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  1. quote:
    Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:

    Yes. Free admittance vouchers invariably degenerate to 'Buy one, Get one free' or 'Buy one, get a second at half price'.


    Not the case here. These would be absolutely free, no charge, admittance coupons (if the museum doesn't supply them, I'll buy them myself for the cache -- the museum would make an interesting stop).



    > - Is this any different than including gift

    > certificates from a video store?


    No. Although Gift Certificates are worth an actual dollar value, you must spend it at a particular store. If you put dollar bills (or twenties preferably icon_wink.gif ) people would be free to choose where to spend it. Also, people who are not already members of the video store would have to sign up to use it (and probably give the store their credit card number for membership). Out of area/state cachers would find these items completely useless.


    I certainly wouldn't complain about finding a gift certificate for a movie rental store. Bottom line is that if I don't want it, I'll leave it in the cache for the next person.


    I do agree that 2 for 1 coupons and similar offers would not do much for me and I wouldn't put something like that in a cache but if it's a free, no obligation coupon, I don't see anything wrong with it (whether donated or purchased).


  2. I've been thinking about a multicache idea that will include a waypoint near a museum. I've done some volunteer work at this museum and am pretty certain I can get the musuem to donate a number of free admittance coupons. I would put a limited number of tickets in the cache and replenish it when necessary. Which brings me to the following questions...


    - Is it considered improper to ask organizations or businesses (that are relevant to a theme, etc) to donate discount or special offer coupons to include in a cache?


    - Would this be too commercial?


    - What if the coupon supports a specific cache theme?


    - Is this any different than including gift certificates from a video store?


  3. quote:
    ...but a couple days ago someone put up a photo of them at the site. In the photo... a foot from the open cache was my cairn. Went there early the next morning and found the cache was beneath the same rock that I had chosen as the base of my cairn. So my map reading was perfect icon_biggrin.gif and my vision greatly flawed icon_frown.gif edscott


    Great story.


    What's the name of the cache?


  4. quote:
    I love the idea of themed caches though! It gives me more ideas (like magnets) of things I can leave in existing caches!


    I also like the idea of magnets -- although there's not much room on our fridge for any more. Just please be careful not to leave magnets where blank cassette tapes have been left (and I won't leave cassettes in caches with magnets!) icon_razz.gif

  5. Originally posted by amazingracer:

    this has been on sale in the store for awhile dont know if one has been bought but it would be an interesting item to find.


    Especially if someone was wearing them!! icon_biggrin.gif



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  6. Best of the New Year to all,


    I'm curious about what people are putting in caches. We've only got about 10 finds so far but have noticed a few traits already regarding cache items. My 5 year old daughter likes stickers -- Winnie the Pooh are particularly popular but any stickers will do. My 8 year old daughter likes things such as blank cassette tapes, and my 11 year old son likes computer programs and books. Sometimes they take (what I think are) the strangest things. A tin pig pin was for some reason, expecially valued.


    I prefer geocoins or TB's -- I think it's fun to track their travels.


    My kids take quite an interest in tracking our past finds to see how long it takes their item to get picked up. I suspect that over time we'll see which items get picked up the quickest.


    We've gone to our local Buck or Two store and have picked up a bunch of novelty items such as playing cards with hundred dollar bills printed on them, bags of marbles, blank cassettes, etc. We've also got a few items around the house (action figures, flashlights, etc) that we've set aside for caches.


    My questions specifically, are...


    When you look for items to leave in a cache do you go somewhere specific to find them? i.e., Dollar stores or thrift shops?


    Do you leave themed items (same types of items, toy cars or golf balls for example).


    Have you found that your kids prefer certain items over others?


    What are your personal favourite items to find in a cache?


  7. We always carry empty plastic bags for trashing out and quite often use them. I'm going to print a bunch of 'Cache in, trash out' stickers for photo capsules and place them in a few caches.


    A bag in each cache would certainly be hint enough for those that may not participate in trashing out now (or may not be aware of the concept -- yes there are a few that I've met).


    Any efforts to promote picking up litter along the trail is only good for the sport.


    Mom told me -- "If you're going to have a party, clean the house real good first, that way people will respect it and won't be as inclined to leave a mess". Same goes for wilderness areas. And Mom is always right. icon_biggrin.gif



  8. I have a Legend with the MapSource MetroGuide and Roads and Rec CD. There's no doubt that the default basemap that ships with the Legend is substandard -- I've found that the Enhanced basemap is better but still has many errors. In some cases (outside the four city areas), the enhanced basemap is more accurate than the Parks and Rec map.


    For instance, I'm in the Vancouver area and there is an island in the Fraser River that is fairly correct on the Enhanced basemap but doesn't even show as an island on the Parks map, it shows as an extension of land (!!?)


    There doesn't appear to be much difference between the MetroGuide and the Parks and Rec maps other than the MetroGuide info (restaurant locations, etc), although I have found a few discrepancies. I assume that this is to reduce the download size when installing maps on the GPS unit.


    For the most part, the Parks maps are substaintially superior to the Enhanced base map and leaps and bounds better than the default basemap. I check the area that I'm going to and then decide which maps to install on my Legend.


    Sure be nice to get better Canadian maps icon_biggrin.gif

  9. Unbelievable.


    No matter how you read this thread, there have indeed been some rude responses. Hasn't anyone here heard that there is no such thing as a bad question, only bad answers?


    I also have a Garmin product and their manuals are a bit less than clear about entering coordinates. Asking for assistance is certainly not inappropriate.


    Lighten up people. It's only a game. If you're going to get snitty with people, then don't answer at all -- leave answering to those with more patience and understanding.


    Happy holidays to all (especially xiaojie and those who have responded in a pleasant manner).

  10. quote:
    Originally posted by Rogue6:

    Just got my first GPSR (eTrex Legend) with MetroGuide USA for Xmas. When I try to load a map of my area (Austin TX), I get a message on the PC telling me I am about to replace basemap information preloaded by Garmin on the Legend. Then it asks me twice if I am really sure I want to do this. So...do I do it? Will I screw something up if I do?


    It's fine to do this. It will replace the base map (which is lousy). I have the Canadian MetroGuide and it's much better than the supplied basemap, I assume the same is true for the US maps. You can download the updated base map at the Garmin website if you want to reinstall it.


    Also, I noticed that the map of Austin on the PC display (Zoomed in all the way) does not have any streets in my subdivision which has been here since the early 1980's. Could this software be that out-of-date??? Have any of you updated it through Garmin??


    Once you install the Metro Maps I'm sure you'll see your own street. The default basemaps don't have a lot of detail.


    Thanks so much. I want to play with this new toy but need your help first.


    No problem, happy hunting. icon_razz.gif

  11. You might also want to update your eTrex Legend firmware -- there are some substantial upgrades that are a big improvement to the unit.


    To find out what version of firmware you have go to the Main Menu and select Setup.


    Click on the submenu (one click to the left with your Click Stick and select Software Version. The latest version is 2.50 -- if you have anything less than this, install the new firmware.


    Go to the Garmin website at the following page:


    eTrex Legend Firmware Update Page


    This will take you to the latest firmware upgrade. Follow the instructions on the page.


    Hope this helps.

  12. >I have read the whole manual and i can not seem

    >to understand how to enter a destination, I

    >would appreciate it if someone could help me.


    You should have received a Quick Start brochure with your Legend. Follow step 8 to enter a location or...


    From any screen, press the Click Stick straight down and you'll get the Mark Waypoint screen. Use the Click Stick to scroll to the Location box and enter your co-oridinates using the data entry keyboard.


    You can then either press OK to make the waypoint or you can select GoTo and start heading toward the new waypoint.


    To bring up a waypoint after you've entered it, press the Find button and select the waypoint that you want to go to.

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