As said before, anyone is welcome in TRIGO. As long as your application doesn't look like a spam-bot you get accepted. To ensure your acceptance, be sure to include your geocaching username and a $500 check made out to "cash." PS: I wondered why all the applicants were streaming in over the past few days. Now I know. Controversy is good advertising apparently.
  4. We don't. I saw your application and (for several reasons) it appeared to be a bot. So I denied it. Apply again and I'll be happy to admit you. -Dave
  5. I don't have a UTM overlay either. I've done very basic training in orienteering, but I may be a little fuzzy on it. I loved doing it though. Totally worth a shot if you can lend me some of the tools. I can bring my own pencil of course.
  6. Looks like I'll be hitting #400 while I'm with you. I'm game for any or all of these. I like the idea of that last one too. I don't have a mil compass though. What time do you want to meet at your place?
  7. I'll be staying downtown until Saturday, then I'm moving to the tech center on the south(ish) side of Denver. I'd be happy to spend some time on friday up north with Tahosa. Can we meet in the morning? My wife is at a conference and I need to be back when she is done. How long of a drive is it to get up there?
  8. This Wednesday I'll be arriving in Denver. I'm staying for a week. Before I start packing, can anyone tell me what the average daytime and nighttime temperatures are? I'd like to pack appropriately, but I'm not sure how cold or warm it is out there right now. I'm getting conflicting reports from Google searches. Also, I'll have about 3 days to myself to do some caches. I'm up for anything in the wilderness. I'm not interested in micros or virtuals. Can someone point me to 2 or 3 starting points for each day that I'm caching? Thanks for any and all help. I appreciate it.
  9. You mean like Groundspeak does at every opportunity available? I've met Geogypsy and she is indeed a real person. As for the twinbabies account... no idea.
  10. Step one is to scout your 4 locations. Second, make a list of target areas in each of those locations. Write up a proposal for cleanup volunteering and direct it at the park manager or the park volunteer coordinator. Tell them who you are and what you want to do. I made sure to mention that you will be bringing about 100 people each time. That normally makes them pay attention. Ask them if they can provide any materials such as gloves and trash bags. Beyond that, be creative.
  11. Two Options... - 1988 Buick Century Estate Wagon, Limited Edition (with wood grain!) - 2000 Honda CR-V
  12. Got mine yesterday. It looks great. This coin as well as my collection of 4 (!) other coins is formidable on the mantle in my living room.
  13. I was never into the geocoin thing before. Now that I see these new PA coins I'm not surprised people like to collect them. Do most people keep them in a book? Display case? Etc...?
  14. Just be patient. We'll get them ready to go out this weekend and they'll go in the mail Monday morning.
  15. Awhile back I went down to the South Park office to see if they had any of the hard copy forms that are mentioned on the PAGA site. They said that there weren't any. They said that they had info that a cacher had brought to them and it was forwarded to the downtown office and that they would be negotiating with that cacher on it. Does anyone know if Keystone is in the loop yet on the negotiations that they said the downtown office was doing. Does anyone know if Keystone got into contact with the people at the Parks office or vice-versa? I know there was an email sent around awhile back but I don't know if there was ever a response on this matter. I'm a bit out of the loop. As usual.
  16. It'll be up sooner than you think. Work is currently being done on the E-Mail integration tool that will allow people to post and reply to threads via email. There are other tools in the works that should be ready by the time the big unveiling happens. The LCC will have a cool new upgrade to start. This may be released before the forums though. We currently are dealing with getting the 2005 PA Geocoins out to those who ordered. The minting order has been made and things are progressing nicely.
  17. Thanks, I totally missed that post. I can't read or write. *sigh*
  18. Nah, I'm writing a program that figures out specific things. So I need to know HOW to do it rather than have a program that does it for me.
  19. When a pocket query is executed based on distance (say... 25 miles from a point) which method of distance is used, the Pythagorean theorem method or the great circle calculation? Also, does anyone know the algorithm for converting from DD MM.SSS to UTM ?
  20. Headed to Cranberry Osprey Cache during a nighttime cache raid. We were at a cache event that Quest Master held in Ohiopyle. I believe the folks in the boat are DeskJocky, AccidentProneHiker, and The Leprechauns. We went to the cache after that group got back.
  21. Dan crossing a "smal water hazard" during a flood warning while caching in Washington County, PA. The water was moving FAST.
  22. When Bridget turned into a Zombie at "Cache of the Living Dead" in PA.
  23. Bill of Swisher Sweets (recently married) proposed to his now wife just a few feet from my cache Foreign Finance Fund 1 (GCG6P8). It's a pretty spot, so my cache just happened to by a bystander in the whole matter.
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