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  1. I would be happy to take over this one. it is close to home (<5km) and one of the first caches I found.


    Thanks capeccr.


    I sent you an 'official' adoption request through the website.


    Thanks again for taking this one on, it would have been a shame to disable it

  2. There really are some excellent caches in Zimbabwe, but some of them are very difficult to find, and I have seen reports of people having to contact the owners for assistance while out looking.


    Not for the feeble I guess.

  3. Hello friends and admins:


    How would everyone feel about having some little icons to show what is available and needed to reach a particular cache. For instance if an overnight stay is required then show a little hut, if it is accessible by bicycle then show a bicycle.


    A picture says a thousand words



  4. OK, if we forget about the number of caches that people have found would it still be possible to show information on the site showing which caches are still not found.


    All that I can find is this:

    As of today, there are 63160 active caches in 183 countries.

    In the last 7 days, there have been 37569 new logs written by 9128 account holders.


    Now of those 63160 caches which ones are still not found and in particular which is the oldest that is still not found. International travel is common these days and people are not only interested in finding out about the caches in their region. All that we would need is a top 10 or even top 100 list showing the oldest unfound caches.

  5. Hello


    I was just woundering if it would be possible to show a scorecard on this website showing which people have found the most caches, and which caches have the most visits. There could also be one showing the least visited caches. This would be helpfull in determining which caches are potentially the hardest to find. If I knew for instance that a cache 1000 miles away had never been visited I might well make the effort to go and find it, whilst one nearby that is visited regularly is not quite as attractive.


    Thank you

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