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  1. I'm going to be in San Antonio for a week starting Sunday, 18 Oct for a business trip. Any recommendations on caches I should definitely try to hit? Thanks. kevnjenn
  2. Yeah, "Last stop" is a great one too! Definitely check that one out.
  3. Mrs. kevnjenn got an iPhone for Christmas, and then we got the geocaching program to go on it. Works like a charm!
  4. Active duty Air Force since 1991. Enlisted Security Policeman 1991-2000 Andersen AFB, Guam Vance AFB, OK FE Warren AFB, WY ROTC Student 2000-2002 Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau MO Commissioned Logistics Readiness Officer 2002-present Langley AFB, VA Little Rock AFB, AR Andrews AFB, MD Deployments Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia (1994) GITMO, Cuba (1995) San Vito AS, Italy (1996) Sather AB, Baghdad Iraq (2007) Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia (2009)
  5. Any of the virtuals on the mall are cool. Most of the virtuals are cool just for the historical context on them, but one of my favorite finds there is "Everything is Relative" (GC1B64). It is on the mall, but out of the way and somewhere you would probably easily miss if you weren't intentionally going there. If you are caching after dark, "So We Will Remember Them" (GC25E1) is amazing at night or in early morning mist. If you are going to be in Baltimore for a couple of days, try going to Fort McHenry. There is a virtual cache there and several regular caches close by. Try to go in the afternoon and stay for the flag retreat ceremony and hear the story of the Stars and Stripes. Enjoy. I would not want to be you in that DC traffic on Inauguration Day!
  6. Just arrived here for a six month deployment, and was wondering if there were any fellow cachers stationed here at Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia.
  7. I am going to be in Dayton for a few days starting tomorrow for work. Any recommendations for some caches I shouldn't miss while there?
  8. I am coming to Montgomery next month for a few weeks and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good caches to find/places to see in the area.
  9. Yeah, I never look at them when I go caching either. Although, I do use them when placing a cache of my own.
  10. Contact the cache owner (politely) and let them know your concerns. They might have plans for those TBs. If they don't, then retrieve them and get them moving again. You can always round up a few TBs to put back in the cache after the construction is complete.
  11. Look up the LCCC or WCCC series in Arkansas. I have a series in MO (SCCC-Hagy and SCCC-Fairview).
  12. Found my first benchmark the other day while caching in Anna, IL. It was about 5 feet from a micro placed in a park there. Dang, new addition to my hobby...
  13. If you pass through Arkansas on I-40, check out the Cache Across Arkansas (CAA) series. Type CAA in the waypoint search engine on geocaching.com or create a route if you are a premium member. Most of these are located on/near on-ramps/exits from the highway.
  14. In this area, I have found several where temperature changes have popped the lids off these, and several more the critters have chewed on. Be sure to put those where water will not be a problem. Pill bottles or waterproof match containers seal much better. Ha, I went to do maintenance on one of mine this weekend, an altoids tin wrapped in camo tape, and something had gotten hold of it and tried to gnaw it open. Probably a racoon, maybe a squirrel. At least whatever it was didn't take off with it. If you get some of the small snack size ziploc bags, you can put a bit of paper in that for a log and it will fit in something small like a film canister, etc to keep the log dry. I have a chapstick tube in black tape that I haven't found the right place for yet, but will sometime.
  15. A good friend of mine used to be an instructor at the beatings and advanced beatings schools. Maybe you have met him...
  16. Active duty Air Force. First nine years as enlisted cop, last 5 years as Logistics Readiness Officer. My dream job is professional geocacher. Or Playboy photographer...
  17. Aaaalmost got hold of a black widow spider last weekend, it was nesting near a cache. Worst bitten by so far is ticks.
  18. If you have the COPY tag, you can attach it to another item, edit your TB page, and re-release.
  19. You can beat a dead horse for a long time. A dead cat, not so long...
  20. Debating getting the Leatherman Gx symbol as my first.
  21. I just attended an event last weekend that had a Geocache Bingo game, but instead of going to caches and finding stamps, etc, each of the blocks was set to encourage you to meet other cachers. Find a geocacher that has over 1500 finds Find a geocacher with less than 100 finds Find a geocacher that has cached in another country. Etc, etc. It was a fun way to introduce yourself to others there.
  22. We have a TomTom1 that we bought a little while back. I use it to get us close to the general area of the cache coords, then use our handheld (Legend) to make the find.
  23. I normally only grab a trackable if I have one to replace it with. Not always, but usually. But, as long as you keep them moving, then go for it.
  24. I would send a friendly reminder via email to those TBs in the hands of a cacher to either drop them back into circulation or mail them back to you. One of mine disappeared for several months, I contacted the cacher who picked it up. He said he dropped it "somewhere in MT", I bugged him about it a little (politely) and it magically appeared a couple of weeks later in one of his caches in Illinois... Don't give up on them just yet, your's may reappear too.
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