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  1. Sylvrstorm, Both Old Tales of a Lumberjack (one of my all-time favourites -- it's a beautiful spot), and Spy-Glass should be clear of snow as both are fairly low elevation. Another good one to consider is Crossing Hayward -- it's a very cool multi that requires a bit of hiking (although not as far as the two above). Hey, if you're interested in doing a couple caches up Indian Arm instead, get in touch with me, I'd be happy to take you up there in my kayak. ----- AlsidPrime, Have to admire your gumption. With regard to placing a cache at Golden Ears -- I would agree with others that the access to Golden Ears at this time of the year is going to be questionable. In addition, because of the coming winter, it's unlikely that you'll get any traffic on that cache until after next Spring. Why not hold off until late spring to place your caches there? Chances are, it will be a lot safer for you to make the trek at that time as well. When I placed my caches up Indian Arm, I fully expected that they would only get visited once or twice a year -- the only reason that they all got visited this year is because I organized a kayaking cache event to paddle to the top of the arm. Perhaps after placing your caches, you might want to organize an overnight cache event of your own -- I'd be interested in doing it. Just a thought. *****
  2. Good post. I hope that someone is listening. Come on you guys, pay attention to this, this sums up the reason for the dissension fairly accurately. *****
  3. Excellent post RK. Perhaps everyone should take a day and think about it before posting further to this thread. *****
  4. There were several of my posts (and a few from others as well) that were deleted nearly as fast as they were posted in several on-topic discussions about the policies. Those posts just dissappeared. If they still existed I'd forward a link to you but since they no longer exist, I can't. But you already know that don't you? *****
  5. It seems you have my ear now. I'm not sure what is so difficult about pointing out one complaint to address. Lift carpet. Move broom. If you need to be directed to the posts where people are saying they are unhappy with the heavy-handed moderation I doubt that it will help. The complaints are painstakingly obvious and it appears that you are trying to derail this issue. But just to appease you, how about reading the post that started this thread? *****
  6. Perhaps you should go back and read the past few days of posts (including the ones where I was unable to post) instead of trying to brush the issues that you wish to ignore under the carpet. *****
  7. Still waiting on a specific complaint to address. What are they getting upset about? Are you reading the same forums as the rest of us? *****
  8. And you wonder why there are problems. Good reply. <sigh> *****
  9. Like what? Quit being melodramatic. He's not being melodramatic -- what he says is true. A lot of people are upset -- a lot more than you are recognizing. Ignoring people is not going to make the problem go away. *****
  10. Thank you for not quoting out of context. This was the full quote (from me) Nothing out of context here -- I was quoting the erroneous statement made in the warning -- that's what my entire post referred to and it was not improper to quote only that part of the message as the rest of the warning was not relevant to the point I was making. No one is being a martyr. Very nice how you ignored the rest of my post. *****
  11. No disrespect to yourself, but you misquoted me and left the heavy-handed part out -- that was rather important. The lightening up does need to start with the moderators. *****
  12. What bugs me the most is that when a topic is closed moderators are pretty quick to hand out advice when it is really not their place or their business. For instance in one of the warnings that I received because I was speaking my mind (on topic btw), I was sent this: "Do something more constructive outside of the forums" I'd really like to know why moderators have the idea that their authority now runs *beyond* the scope of the forums and that they have some right to tell us what do do with our lives. Frankly, to the modertor who used the anonymous "Admin" username to send me a warning -- it's none of your damned business how I spend my time and you were way, way, way beyond your authority. But I guess when you're just a mere "ankle biter" you've got to expect to be treated with disrespect by those who are incapable of attaining the respect that they feel should come automatically because they hold the title of moderator. Moderators, lighten up -- you're taking this far too seriously -- topics that wander soon lose their appeal and rapidly drop away quietly -- without any heavy-handed actions. The psychology is pretty easy to figure you but you must be able to view what you are doing from the perspective of those that you are doing it to. *****
  13. That would be 'Jomarac5' and 'RobertM' to you pal. Send me the money and I'll consider your offer -- and that would be $6 US -- each. *****
  14. We have a moving cache in Vancouver called Vancouver Transit. It's owned by MrGigabyte and as well as being one of the oldest and most logged caches, it is one of the favourites of the area. I myself have found it (and not found it) and hidden it several times. Although this type of cache is no longer allowed (as outlined in the rules at geocaching.com -- there are still a few that are grandfathered), I think it would be very interesting to hear some of the stories that have occured with moving caches around the world -- the cache does not have to still be active to tell your story. I ask that this thread be only about stories (good, bad, or just plain funny) that pertain to moving caches -- please don't post about whether or not moving caches should be allowed anymore -- on this website, they are not and nothing more needs to be said about it. It is also not about what the rules should be for a moving cache -- this discussion is about the stories that have resulted from finding and hiding a moving cache. I ask that the moderators remove any post that is off topic. What are your favourite moving cache stories? *****
  15. What could I have been thinking? <sigh> *****
  16. Consistency must not be a word that is listed in the dictionary anymore. I find it hard to believe that this ridiculous thread has survived all this time when other threads that were much more on topic were being slapped shut left and right. <sigh> *****
  17. Isn't this one of the reasons threads started gettting closed in the first place? *****
  18. I think you are failing in your reading. I routinely practice one or more of the actions in paragraph 2 at every cache I visit. I believe that makes taking my picture at the cache illegal, whether you think that action is something that I SHOULD do or not. So much for putting a webcam cache at a rest area. *****
  19. Jomarac5

    Congrats To J5!

    Wow, Zoom Zoom -- 199 finds doesn't get much closer. Very cool. Have fun on your 200th. *****
  20. Just because it happens somewhere else, doesn't make it proper. As my Mom used to say "If your pal jumped off of a bridge, would you jump too?" I see it as an invasion of privacy -- whether it's recognized legally as such or not. *****
  21. This is true and most are grateful for these things. But you forgot to mention the free insults and free disrespect to those (ankle-biters?!?) who express their opinions or concerns about the game that are not necessarily those of the owners of this site. But you're right, no one should complain about anything. *****
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