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  1. Is there any indication of extending the 15th of December, we still have some travel restrictions (due to COVID), which will make it a problem possibly getting out to setup ours up in time.
  2. Thats their marketing spin, this is what they tell you later Hello Pinkpiggy7, Thank you for forwarding your list of caches to Geocaching HQ. We will gather all requests until the submission window closes on September 30 and then process them all at once. Please expect the attribute to be applied during the first week of October. Thank you for your patience and your contribution to the game. Cheers, Geocaching HQ
  3. Ok, so although they will update the Power trail attribute, it wont be done till the end of September, would have thought they would want it updated quicker. a batch at a time would seem more logical. Oh well looks like manual updates.
  4. We are now getting the ''You own X Geocache that may need your help'' after only 2 DNF's, and the reasoning for the DNF's doesnt appear to be taking into account, as an example one today was for a dnf by a relative newbie, and the other because the finder had being disturbed by muggles. The algorithm needs to be made more logical and not such a low threshold level. Cachers will stop hiding caches if Groundspeak insist on such levels. There are legitimate reasons for DNFs, most CO's will know what a reasonable threshold is based on their knowledge of a cache, and not some algorithm that just counts DNF's. We will often go and check after a single DNF based on what is written in a log, or our knowledge of the cache.
  5. Just found this thread, I was wondering what happened. Hope it all sorts out, I have resorted to using Projct GC, but unfortunately their stats aren't as accurate as yours and definitely not as user friendly, so hopefully yours is back up and running soon. Thanks for the great product over the years.
  6. Its an interesting way that they treat their paying customers, just on a side note, if they didn't have Cache Owners, they wouldn't have a business, but why support the people who provide them with the benefits.
  7. Thank you for contacting us about Wherigo. In order to support the rapid community growth of Geocaching.com in the past few years, it was necessary to shift previously dedicated resources from Wherigo to Geocaching. Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to provide limited technical support. Please try posting your question in the Wherigo forums. These forums are monitored and can usually provide you with the best support. Sorry that we can't be of more help at this time.
  8. Thanks, That's what I assumed, I have actually being asked to make one for a friend, so it may be best if I went to their place and made it all under their user login, rather than doing it under mine.
  9. Is it possible to adopt out a Wherigo. (that's on Wherigo.com), I know you can do it on geocaching .com
  10. Latest, answer from Grounspeak Sorry for the confusion, our team just learned that CITO events will count towards the next souvenir. In previous years, CITO was grouped with Earthcaches (nature lovers).
  11. I have just sent of a HELP. Is their someone on the forums from Grounspeak, surely they can help out
  12. Interesting, this is a direct cut and paste from the answer I got from Groundspeak. Thanks for writing in to us. No, attending a CITO event will not also earn you the "Meet Your Road Trip Crew" souvenir during the time period that that souvenir is available. Only attending a regular Cache Event, Mega Event, or Giga Event will earn you that souvenir.
  13. Just got the official word from GS, A CITO doesn't count for the "Meet Your Road Trip Crew" souvenir
  14. In the original announcement, for the "Meet Your Road Trip Crew" souvenir they stated "Attend an Event, Mega-Event or Giga-Event". Since they explicitly stated the Mega and Giga options and not CITO, I have to assume that CITO will not count for the "Meet Your Road Trip Crew" souvenir. This is only an assumption, though. Are there any Lackeys reading this who can give us a definitive confirmation? Thats the way I took it as well, but at the same time a CITO is an event. So lets hope someone out there is listening and gives some clarification, as at the moment the wording is very confusing.
  15. So will a CITO count for the July 3 event, or does that only count for the later CITO
  16. Yup. I was actually at an event a talking about this. A fellow cacher uses his ipad to cache. Well they use it to drive to the cache and log finds in the field. The bigger screen makes it easier to follow the map. When they get to the area they use their iPhone, or GPS unit. It depends on the iPad. An iPad that has cellular data has a chip, an iPad that does not have cellular data does not have a chip. I have a bluetooth GPSr that works well with my iPad, which does not have a chip, since the larger screen is nice for navigating when traveling. A lot of Ipads without cellular data, still have the GPS chips in them. Both my kids have Ipads without cell connectivity, but both use the Ipads for Geocaching, just ask when you go and buy that it is GPS enabled.
  17. We used our Samsung Android tablet for our first 1000 or s finds, the GPS has proven to be very accurate, in fact sonetimes we were with peopel with a GPS and ours was more accurate (well assuming the listed co-ords were correct). Yes its a little more bulky but hasnt been an issue. We have used the Groundspeak paid app, and found it very good, in fact in some ways better than a GPS as you could right you found it logs and everything at the same time, than just do an uplload once home. Wifi is fine, as before you leave home you just load a circle of caches form where you plan to go for the day, and save it as an offline list, than just load the list and cache away happily for the day without the need for wifi or mobile connectivity. If we are going away for a week, we just download and save all the areas we plan to visit. Or if depserate drop in to a maccas or somewhere else with free wifi to download more. If away for a while, we upload all our found logs either at the accomodation fi we have wifi there or else go to a maccas or somewhere else with free wifi. I think we cached once for a whole week without connectib=vity to the outside world just with a bit of planning, and than uploading some 200 logs on our return.
  18. In the paid app at least if you got to add waypoint whilst in a cache you can use the "Use my Current Location" option
  19. And if they say ok 5m is ok for this one, than someone will say well my next one is 6, than 7, than 8, and we end up with them even much closer by guidelines creep.
  20. Appears to be an issue with uploading found logs from australia. at the moment
  21. Why not send a message to the discoverer, they may actually reply to let you know. Dont count on it but its worth a try
  22. There were a couple around here recently which were actually found and log signed as FTF, before it had officially been published. By what i gather from the logs, the Co had said they were placing a cache and shown some photo's on Facebook, the sneaky cachers, took a guess that the cache had been hidden near where the photo was taken, and by chance found it.
  23. In the area where we have a few caches, 2 of the local carriers have partial coverage, the other 3 have none. And even where there is coverage I can move 10 feet one direction and have full coverage or zero coverage. It would get to complicated trying to list all the cariers (for an area), and how would the average Joe know which carier covers what areas.
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