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  1. I have the Explorist 500 and I love it. The auto routing works great, all features are easy to work and very accurate. Some people on message boards are fiercely brand loyal and will bash any product that isn't theirs. Weigh all posts, weed out the extreme. I have used Magellan customer support and they were great. The customer support is in India. Have patience with them, be nice. There is a language barrier that you can work through by simply re-wording your problem so they better under stand you. Talk to them like you would a child. (I'm not implying they are not intelligent just working through the language barrier) They resolved my problem, which was my fault and recently they resolved a shipping problem from the online store that I purchased from, also not their fault. Everything is good. Enjoy your 500, It's a good unit.
  2. Hi all. I have some large tracts of state owned land near me that is designated as Public hunting land. According to the sign posted this is open to most public activity, with the exception being motorized vehicles. Hunting season is very limited, but caching is a year round activity. Would it be OK to place a cache on this land? It’s a very large piece of land that could handle multiple caches. It has wide open trails you could drive a truck down with rolling hills, ponds, etc. I tried calling DNR but the women that answered the phone couldn’t answer my question. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Excellent. Thanks for the fast replies.
  4. Hi, I retrieved a Geocoin from a cache in Manistee MI. The last person did not log this as being in placed in this cache. When I try to log this coin I do not get the retrieved option. I only get the grabbed option. The problem is, the person who logged the coin last, has not logged the cache I retrieved it from. It looks like the last person with the coin has skipped logging altogether. Now, do I ask the last person that retrieved the coin to log it? If they did log it, it would more than likely place it in the wrong cache. Man this is confusing......maybe I should ask the last person to log the coin, to log it as being placed in the cache I retrieved it from? Help please. This is my first coin. The info page states you'll be given 3 options, Retrieved, Grabbed and Discover. Maybe I'm going overboard here, but as a newby I just want to do it right the first time.
  5. Sold. If you want to sell the code, let me know and I'll paypal the money to ya. Just remember it's an additional $10 bucks on whatever you want for the code. Just PM me.
  6. Try Tigerdirect.com. Not sure what bundles they have, but they have great prices.
  7. I also would go with the 210. I have the 500 and didn't pay much more for it than the 210.
  8. Go to buydig.com they have the Explorist 500 bundle with Mapsend DirectRoute, windshield mount and all accessories for $189.00 with free shipping. The free shipping says 8-10 days, I received mine in 2 1/2 days. I had a problem unlocking the DirectrRoute program due to my losing my internet connection (dial-up) and I needed to contact Magellan customer support. I must say they took care of me. I was very pleased with the results, It was quick and the person was very pleasant. The 500 is great, color, auto route, geocach manager, expandable memory (currently using a 1 gig stick). This is definitely one sweet unit for the price. Now I just need to get the Topo maps for it.
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