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  1. Zuuky wrote:

    The references to medicinals continue, and at least they aren't directed at me.

    You must be off of your... oh, never mind. No one said anything about meds Zuuky -- you wouldn't be trying to start something unpleasant here would you Zuuky?



  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about the Up The Creek episode. That was a good BFL story -- I got a bang out of that one.


    RobertM and I once BFLed a large group of teenagers partying at Crescent Beach while on a night cache -- should have seen those kids run as the night sky lit up -- they must have thought we were the cops or something. It was quite funny.



  3. The Wet Coast Explorers wrote:

    With a couple of night cachers carrying these Quartz-halogen million candlepower ones we could light up the whole forest!

    I don't know about a forest, but I do know that when we were on the Beyond the Elbow to the Top of the Arm event cache there were four or five of us with BFLs who lit up Granite Falls pretty good at about 11:00PM (didn't hurt that we were a bit 'lit up' ourselves).


    We also lit up the Wigwam Inn pretty good from across the bay which is a couple of kilometres away.



  4. WOW. That's a pretty good deal. Are they all 1 million candle power? I prefer the 1/2 million candle power as there is much more 'on' time (I get 70 minutes with mine). But for 15 bucks that's an excellent price. I'll be picking one up.


    Thanks for letting us know about this deal.



  5. SylvrStorm, Anywhere close to the parking area should be close enough to get everyone there -- it's not a big parking lot. I"m sure everyone can figure it out if the coords are off a little bit.



  6. Dagg wrote:

    I will be on the mainland for a b-day party that day. So you might see myself and Daggette show up

    Are we allowing outsiders?


    Just kidding. Look forward to seeing you if you can make it Dagg -- good thing there are no borders to cross getting here. :P



  7. Stunod wrote:

    The Powers That Be

    I hate that expresion and refuse to use it. It makes it sound like everyone else should bow down and worship. Oh wait, that is what is happening. I think I"ll write a poem about it:



    Looky, looky, I used to be free.





  8. Our 8 year old daughter and our 11 year old son have no problems operating our Garmin Legend. They are quite familiar inputting coordinates and even projecting waypoints when necessary. Our 6 year old daughter is really good at holding the unit and pointing the way to the cache. :rolleyes:


    I think it's really good to get kids using the GPSr and they catch on to it really quickly and by including them in the process to find the cache, they seem to enjoy the experience even more.



  9. Perhaps there should be a rule that everyone must log each cache online.

    Are you crazy? Could you imagine the backlash from that? :unsure:


    BTW I saw your :rolleyes: at the end... but still, don't get people started--PLEASE! :blink:



    Get people "started"? I assume that you're referring to logging their caches online.


    RJFerret wrote:

    For someone else who used a 'smilie' in their post to change their meaning, realize that for those of us who browse without graphics, we don't see them!

    That's odd, you seem to know that they are there enough to talk about them. I see a lot of people using smileys in thier posts. If you're not seeing them you must be pretty upset with a lot of posts.


    Lighten up folks. You missed the whole point of my post.



  10. Perhaps there should be a rule that everyone must log each cache online.


    Don't you think it's a bit of a "what difference does it make" kind of thing? Some sign the log. Some don't. Some trade. Some don't. Some log online. Some don't. Toe-may-toe, Ta-ma-tew.


    Personally, I write logs on this site because I think it's fun to share some of the stories with others and I enjoy reading about other cachers experiences -- collectively we have shared a geographical location and added to it's history and that's kind of cool. Writing online logs also add a great deal to the community aspect of the activity.


    Some people don't wish to be a part of that community but they still want to enjoy the activity. If they don't want to log online, who am I to tell them that they must? I'm OK with it. I hope they enjoyed that last cache as much as I did.


    Perhaps a better question might be; Why do you write onlline logs and what are some of your favourites?


    Seriously, if there really is a need to discuss whether or not writing an online log is right or wrong, then there must be a need to create a rule for it. Someone should call a meeting. :rolleyes:



  11. RK wrote:

    In the future we will have worked out most of the politics and things will turn to business as usual or the occasional geo-crisis. We are not there yet. But we will get there sooner or later, one way or another.

    I sure hope that some of the long running underlying issues are worked out. That would certainly be helpful in diffusing a lot of what is going on.



  12. You know, I'm not so sure that what everyone is asking for is necesarily a forum dedicated to absolutely off-topic... oh, never mind. It doesn't matter anymore.


    We still can't talk openly about all things caching.



  13. I use Ozi Explorer with the ETopo and Spectrum maps and am very happy with the program and the maps. The maps are 1:50,000 and it would be nicer if the scale was better than that, but that is what is available. I suppose I could scan my 1:20,000 scale maps but I have never really felt the need.


    I've seen several different versions of map scans and find that the ETopo maps have the best quality scans. The Spectrum Digital Imaging maps are very good but the ETopo maps are definitely better.



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