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    Thanks for the info guys. That's just what I needed. And WOW, do I ever feel like an a**. TFTC is what I almost always write... I will change that practice immediately as you are absolutely correct. We really enjoy finding these, and someone did go thru a huge effort to place them for me...
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    Hi Folks, Fairly new here from Montgomery, Texas. The wife and I have been doing these little treasures for about 2 weeks. The iPhone app really worked ok except when we were out in the country with no cell signal, so I bought an etrex30. Finally figured out how to load pocket queries but can figure out how to get the info back on the system. If I use the GPS to log my finds, and make comments and such. How do I get that info back so it shows on my account. The GPS is loaded as a spare drive, so really doesn't synch with GeoCaching.com. Can someone explain this. I oppologise if this has been asked 400 times. I looked first and couldn't find it.
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