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  1. Newbies at the MEGA "Part of the GoSA Constitution Objectives are to promote and enhance the Geocaching Game in South Africa. In pursuit of this objective we have decided to allow Newbies to join the MEGA event for FREE - their entry will be sponsored by GoSA. A Newbie in this case is someone who does not have a Geocaching Handle yet. You are invited to bring as many newbies along with you as you want - the only requirement for them to qualify for the free entry is that they need to sign up as Geocachers at the MEGA event - either as their team or as an individual."
  2. What is Drive the Bus? Sounds interesting. I am still considering getting to PTA not sure how or where I will stay but can figure that out. Trev Trev we will make a plan for you - get up here and we will sort you out one way or the other. You know mos the geocachers (especially up North...) are a friendly bunch.
  3. I also want to dive the bus - maybe we can do it together - let me know... please inbox me your contact details.
  4. Hi Fellow Cachers, I will be willing to put up a few cachers at my place for the MEGA - just let me know. You can camp in my backyard and I have a room or 2 available. You can also catch a lift with me everyday to the event.
  5. Kevin Bolton from GPS Warehouse will be onsite at the MEGA (4-7 Oct) with Garmin. - He will be selling GPS devices - the full Garmin range. - He will have a Credit Card machine there for the purchases. - He will have demo models that people can test out. - He will be available at his stall for Q&A sessions on anything related to GPS's and Garmin. - Garmin will also have a Garmin technician there to assist with any technical things. - He will be giving 3 talks on the different days - 30 minutes each. - Friday - A session on how to upgrade your map - Saturday - GPS Selection Session - Sunday - Things you did not know about GPS and Satellites http://www.boltonsgps.co.za/
  6. With the MEGA South Africa 2012 almost upon us, the anticipation is building for a MEGA jam-packed, MEGA fun-filled and MEGA exciting weekend of MEGA Geocaching festivities. Do we hear a HOO HAA? NOT YET??? Then point your GPS in this direction, fix your bearing and prepare yourself for the following amazing experiences with us: Caching Activities: - Buddy Caching - 4x4 Events - 9 Icon walk - Talks and workshops - CITO Events - TB Race Launch - Horseback Caching - Mountain Bike Trails - Hiking Trails - Night Caching - Caching Gurus - Geocoins Showcase - Nature Guide - Stargazing - Trackable Discovery Table and Exchange - Reviewer Q&A Fun Stuff: - Garmin Sound Rig and entertainment - Geo Bingo - Geo Passport - Pop Balloon - Photo Pin Board - Kiddies Activities - Plus loads of other surprises! Ceremonies: - Opening Logbook - Closing Logbook Plus: - Bolton GPS - GeoCaching Stores - Wifi Hotspot - Restaurant - Snack Stalls - Drinks Stall Check out more details on http://www.geocachingsa.com or on Geocaching.com listing GC3B0EJ . You can also join us on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/geocachingsa/
  7. SAMP: These are all the logos that has been received so far. You can still add logos till the 15th of November 2011. There after we will be opening voting on the logos till the end of November. Please upload your logos to this page or to the GC Forum. http://www.geocachingsa.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=38
  8. Hi all, Just wondering what your feeling is on finding/doing events via Skype and then logging. I have this question as I see it happening but cannot find anything on the topic. Only thing I can find is the Guidelines for logging a cache and reading through that it seems that it cannot be done: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=59 What are your thoughts on this?
  9. Hi all, I want to ask Coinsandpins to create more of these coins: https://www.coinsandpins.com/index.php?route=product/search&keyword=african&category_id=0&description=1&model=1 Please mail me if you are interested so that I can get some numbers to them to see if it is viable. Please indicate your email address and how many you would like. regards, Notblonde
  10. we are now on 113 people ...
  11. Hi all, Saturday is almost here and we have quite a few people that are joining us. Thank you to all of you who are coming. To those of you who still cannot make up your mind or think that it is too far - come and join us you will not be dissapointed. It is going to be a very lekka day. Notblonde
  12. The group is coming on nicely - I see that even the Capies are getting there... :-) Come on invite those friends of yours.
  13. Hi please consider joining us at the "Back to School" event GC16J0F on 1 December 2007. We have some excellent caches and prices and think that you will enjoy this event immensely. Please log a will atend as soon as you can as we would like to finalise the numbers. Also consider to join us at the Geocaching SA group on www.facebook.com and our Geocaching SA mailing list on http://geo.gertzen.co.za/phplist Many thx and all the best, Juan (Notblonde Team) juan@brunette.co.za
  14. The group is growing very nicely - we are currently on 87 members. About 40 people joined us in the last 2-3 weeks. Come on - invite your friends!
  15. We will be searching for about 20-30 caches in the area. We will furthermore be doing a little bit of questionares and puzzles with regards to school stuff like Biology, Science, Maths etc. We will also just be having a lekka lunch and some good quality kuier.
  16. We will be hiding about 20-30 caches in the area. We will furthermore be doing a little bit of questionares and puzzles with regards to school stuff like Biology, Science, Maths etc. We will also just be having a lekka lunch and some good quality kuier.
  17. I still feel that I paid for something and not getting what I paid for - how can GC just do that. A contract is normally where someone provides a service for renumeration. They say i get mobireader etc and it costs me so much. I pay and then they stop to provide? I don't think it is fair and for all the money they make in a year - I would think that they are at least capable of getting something so elementary working again or at least put some effort into it. But there seems to be a lack in effort and that is what is getting to me!
  18. Glad to see that the Geocaching SA group is growing slowly but surely - thanks to all of you who joined so far. Please invite more of your friend to Facebook and the GC group.
  19. NotBlonde


    You just need to make use of the Offroad setting when looking for a cache and not fastest/shortest road then it is normally spot on. If you are in the JHB area contact MIAS on 011 793 3321 and ask for Abdullah - tell them Juan send you and he should give you a very good discount
  20. NotBlonde


    THe nuvi range works very nice for me - We have a 360 and a 610. The touchscreen, bluetooth and ease of use does it for me
  21. Please consider to join us at the Geocaching SA group on www.facebook.com All the best, Juan
  22. sorry I tried to delete this post - duplicate - but I dont know how
  23. Hi All If you are in the Parys are or Gauteng - feel free to come and pop in and check out my stall where I showcase Geocaching and the event that will be held here in Parys on the 1st Dec. Best regards, Juan
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