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  1. No, they are not posting anyone's picture on that website unless the person has broken laws -- I don't see any photos of law abiding citizens there. That's a bit of a misleading response and a very poor example. *****
  2. LOL!!! -- Now that's funny. You forgot about posting to open topics that should be closed. *****
  3. Nor should you feel obligated to just because some clown says that you should. Good for you. *****
  4. Your photo is taken for security purposes in the the places that you mention which is fundamentally different than what this discussion is about. The primary difference being that these outlets don't post the pictures of you that they take on a website for all to view (which I would assume would happen if someone were to take spy photos of cachers in action) -- security photos are not intended for public consumption. Personally, I would not take candid pictures of cachers as I believe it is an intrusion on their privacy. *****
  5. Why not put a series of caches (say 3 or 4) along the route? This way, cachers can log a few finds making the trip even more worthwhile (although I've been to the peak of Golden Ears and the view is reward enough). There are several points that are worthy of a cache along the way. The other aspect of this is that someone who is not capable or motivated to make the trip all the way, can still experience the beauty of the area by picking up a few of the closer caches along the route. I placed a number of caches in Indian Arm last summer with the thought that if someone is going to make the effort to make the 23km paddle up to the top of the arm they can pick up a half dozen finds along the way. *****
  6. Jomarac5

    Congrats To J5!

    Hey, thanks guys! Saxman -- it all just depends on how well you can multi-task. Managed to sneak the 200th in within our first year -- it was one year ago today that we found our first cache (Queenie in Vancouver). On the anniversary of our first year, I decided not to do any caching (as long as we don't count the one that Gorak and I found at 12:30AM while night caching) and instead spent the day paddling kayaks around Cultus Lake with fellow cacher BeDoggy. It's been a fun year. *****
  7. I built my own favourite hydrocaching vessel: I placed 4 hydrocaches and 1 event cache with it last year and picked up a few caches left by others. I'll be placing more hydrocaches as soon as sept1c_tank arrives on my doorstep for some BC paddling adventures. *****
  8. I own a GPS with mapping abilities but quite honestly, I never use the mapping function to locate a cache -- I always use the navigation screen and have yet not to find a cache (it might have taken me more than one try on a few occasions, but it had nothing to do with the capabilites of the GPSr). Your yellow etrex is a very capable GPSr for finding caches. *****
  9. Are you inferring that no one other than Groundspeak should be talking to land managers and related organizations? *****
  10. With many FTFs, it's a challenge to get to it before anyone else. I have missed FTF on a number of caches -- some by only minutes. That's part of the risk and fun of going after a First to Find. For the most part, I tend to leave FTFs for newcomers if there are any in the neighbourhood at the time. Otherwise, if there are seasoned cachers who are jumping on the caches right away, I may join in the competitive nature of FTFs and the fun in acquiring them. Moving caches are quite cool because, as you mention, it is very much like a first time find as only the hider has been there previously. There have been a few times where I've missed our local moving cache only to spend time searching for a cache that is no longer there -- although it can be frustrating to some, it's all part of the fun. On one occasion I looked for nearly a half hour before assuming that someone else had already picked it up -- I watched the cache page and no one logged it later that day. It turned out that the cache was extremely well hidden and I ended up going back two more times over three days -- and I managed to find it before anyone else. That was pretty cool considering the often intense competition in our area. *****
  11. This thread should be deleted. It has absolutely nothing to do with caching. *****
  12. We had one local cacher suggest that he was going to set up a wildlife camera to catch our local cache pirate. Personally, I thought he was nuts. *****
  13. There'd probably be undercover forum police staking the place out. *****
  14. Could be the meds, but you'd better be careful, I've been told that there will be no more tolerating of posts that have anything bad to say about the way these forums are being moderated -- not that I would say anything negative about the inability to discuss issues that effect us all. *****
  15. That's good for a twenty minute stint in the corner and a 10% warning. It brings up a good point though -- is tea considered a food item? Maybe some Chinese tea would make a good trade item. *****
  16. So long as no one is using 'inside' information to get to the cache before anyone else, where's the problem? All things being equal, you've got as good a chance of anyone to find a cache before anyone else. If it bothers you this much, then watch for new caches and go and get them before anyone else has a chance -- just be mindful that others might accuse you of being an FTF hog. *****
  17. I'm watching as thread after thread is closed and wondering, what can we talk about that is not going to get deleted, edited or closed? And if you can get past all of that, chances are you're going to get scolded for not saying what you want to say in the most innoculous manner possible -- heaven help you if you get the slightest bit passionate about what's on your mind -- you'll be slapped with a warning (the online equivalent of standing in the corner). What can we talk about? If we're told that the answer is caching (which I suspect it will be), then let us talk about and discuss the things that are related to it. So come on -- deleting, editing, closing, and scolding is not doing anything but getting everyone frustrated and afraid to speak about caching, much less anything else. This is a social activity -- do you really think that stiffling everyone is doing anything positive to further this activity? I think it all comes down to the social aspect of caching -- and this has been brought up several times in the past -- what are these forums really about if not a social venue to discuss whatever the topic of the day is amongst those who share a similar attraction to this activity? This should be especially true in the non-specific 'General' Forum. *****
  18. Good idea. I'll bet that Snoogans will be a big supporter of this. *****
  19. Are you trolling here Zuuk? *****
  20. First of all, let me say that I'm not going to get into anything with you here -- it just never works out to anything positive. But in defence of the complaints that you are making, I do have a couple of things to say before I leave this topic. It seems that you yourself bring up the meds issue a fair bit. In fact, I recall a recent discussion that you had about meds with CO Admin. If you hadn't gotten bent out of shape about this and started complaining about RobertM's post, which btw, has no reference to meds whatsoever, I doubt that anyone would have thought of you at all when they read his post. Bottom line is that you are bringing a great deal of this concern upon yourself so don't blame others. With regard to the paranoia stuff, if you keep thinking that references like RobertM's are being posted specifically about you, paranoia is a word that most people will use. Lighten up Zuuk, nobody is out to get you (not that I know of anyway). *****
  21. The meds man. Read my post above and it is explained. *****
  22. Maybe the US should change it's Fourth of July to the First of July. Heck, maybe we should all just take the whole week off. Yeah, that's it. *****
  23. Nothing broken about it, and I know you're just joking. We had our breasts, er, I mean Thanksgiving, last month -- it was great. Tomorrow's Canadian dinner will be followed by more thoughts about that succulent, juicy, tender meat that our US friends will be enjoying. I think we're having Lasagna or something for dinner at our house tomorrow. *****
  24. Man, I really like breasts. Although I also enjoy a nice set of juicy legs. Too bad we don't have Thanksgiving here in Canada tomorrow -- I really enjoy a good turkey dinner. Guess I'll just have to dream about those breasts instead. *****
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