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  1. 6. If I brought a GPSr, I'll let it settle, mark and average. I check the coordinates against the map, and if they are correct, go with them. I've placed a few caches at times with an uncooperative satellite constellation, and used my usual method: I just plot the location on the map, like everyone did before electronic navigation aids.
  2. This would mean that the OP has found almost every cache ever submitted, even those that never made it past the approval process and all caches from day one I always wondered who wrote "TFTC. TNLNSL Sorry your cache wasn't approved - I don't log online - C.C." On those geocaches I thought were great but the reviewer's just couldn't make fit within the guidelines......... Happy Hunting!
  3. Have you tried the local Search and Rescue groups and the Civil Air Patrol? One or the other will have experience finding downed aircraft, with and without Emergency Location Transmitters. There is a good chance they would be happy to help. Good luck! Out of curiosity, how long do you expect the transmitter to trans?
  4. Let us look at the logical conclusion of the fee-for-use-of-public-land mindset. Wouldn't it be fair if every US resident spent two weeks each year writing a separate check for each local, state and federal agency in the country? Think of all the time our public servants would have after ensuring that each of us had made proper payment. I'm sure that would be best.
  5. Gee, your vehicle looks oddly simular to Pablo Mac's You can sure tell she doesn't know the difference between a Jeep Rubicon and a Toyota SUV. Maybe she needs to get her facts right. I dunno, Green cars, ARB bumpers, winches, mac users, something is looking familiar..... Dad?
  6. Gee, your vehicle looks oddly simular to Pablo Mac's Snip Ok, ya got me. I am also Pablo Mac. I thought no-one would suspect me, but a sharp-eyed cop noticed the car. Now why does my post say Ringbone? Edit to add: The bestest, cleverest sock pupets joined back in '02
  7. Let me see if I got this right, because all I've got to work on is the cache page and your post here.... You single-handedly brought a cache to the attention of a LEO who yanked it for the safety of all who might have hunted it after you? A cache whose page spells out the risks involved? A cache someone placed and maintained and posted for us to enjoy? A cache found by tens of happy cachers who left notes and faces, with several thank yous? I'll thank you not to do that again, if I've got this about right.
  8. If anyone is interested in joining Search and Rescue, check it out on the Web or email me. There is a lot of fun to be had finding the lost and helping the injured in Western Washington. www.kcesar.org www.seattlemountainrescue.org
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about compromised caches when SAR is looking for a person. If they were searching for a gun or knife, however, it would probably be discovered, either before or after the camoflage was removed. I've seen several blackberry brambles reduced to putting greens simply because someone threw a gun into the bramble whilst running from the police. On the plus side, I imagine your cache would be recovered. SAR people tend to be pretty civic-minded, and I know several are cachers.
  10. In addition to the suggestions above, You could just hunt caches on someone's top whatever percent list. Many prolific cachers have them, and they are easy to download as a Pocket Query.
  11. 30 seconds * 300 caches = 9000 seconds = 2 hours 30 minutes. Not pissing off cache owners and half of the geocaching community, priceless. Not having cache owners delete your log, ruin your record and call you out in the forums: $2.75 "DALETED!!!!!! BWWWAAHH HHAAAA HAAAA AAAA!!!!! Oh, I feel so fresh and clean, clean"
  12. I like Criminal's first thought on the difficulty rating. I want to know how many hiding places I have to look in for the darned thing. I have, on numerous occasions, spent 1-3 DAYS looking for someone, and I'm reluctant to invest much time in tupperware micros ammo cans. A good hike, now, is another story!
  13. 'cuz going to -ack's was convenient?
  14. We drove to 3300' on the 8 mile road up icicle canyon Sunday. There were bare patches on the North-facing slopes up to 4000’, and only rocks stuck out above that. The colchuck glacier had wonderful snow and we skied down to the lake.
  15. I couldn't agree more. Quote: "Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports ... all others are games." – Ernest Hemingway
  16. My mob is going to ski Colchuck instead.
  17. A hobby or interest can certainly take a nose-dive in aesthetics while it is making huge gains in popularity. I don’t think that Geocaching is there yet. If geocaching were at the stage rock climbing is now IMHO, you couldn’t find a mountaintop 5/2 without a pair of whiny hipsters showing up with a group of paying customers who shelled out money to be taken geocaching. These gym-trained youngsters would complain about your style, safety practices, presence at their favorite cache, and make comments about your “unsound” practices. Back in 1992, my friend Joe predicted that we had hit the golden age of mountaineering. “We’ve gotten as safe as we’ll get, but the sport will get more popular and crowded.” Either he was right on, or I have gotten old. So here’s my prediction: Geocaching might be at its quality zenith. Parking lot micros with no character might replace all the great scenic caches of our youth, and a new breed of young tough punk “do it the way we make the newcomers at the gym do it or else” cachers might scare the real cachers to Alaska. Perhaps not.
  18. I heard today from my mob that the annual Mothers' Day Ski will happen this year. Mothers' day falls on May 14. I'm pretty excited because I missed out last year....
  19. Forgot the funny story I meant to mention. Couple of months back, I was out looking for GCPAV2. Anyways on the way out we found a little dog that took quite a liking to Erwin. He had a collar and tags on, so I checked, and phoned the number listed on him. Of course the first question she asked was "Where are you?". I was sure she didn't want to know my lat-lons, but other than that, I really had no idea where I was, no idea what community, what street, anything (I'm sure she was really a little confused as to how the heck I got there without even knowing what community I was in). That is funny, and exactly why I discourage the use of GPS for wilderness rescue. Fun for geocaching, though.
  20. I for one think that more people ought to go unprepared into the mountains. Happy trails
  21. I made time for my not-nearly-once-a-monther: "I see George, Washington". Enjoyed a little free time and great company on the sunny side.
  22. Map Only

    Your Ride

    It is (snif) BEAUUUUTIFUL!
  23. Map Only

    Your Ride

  24. That's justice if you ask us. Who made a new hide on Saddle Rock after we all thought we were through with the place??? Barnabirdy(s)[ OOPS. Look for another Saddle Mountain Geocache. I'm sorry....
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