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  1. quote: Johnnyvegas wrote:Well, The geocaching seminar went well. Glad to hear that your event was a success. Nice to hear about the scouts involvement as well. There's a couple scout groups in our area that are caching now. My son's Scout troop recently bought a couple of yellow eTrex's and have started using them on their hikes. I've spoken with the leaders about a number of caches that are in nearby wilderness areas and they're going to start taking weekend hikes to find them. They'll also be placing some caches of their own for the scouts to find -- including a final cache with their hiking badges in it. Should be fun. -----
  2. quote: BrianSnat wrote:Equating a tool like a lighter to comdoms and Hustler magazine? What world are you living in man! A different world than you apparently. I didn't equate the two to each other. Yes, a lighter is a handy thing to have, and I also carry one with me at all times. I don't give one to my five year old daughter to play with though. There are some things that are not really appropriate to leave in a cache -- lighters, and the other items are probably not a good idea. I certainly wouldn't freak out if I found any of these items in a cache (I have found some of these things in caches) but common sense tells me that there are people who might be offended by any of these items and for that reason I wouldn't leave them in a cache. Lighters are a bad idea because there is a real possiblity that an unsupervised child could find one in a cache and potentially create a dangerous situation for themselves and others. It's a matter of safety. Sounds to me like you're just trying to be antagonistic. Perhaps your time would be better with a Hustler magazine, if you get my drift (you could use a lighter to illuminate it under your sheets.) -----
  3. Lighters, condoms, viagra, religious items, cigarettes, old Hustler magazines, alchohol... I don't think there's any good reason to include any of these items. It's a family activity folks. I'm hardly a prude but I don't want my kids stumbling across this stuff -- they're going to learn about it soon enough. You can argue till the cows come home that everyone has a right to make up their own mind about what to take and what to leave but some items are simply not appropriate. The argument that kids might find the cache is very valid -- as is indicated in the recent Cache Book Found... discussion where a group of 12 year olds found a cache and split up the contents. Having said this... I'd very much appreciate a nice bottle of Glen Livett in a cache after hiking 4 hours to the top of a mountain. -----
  4. quote: Renegade Knight wroteIf you didn't see it, check out the Markwell link in the post above yours. Where is this page accessed from? I looked on both the Hide and Seek page and the main page but couldn't find a link. -----
  5. quote: Jeremy wrote:You make a good point that the permanence of caches were not clear enough. As a result I have added a section on Cache permanence that indicates that temporary caches will not be approved. So where is it? I looked on the guidelines page and on the FAQ and didn't see it there. The repeated argument that all the updated guidelines have been discussed in the forums is certainly not valid. Why should someone have to go through all the past forums to learn what is and is not acceptable. They need to be posted in one location. C'mon you guys, make it easy for yourselves and others -- give us some straight answers and post the guidelines. -----
  6. quote: Canadazuuk wrote:No offence to anyone in particular- I have even cached with 'cache police detective finder-outer sargeant turned corporal general commander geocache deity' Zuuk, are you off of your medication again? -----
  7. quote: Jonnyvegas wrote:The problem I have with the system is this, I read the guidelines and posted two Temporary caches for a seminar. I was told by the powers that be that temporary caches are not allowed. You see, this is where the problem lies. It's not about bashing anyone, it's simply about having clear and concise guidelines. Jonnyvegas placed a cache that apparently conformed to the posted guidelines but was told that temporary caches are not acceptable. I just read the guidelines and nowhere in them does it say that temporary caches are not allowed. Why is it so hard to understand why he's confused and frustrated? The approvers are obviously using different guidelines than those who are placing the caches, so where are they? Why is it so difficult to place them on the site? Common sense dictates that if the parameters are not clearly defined and openly posted that people are going to constantly be stepping over them. Why not just post the guidelines that the approvers are using and everyone will know where they stand. Those who disagree with the rules simply don't have to post caches. And this discussion can come to an end. -----
  8. quote: yumitori wrote:Because the site is currently being redesigned (something that has also been stated in discussions), and the 'updated guidelines' are coming? The 'new' site will not be ready for a couple of months. Adding the updated guidelines to the existing guidelines page would only take a matter of minutes. Seems to me that if something that only takes a few minutes to accomplish could make things a lot better, it should be done. -----
  9. It's been stated here and in other discussions that updated guidelines do exist. Why are they not posted on the site? Perhaps if they were posted, the admin/approvers job would be much, much easier and they wouldn't be subjected to all this unhappiness and confusion. I don't see why the reluctance in putting the updated guidelines on the site. If the rules (guidelines, whatever) are clear, there would be no need to discuss this any longer. -----
  10. quote: Canadazuuk wrote:Who are the cache cops Jomarac5? They would be those who stifle the valid creativity of others in an activity that has not yet had opportunity to fully explore the possibilities. They would be those who thrust their narrow views and opinions of what this activity should be upon everyone else -- even upon those that have expressed their enjoyment of all types of caches. They would be those who pretend to know what is best for me and also for you. -----
  11. Uh oh... sirens. Here come the cache police. -----
  12. quote:Originally posted by oregone: quote:Originally posted by Neuman:All we are saying........is give war a chance I hate to sound like a hippie here, but c'mon!?! Is that really necessary? That is, someone places a legitimate geocache in a faraway land, and just because we happen to be at the brink of conflict with said faraway land, you have to moronically satirize a john lennon song in an effort to belittle the people of iraq?!? How would you feel if you lived in iraq and logged on to geocaching.com for the first time, only to find that someone had advocated the destruction of your country on the only geocache page in your homeland? How tasteless. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed Am I missing something here? I don't see where this message was quoted from. Weird. -----
  13. Due to increased terrorist threats, placing tupperware boxes in forests and under bridges will be illegal. The only caching that will be allowed under federal law will be virtual and locationless. And of course, you won't be able to place a virtual in government operated parks. -----
  14. Jomarac5

    Fun of the sport

    quote:Originally posted by eroyd:For a minute there I thought these forums were going to get interesting again. Got your seat belt on? Just kidding.
  15. All forum posts should be submitted for prior approval. -----
  16. . [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on March 14, 2003 at 01:41 PM.]
  17. Jomarac5

    Fun of the sport

    quote: The Big Kid wrote:Trust me, if you were here, it would be about the $$$$. Ya right. What a load of rubbish. -----
  18. quote: Stunod wrote:Oh, and while we're at it, how about using that silly metric system? The only silly thing about the metric system is that the likes of you think it's silly. It's far superior to the imperial measurement system -- just ask anyone who uses it. -----
  19. quote: Breaktrack wrote:Looks like I might have to just jump in and build one somehow. Sure wouldn't hurt me to have a neat project like that anyway, this single dad thing can definitely stunt your activity level, lol. With your encouragement I'll give it some serious thought and research and let you know what I wind up doing. It's not nearly as difficult as one might think to build a kayak -- and it's a lot of fun. If you'd like to hear about my building experience, send me an e-mail. -----
  20. quote:Originally posted by TeamJiffy:Why require this of admins? Do you want an @ as in IRC? What value does it serve? Obviously, Admin will have more influence as they are representatives of the website and it's policies. They will also have more insight regarding the current guidelines/rules. -----
  21. quote:Originally posted by SilverRubicon:Why don't the admin have a special symbol or name that appears next to their regular name so it is obvious they are admin. Or just change where it normally says Geocacher or Charter Member to Admin. SilverRubicon Thanks SilverRubicon. There are some who get it. -----
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