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  1. Een heel late reactie, maar toevallig hier terechtgekomen omdat ik ook al meer dan 2 jaar met dit probleem zit. Daar waar Basecamp vroeger netjes de naam van de cache gaf, wordt dat nu verandert in de GC code. Heel gebruiksonvriendelijk. Tot nu toe nog geen oplossing gevonden :-( groetjes, Solange
  2. Same problem here. Entering a code from a geocache trail that is still active...but nothing shows up in my profile. Some other previous images are gone as well. Greetz from Germany Bollendorf
  3. Isn't there any way to get back to the old map ? Still had it a few days ago. I really don't like the new MAP ! Changes aren't always for the better :-( greetz from Bollendorf, Solange
  4. thanks for all the info ! Seems I'm not the only one who's not happy with the new map. I'll check out all of your tips !
  5. Hi there, I'll try to explain as good as possible in English. With the new map, I have the following problem : Entering a city (any city), I can see the caches in this area. Before (with the old map), you could say : delete filters, and than you could see the caches, scrolling the map to any direction. Now, when scrolling the map up or down, left or right, I have to click 'search this area' each time in order to see the caches in that area. Before I saw them ALL immediately. Is there a way, I can change that in the settings somewhere ? Thanks a lot in advance, greets, The Power of Three, solange & suzette
  6. Showing the DNF's is really cool ! Thanks a lot. We've been waiting for this a long time already and this is really helpful to spot them immediately ! Good job ! Thanks ! The Power of Three
  7. Thanks...so if I understand correctly, the previous map doesn't exist anymore...sad..i really like it. Can't get used to the new one...
  8. Hallo, Sinds een week of twee krijg ik een compleet ander soort map/kaart te zien wanneer ik inlog op geocaching.com. Ik geraak er niet aan gewoon...Vond de vorige veel beter. Enig idee waarom dit veranderd is en of er eventueel een manier is om de oude terug op mijn scherm te krijgen ? Alvast bedankt Solange
  9. My guess is that you'll need a fairly substantial lock if the reason for the lock is the muggle traffic. Sometimes a locked box can actually encourage vandalism, since there's obviously something valuable inside (otherwise, why would it be locked). Based on my own experience... Caches that have used the kind of key safe that real estate agents use have done well; they're rather robust. Caches that have used combination bike locks have done well; when there's no bike, there's nothing of any apparent value. Caches that have used padlocks to secure metal boxes have attracted muggle attention and been forced open, unless they were hidden in such a way that only geocachers were likely to find them in the first place. THANKS all for the replies. We've looked for another place to put the cache and less visible for muggles. So probably we can go without the lock. Greetz from Bollendorf, Solange
  10. To me, this seems completely backwards. Sure, more people may attempt a cache cache labeled as a traditional, but if those who do only traditional caches are unhappy with the puzzle experience, what has been gained? It's like mislabeling micro-size containers as small caches because there are people who ignore micros. OK. Seems, after reading all your replies, I'd better put a '?' instead of traditional. Have to think about it. The puzzle won't be difficult. I will just lock the box (with an easy to find solution) because it will be placed in an environment with many muggles...The content of the box is something special and without locking it, I guess in a few days it will be gone. (I presume geocachers respect more the content of a box than a muggle just passing by and see what's in it). That's the reason of the lock to be found through an easy puzzle. Thanks for all your replies ! Much appreciated ! Greetz from Bollendorf ;-)
  11. OK. Thanks ! Will put Traditional...and then wait for the reviewer ! Greetz !
  12. Thanks ! I was thinking the same way...but I was not 100 % sure. I guess I will put him as a traditional than. Many greetings ! Solange
  13. Hello, We would like to put a geocache 'tradi' : Coordinates given. But, before opening the box, which is locked, people need to solve a riddle. Can I consider this a tradi cache (as the coordinates are given), or do I have to introduce this as a Mystery ? Thanks ! Solange
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