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  1. So when is Groundspeak going to give the Original Stash a special icon for all who find it? You know, kinda like the Project Ape caches.
  2. I found 1400 caches with my 60Cx. Now I cache with my 60 and my Oregon 400t. The 60 series are real workhorses. I'll always have my 60 with me.
  3. Hmm, very good questions and points. I'm a Garmin lover and Groundspeak and Garmin have done a lot of work together too, to bring paperless caching and Wherigo to GPSrs. I know for sure that GC.com supports all Garmin products. It may support others as well. Me personally, I'd go with a lower end Garmin Oregon, such as the 200, or go with the Garmin Dakota.
  4. Hey John, welcome to this sickness man. I would personally steer you towards Garmin products, but I'm very bias too. Take your time and purchase the right GPSr for you. Get something that you can grow into, instead of regreting your purchase in a year.
  5. I had emailed C&P before I made this post. Not long after I made this post I received an email from C&P with my activation codes.
  6. I wondered the same thing. When I saw the pre-sale show up on C&P, it had a set that included the black nickel rose. After about three days that set wasn't there anymore, just the set of five. So I guess it was a very limited pre-sale to get the 6 coin set.
  7. The whole set of 09' Compass Roses, except the black nickel. I actually got them yesterday. They sure look nice this year, just like they do every year.
  8. Not only did I get a confirmation of shipping, I received my 09' Compass Roses 2 days after the the confirmation, which was yesterday. I don't think that C&P has any intentions of messing any of us over, just like Yemon said. I'm still working on getting the codes for my coins, but I'm confident that, that will happen soon.
  9. I went and visited him in the hospital. He was in real good spirits when I was there. He had a great attitude about all of it. I try to maintain contact with him, but he seems to be busy with the doctors a lot. If there's anything that I can do, let me know.
  10. "darn if u were around idaho falls you would be welcome to join me." Yeah, that sucks man. Everyone around here seems to be off doing whatever, or they already have a caching partner.
  11. Has anyone met famous people while out caching?
  12. I was going to give my sob story , but after reading this I changed my mind.
  13. Its the thrill of the hunt! Its getting out and seeing new places and once in a great while I get to meet someone new. I just love the hunt, it never gets old. I've heard some people calling geocaching a fad that has fallen by the wayside like all the others, not hardly. I like the fact that you can play the game in so many different ways too. It's not about winning, or losing, or competition. It's all about the fun. To me caching is like an addiction, I can never get enough.
  14. Does anyone know a good coin designer?
  15. Does anyone know a good designer, or someone with an eye for the artistic?
  16. I was out caching along a public path that ran through a neighborhood. Little did I know that a home in the area had been robbed only a few days before. Understandably the residence in the area were scared and paranoid at this point. I showed up to the cache site in the middle of the day with two other cachers and begin to dig around in the bushes and reach into the trees to feel for the cache. Anyone watching this may wonder what the heck I'm doing, but it would be very obvious that rummaging though the bushes is by no means the same as breaking into a house. Well, someone was watching. Shortly after we made the find and began to drive off, two of Boise's finest quickly pulled up behind us. They had a whole plethora of questions for us. This is a moment that is very important as a geocacher; It's easy to forget sometimes that as a geocacher, you're an ambassador for the game/sport. So how you conduct yourself towards others, esp. law enforcement and other powers to be can really have an effect on the caching community in a given area. Anyway, after some questions and a few answers we were free to go. The law enforcement in my are well educated about caching, so it's rarely ever a problem here when it comes to the police. There's even a sheriff's deputy in this area that's a cacher. I have only heard of one cacher hating cop in my area and he patrols one of the neighboring counties.
  17. Well, the compass roses have always been my fav., but I've also heard from a very reliable source that Coins and Pins can be difficult to deal with. Now, I was told that a couple of years ago, so things may have changed and I don't have any personal dealings with him/them, so I don't know. I'm by no means saying that they are difficult to deal with. I simply don't know if they are. But with all the garbage going on with AEtoys, So Cal, TnT, and Coinswag in recent months and years, I don't know who to trust. If I'm going to make a $1,000 investment, I want my return.
  18. I'm wanting to get started on my first personal coin, but the problem is that I don't know where to start. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there that I've seen to help people along the process of creating a geocoin. I need help with the design, I need to find a reliable mint. What's the process of getting it approved by Groundspeak? How do the icons work? How much will it cost? etc. I'm in the dark here. Someone with a flashlight would be helpful. Anything that you can tell me would be great.
  19. There have been coins and TB's missing in my area too, a lot. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've gone to a cache expecting to be rewarded with a trackable, only to have it gone. I've noticed an influx of new cachers too. I see so many logs that saying that they grabbed the TB, or coin and they never log it. I wonder if they know how.
  20. This is quoted from Coins and Pins on another thread; "Hello, I was informed today that our website was made a priority to get back up and running. However, I am sure there are some other websites on the same server that are also a priority. So, if the web site is not running by tomorrow afternoon (Friday 11 Dec 2009), then please contact me through my geocaching profile with your tracking numbers and I will reply back to you with the activation codes. Important: In your email, ensure you include the title of the coin, the tracking number, and do not hide your email address or I cannot get back back to you. Thank you for your patience." So just disregard my initial post.
  21. I was wondering if anyone has any information on the Coins and Pins website? I've been attempting to go there for several days now and something seems to be wrong with the site. Any info. would be good.
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