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  1. Welch, Perhaps you should read my post more carefully before posting a reply. I did not say that admins know everything, I said that they are better informed. There is a big difference. There is a level of secrecy. There have been a few posts in this thread and in this other thread saying that some admins want their identity to be unknown. And not all admins have their name in bold on the main forum page. It's not a matter of what I'm going to say or not going to say to an admin -- it's what they say to the readers of the forum. And no, they don't all state they are admins when speaking of "official' processes. -----
  2. Breaktrack, I'm not aware of any 3 cockpit kayak that is commercially available other than in kit form. With respect to facilities to build -- I gave a few bucks each month to a neighbour for letting me build it in his garage. The amount of tools required are minimal. You can pretty much pick up all the tools you need for less than a couple hundred dollars (less if you check swap meets, etc). Criminal, My double cost a total of about $2,200 (in Canadian dollars -- that's about $1,450 US) for the kit and additional materials. A strip built kayak like 3fros will cost considerably less but you need more tools and will take a fair bit more time to build. The cost to buy a new fiberglass double kayak is in the ballpark of $5,500 Cdn ($3,700 US). Add another $800 or so in Cdn dollars for kevlar. The wooden kayak has structural strength comparable to kevlar and weighs about 30 percent less than fiberglass. -----
  3. quote: mtn-man wrote:Suddenly we are on some sort of crusade to weed out the admins. So what if some of them want to remain anonymous? What's the big deal with that? I did for many months. So what? If you have an issue with a particular admin who has worked on your cache, then you can email them. The name is right on the cache. This IS NOT about any specific issue with an admin. Admins are representatives of the site and as such their postings in the forums will obviously be better informed or more accurate than most as they are no doubt privy to the latest concerns and policies of the website. I don't see the need for the secrecy of who the admins are. If they are concerned about being bothered with an excess of member complaints then it's obvious to me that the problem lies elsewhere. Perhaps if the guidelines (or rules or whatever name you want to give them) were more clearly defined, the admins would not receive as much negative feedback as everyone would know what is and is not allowed. Anyway you look at it, admins are representatives of the site and the sport and should be identified as such. -----
  4. This thread is about determining who the admin/approvers are so that we know who we're discussing issues with in the forums.
  5. quote: Mopar wrote:Why is it that BC, Canada cachers seem so obsessed with turning a profit while geocaching? Because we can?
  6. quote: 9key wrote:* Moss Trooper, Monz, and The Great Seth! are no longer admins. * I've not heard of quadexplorer * Add glnash
  7. quote:Originally posted by Mopar: Mr.Snazz is a prankster, not an admin or cache approver. + _Tae-Kwon-Leap is not a path to a door, but a road leading forever towards the horizon. _
  8. quote: Mopar wrote:If we are talking about something OTHER then cache approval, I don't think they carry anymore weight then anyone else. They certainly do. Consider this, I am at a public event and need some assistance (doesn't matter for what), I see a policeman standing near a doorway -- who do I ask for assistance, an average Joe who is walking by, or the policeman? Of course I ask the policeman because he is trained and qualified to assist me as a citizen. If I have a serious question about caching, I'd much rather be discussing it with someone who is directly in the know than someone who is just trying to come up with smart-a$$ quips all the time. I do recognize that there a number of cachers on this board who have valid views and opinions about the issues that are being discussed and I very much appreciate and respect thier opinions. Regardless of this however, I would take a comment from an admin in the forums a lot more seriously than most others as the admins have the inside track on what's going on with guidelines, etc. -----
  9. quote: Mopar wrote:Really, the only approver that matters to you is the one working on your cache. I don't think so. The approvers have the most influence (next to Jeremy) over how the site is run and the guidelines and policies are set up, therefore they're opinions in the forums carry more weight over others. Knowing that an opinion is coming from a person who is in a position of authority certainly makes a difference. -----
  10. Oops. Duplicate post. [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on March 12, 2003 at 01:30 AM.]
  11. I'm just wondering if you are an admin because your posts seem very authoritive. In light of your suggestion of how to go about discussing topics, and the lack of a concise reply to my question of who the admins are, I've posted a new thread to discuss who the admins are. [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on March 11, 2003 at 02:12 PM.]
  12. I have asked this question so that users of the forums will know if they are discussing topics with an Admin. Obviously, Admin will have more influence as they are representatives of the website and it's policies. They will also have more insight regarding the current guidelines/rules. So far I've determined that the following are admin: - ncflyers - moun10bike - mtn-man - erik88l-r - iryshe - wicacher - quadexplorer - gpsfun - brokenwing - honeychile - 9key - mr. gigabyte - glnash - hydee - Davros Feel free to add admin members that you know of or I've missed. Edit: added to list ----- [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on March 11, 2003 at 11:36 PM.]
  13. I have asked this question so that users of the forums will know if they are discussing topics with an Admin. Obviously, Admin will have more influence as they are representatives of the website and it's policies. They will also have more insight regarding the current guidelines/rules. So far I've determined that the following are admin: - ncflyers - moun10bike - mtn-man - erik88l-r - seth - iryshe - wicacher - quadexplorer - gpsfun - moss trooper - monz - brokenwing - honeychile - 9key - mr. gigabyte Feel free to add admin members that you know of or I've missed. Edit: added to list ----- [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on March 11, 2003 at 04:06 PM.]
  14. quote:Originally posted by Mopar: ----- Well, I'll assume you missed the other threads with various examples you seek, so I'll mention a few *I* remember mentioned in the past few weeks. I'm not gonna go back and look them all up, so these wont be word for word... I don't think that anyone is contesting these ridiculously stupid caches. It's the one's where there is actually some merit. I'll assume that you've been reading the forums and know that there are a number of caches not being approved that are not even close to being in the same category as the ones you've referred to. -----
  15. These sound like reasonable questions to me. Why can't they just be answered in a straight-forward manner? Is there some secret agenda taking place at cg.com that inhibits everyone to know what the requirements of placing a cache are? I've been in the forums in the last several weeks and have noticed that there seems to be an increase in rejected caches. Can we possibly see a few examples of these rejected caches? Why are there no 'set' rules for placing a cache? Without them, it makes it very difficult and frustrating to place a cache. I think people have a right to know where they stand when placing a cache instead of being left to the whim of an admin who is having a bad day and doesn't like the way a cache description is presented. Why shouldn't we all know who the admin are? Is there something to hide here? Who has approved or rejected your cache? I'm interested in finding out what's going on here. -----
  16. You can easily put one kid in the middle of nearly any canoe. If you're looking for a triple kayak, there is such a thing -- visit the Pygmy Boats website and you'll see that they have a triple kayak (same hull as the double with three cockpits). They also have a very nice canoe kit as well.
  17. DeerChaser and Poni, Can you please shorten your animated gif image -- it's too wide and it forces the page to expand beyond the settings of some people's monitors -- this causes the page to require horizontal scrolling, which is very annoying when reading a long thread. Thanks.
  18. quote:Originally posted by MaxEntropy:We scored 177. Since there were three working on it, we had to split the score three ways for 59 each. We must be frickin morons. Mickey Max Entropy More than just a name, a lifestyle. The folks back at Possum Lodge will be very proud of you. You guys are the coolest nerds I've ever come across. . -----
  19. Or how about: Piglet's Riblets 3 slabs of Babyback Ribs, Remove membrane on back of ribs. 2/3 cup Yellow Mustard 1/3 cup Cola 1 tablespoon Black Pepper 1 tablespoon Garlic Salt Combine the Mustard, Cola, Pepper and Garlic Salt. Apply liberally on both sides of thawed ribs. Wrap ribs or cover them to be placed in refrigerator overnight. Smoke ribs between 200-275 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 to 3 1/2 hours or until tender. The ribs will be done when the meat begins to pull up from one end of the bones and when they pass the "pinch test". Position a slab so that you have your index finger on top of the slab and your thumb below. You are going to pinch the meat between the bones. If you can easily pinch your thumb and index finger together through the meat, they will be done. Very tasty.
  20. One of my all time favourite marinade recipes: Mary Used to Have a Little Lamb 1/4 cup Toasted Sesame Oil 1/2 cup Soy Sauce 2 Garlic Cloves, Minced 1 teaspoon Ginger This marinade is great with lamb chops, leg of lamb, lamb ribs, etc. Marinade meat for one hour. Best when grilled or smoked. Mmm Mmmm Mmm.
  21. I'm with 3fros (who I know from a kayak building bulletin board). It's a great deal of fun and you can proudly tell people that you built it yourself. I built this kayak last year.
  22. quote:Originally posted by EelSid:Just a point of clarification: I changed that log yesterday so it is just asking the person who placed the log to edit it and make it a note (I've already spoken with him, he thinks it's a find, we agreed to disagree, end of discussion.) I don't want to delete the post because it is a "cache should be archived" post, and if the cache is not allowed in the park, it really should be archived. The cache owner can delete logs, but not edit them and turn them to notes. I agree -- the cache should be archived since: 1) it was placed in a location that is not allowed and, 2) it's obviously not there anymore. I don't think that anyone will argue this. There are however, much kinder and gentler ways to get your point across without coming across in such a forceful nazi-like (read Cache Police) manner. quote: EelSid continued with:A general point of clarification (not related to any specific post): My purpose in starting this thread was just to point out something that jumped out at me and to use that example to start a discussion on what people think a valid find is. If you don't think it's worth discussing, then fine no one is requiring you to join the discussion. This is an open forum, anyone is free to contribute per the rules outlined by the admins, but all I ask is that you keep it on topic and civil. Please don't assume you know something about myself or any other user and start name calling and making accusations. Thanks, EelSid People have been giving you an opinion of how they feel -- overall, from the responses, it would seem that most people aren't too concerned if it's logged as a find (although a few think it shouldn't be logged and that's OK). The negative reaction that you've received is due to your own confrontational attitude. If you're going to play with the bull's horns... Seems to me that the only lack of civility here is the forceful manner in which you decided to start this thread and the demanding tone of your post to the cache page. If I can offer you a suggestion (and it's only a suggestion, feel free to ignore it if you wish), it would be that you not come across as the final authority of what should and shouldn't be logged as a find (and yes, you did do this by demanding that the log be deleted or changed). It's not for you to decide. Re-read your post to the cache page -- how would you react if someone demanded that you delete or change your found log for one of the caches that you say you found plundered? I'll bet you'd take exception to it. If you've been following these forums for a while you will know that there are many who are of the mind that you shouldn't count a plundered cache as a find. Are they all wrong? We could discuss it if you like. I reiterate: It's just a game. There is no prize for the most finds. There are more important things to worry about. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and enjoy the scenery.
  23. quote: Originally posted by EelSid:After mulling it over I would agree that asking to remove the logs was a little harsh. I changed my log so that it is just asking to edit the logs to notes or "couldn't find it" logs. What gives you the right to demand that they do anything? It seems after all, that YOU DO think that you're the Cache Police. Just because you use the word please in your log note doesn't make it OK for you to make these demands. quote: And then EelSid wrote:I also agree that if I find the plundered remains of a cache, that counts as a find. I've done it a couple times myself. I still disagree though that finding a note where a cache was is technically a find, since there is no part of what makes up a "geocache" at the site, just something in its place. Now it appears that you think that you're a Cache Judge as well. If the cache is not at the indicated location, and someone finds a McD toy where the cache should be it can be logged as a find?!! At least the note verifies that the person was at the right location. Personally, I wouldn't log a find for either of these scenarios. But that's just me. If it's important for you to log a McD toy then that's OK with me. I'll still sleep fine. quote: Then EelSid continued with:If someone removes a geocache and builds a house in its place, and I find the house, does that count as a find? I'm sure the ranger wouldn't see it as a find, considering he/she is the one that took the cache specifically so people would stop finding it! This is just dumb. It's pretty obvious that you're in a ridiculously petty struggle to get your count up and are resorting to scrutinizing others in your area who have more finds than you. Think about it for a moment -- don't you realize that this entire topic that you've started is just a little bit silly? No one is going to win a new car or an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii for finding the most caches. Heck, you don't even get a certificate to hang on your wall. The real reward is that you get to different locations that you may not otherwise have visited. And if you're lucky, you might just enjoy the scenery. Time to give it a rest. There are more important things to worry about.
  24. quote: EelSid wrote:I'm not trying to be a stickler about it Really?!? quote: Then he wrote:I could really care less whether he deletes his logs, I'm just wondering where others stand on this type of situation. It's obvious that you care way too much about this -- I just read your notes on the cache pages. Sounds like you'd be a shoe-in for a job with the Cache Police. You ask how others feel about this -- if someone wants to log these notes, it makes no difference to me. Seriously though, you really should consider applying for a career with the Cache Police -- you've get the right mentality for it. I'll bet with your attitude you'd be up for promotion in no time. Maybe with your astute detective skills you could lead the investigation to help Jamie Z find out who left the notes in question. Chill out man.
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