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  1. Alan2, obviously you've deduced that it is a shadow so that part of it apparently needs no further explanation -- what it's casting it's shadow on is not important. It just is. This sounds very reasonable. But it needs to be a forum -- not just a single thread. How about it Jeremy? Is this something that you'd be willing to meet halfway on? You could stick this forum out of the way, down at the very bottom of the forum listing page. Where's the harm in trying? I'm sure that most everyone would be grateful. ***** Edit: added wink
  2. Sure, if it makes you happy. btw: I certainly don't consider you "the enemy". *****
  3. How about "Fellow cachers?" Yeah, that works. By calling someone "the enemy" you predispose yourself to viewing them with a very narrow point of view. It's like when you are having a problem with someone and you say to yourself "if that son of a gun even looks at me the wrong way today I'm going to blast him". That kind of mentality only leads to confrontation. Perhaps you should reconsider the word "enemy" -- it's a pretty strong word. Yeah, fellow cachers is a lot better. *****
  4. I'm sure that I could bring up some old posts from well beyond six months ago where people were a lot less than respectful to one another. If you're going to go on and on about something, at least make certain that the point is valid (no disrespect intended towards yourself). *****
  5. Yeah that's all well and fine. But "enemy". I don't think so. *****
  6. Wow. Did you see that airplane fly by? I think you missed the point completely. *****
  7. That must have been a time before some people started looking at others as "the enemy". *****
  8. That could very well be. *****
  9. Enemy? Perhaps it's your perception that is creating your grief. I thought we were all friends. *****
  10. If you're referring to the Any Funny Jokes?????? thread, don't blame that one on me -- I didn't close it. The fact of the matter is that I suggested the thread be deleted because it had nothing to do with caching (it was tongue-in-cheek based on the other forum happenings at the time), but I certainly did not ask that the thread be closed or locked -- the moderator took it upon himself to do that. *****
  11. In fact, it is geocaching related because the changes that are currently taking place are inhibiting us from openly discussing geocaching related issues. *****
  12. It's the sarcastic manner expressed in five of the six posts above that cause more disruption here than anything else. Why don't you guys try having a dialogue instead of belittling people? *****
  13. Now wait a second -- that is far from the truth. You act like the General forum is the only forum here. It's not. Anyone wanting to learn about caching goes where? Hey, how about Getting Started? I don't see anyone doing anything in there but helping out by offering advice and suggestions. Nope, no complaining there. Want to learn about Travel Bugs? There's a place for that. How about something in your local area? There's a forum for that too. What you fail to mention in your elequent post is that there is a second tier of cachers here, of which you are one -- they are those who are familiar with the rules, the problems, and to a certain degree, each other. A sanitized environment for these people will not allow them the ability and courtesy to add constructively and positively to the activity or the community. What you fail to realize is that there is an online culture that has developed here and the members of that culture do not wish to be oppressed. They want to talk openly and honestly about the issues that they face while engaged in this activity. What we really don't need is someone trying to tell us how we can, or cannot do, that which we are all passionate about. We are not idiots. What we also really don't need is the condescending attitude and insults that are frequently delivered by the few that feel they know what is best for all. This game (activity, sport, whatever you want to call it) is a community activity -- it cannot function without a common meeting place OR without a community to fill that meeting place. There is a symbiotic relationship -- but half of the equation is being ignored, stiffled, insulted and generally disregarded. Time to acknowledge that this is a two way street. ***** Edit: typo
  14. Actually, there are many geocaching topics that are not allowed to be discussed anymore. *****
  15. You are way, way, way over the line here. Your post should be deleted, you should be given a 20% warning and your member should be moderated for that asinine comment. *****
  16. Ignore the sarcasm of others CR. Similar things will happen elsewhere. I'm certain of it. *****
  17. FINALLY!!! Someone gets it! So let's get going on it then, shall we? Why don't the admins lead the way by stopping this restrictive silliness? *****
  18. That's a rather erroneous statement. I doubt that anyone here *wants* to be destructive towards this activity that we are all so passionately fond of. In fact, I would bet that the opposite is true. That's a pretty big difference from what you are saying. There are however, plenty here who don't wish to be constrained in either the way they hide/find caches, or express their opinions (many of which are very, very good). Even worse is the amount of feedback that gets ignored or swept under the rug. I also doubt that these same people really appreciate the condescending manner in which the admins of this site regularly reply to questions and concerns. Regarding the first part of your post -- a wrong decision is just that -- wrong. What's even more wrong are those who fail to recognize that the best solution may have been overlooked. *****
  19. Seems like this is something that keeps coming up time and time again by many who would like such an area. Perhaps there a possiblity that the approvers and moderators might be wrong? *****
  20. Actually, I think this topic is very well suited for the "Geocaching.com Topics" forum as it is a general discussion about the forums (which are directly related to geocaching), and is not specifically about the geocaching.com website. My quess is that the admins would rather have this topic in the lesser viewed Geocaching.com Web Site forum so that it disappears quicker. I could make reference to 'sweeping' here, but the rug has already been lifted. I sincerely hope that the admins have read Bug&Snake's post carefully and give it the consideration that it deserves. *****
  21. Excellent post about the geocaching forums bug&snake! Well worth reading a few times. *****
  22. My favourite rolling eyes smiley is from the old geocaching.com forums. It looks like this: It's the best geocaching smiley. I like it. I like it a lot. *****
  23. Excellent point. I forgot that the trail goes around the entire lake. *****
  24. What an innovative way to fix the problem. Yeah, no one should have anything to complain about now. If this is for Geocaching topics, why do we need any of the other topics now? Good grief. *****
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