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  1. Hmm... which forum participants would you be referring to? ***** Geo 97M 113
  2. I tend to take into consideration where the cache is located. If it's right beside a busy trail, I'll generally make sure that it's well hidden from passers-by, even if it was not hidden that way when I found it. I've been to a few caches where the cache was left lying out in the open for all to see. I'm not going to feel guilty or think that I've done something wrong by covering it up to avoid it getting plundered. Generally, unless the cache is lying right out in the open, and if it is off of a trail I'll replace it just as I found it. ***** Edit: typo
  3. He may be tiny but he is Uber-fast and a good pony too If he's such a good pony, why does he keep telling you to close my threads? Because he IS such a good pony. Besides I didn't close the thread because it was YOURs I closed it because there are two the same and we routinely do this. Yours was OLD Planets was NEW. The pony liked the NEW thread better, said it tasted like wildflowers. Who am I to argue. So now we've got a moderator who takes advice from a cartoon pony? That's funny -- but it's all starting to make sense now. ***** Geo 95UY
  4. That works great if the cache comes available in the evening or outside work hours. I really like night caching -- it takes some of the gloom out of our darker winters. There has been occasion when I've left the house during sub-daylight hours to get a new cache if I happen to see it come available -- especially if it's close to home. ***** Geo 37
  5. I suppose that is true. What I should have said then is "Seems as the cache owner listing a cache on this site, you don't have the final say." ***** Geo: 20 95N
  6. You'll need to see the past thread titled Opinions wanted... Is a reserved FTF cheesy or not? for the discussion regarding limiting the reserving of who can or cannot log a First to Find. In that thread Hydee wrote: Would a cache that openly excludes one user be posted, I doubt it. I see excluding one user or a group of users as mean-spirited and very different that reserving the FTF to honor one member. Seems as the cache owner, you don't have the final say. *****
  7. I don't think you could reasonably delete the log and stay within the rules of the site. As has been stated by the administration of this site, excluding someone from a cache hunt is not permitted. But it might be OK to send the cacher a note asking him to acknowledge that there are new people who might wish to get a First to Find once in a while and that it would be a nice courtesy to allow at least a little time to give a newcomer a chance at finding the cache. But then again, you could just wait anxiously at your computer hitting the refresh button over and over and over again until that new cache pops up. When it does become available you could run out immediately and possibly beat the hypothetical cacher to the cache, get the FTF, and the satisfaction of knowing that you beat his skinny little rear-end. ***** GEO 35 47
  8. I'm certain if I wrote that, that I'd be presented with at least a nice shiny new 10% on to my warn meter and an accompanying condescending comment. *****
  9. Since my GPSr doesn't have a built-in compass, I always carry one with me when caching. I set up a multi-cache where a compass is required to find the cache (except for the third visitor -- but he is a super-cacher). To accomodate those that don't carry a compass with them, I left a loaner compass at the second stage. The cache is called WWII - Irene Pearce Trail. ***** Edit: typo
  10. I'm rather surprised at the number of lurkers who have avatars. Some are very cool. *****
  11. So, are pictures of Christmas trees being uploaded? *****
  12. lol ***** Edit: removed exclamation marks -- it's funny, but not that funny.
  13. Obviously, you don't watch Showcase or Bravo. *****
  14. For sure! Make certain to wear your hiking boots. *****
  15. "This has been a public service message from the Gorak Broadcasting Corporation. In the event of a real emergency you should read this again." "Please do not adjust your set -- this is just a test." *****
  16. Agreed. In previous years I spent a substantial amount of time travelling overseas in Asia and saw LOTS of English translations on products that were absolutely outrageous -- the name of one particular brand of toothpaste could turn some people off of brushing their teeth forever! But as a visitor to a country where English is not always spoken and cultural diffences abound, I just accepted it as that. I certainly didn't find it offensive knowing that it was simply a misunderstanding of language interpretation. In the end I don't think that any of us can be expected to know all the translations that go along with our cache names. But we certainly should be mindful of the offensive words in our mother tongue. *****
  17. Thanks for putting this together SylvrStorm. Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun and it'll be nice to meet some of the (in)famous local cachers. *****
  18. Jomarac5

    Cheap Bfl's

    Zuuky it's really not all that nice to change nearly all of your post *after* someone has responded to it. I mean really, your original post in it's entirety (when I responded) was: I'll bet even the forum moderators would agree that doing that is quite wrong. Anyway, perhaps this topic should be closed by Gorak, considering the BFLs are no longer available. *****
  19. Jomarac5

    Cheap Bfl's

    You really are a bit of a paradox Zuuky, but I'm glad that you're over bringing up the meds so much (I hope). I just went back over all the posts in this thread and don't see anything mentioned about borders or see how borders might pertain to this thread so it looks like your post is completely off-topic. Can you please try to keep your posts on topic so that it doesn't confuse the rest of us? This one is about BFLs. *****
  20. Jomarac5

    Cheap Bfl's

    The references to medicinals continue, and at least they aren't directed at me. I'm not sure why you keep bringing up meds Zuuky -- you must have some obsession with them. I'll step out on a limb and assume that the phrase 'lit up' got you all excited. While that may be the case or not, in no way did I infer that anyone was 'medicated'. When we lit up the falls we were however standing beside a very large campfire that was illuminating all of us quite brightly as we enjoyed a nice malt beverage. I can't understand why when no one is making any reference to meds or medications that you keep bringing up the subject. Perhaps you're being a bit para... no, never mind. I wouldn't want you to take that the wrong way. On the topic of this thread, thanks to The Wet Coaster Explorers for the heads up on the BFLs being sold out -- it saved me a trip over there this morning. And thanks to Gorak for bringing this to our attention. *****
  21. hedberg, you've made some really good points. I don't think that the problem is exclusive to Swedes -- I'll bet there are similar situations for nearly every language. I think the best way to deal with this is look at the context and the source -- if one of my cache titles contains a word that is offensive in Swedish (but is fine in English), and my cache is located in Vancouver, Canada, then I would not feel obligated to change it as it is not directly intended for non-English speaking cachers. If I were visiting Sweden and came across a cache name that when translated to English was something offensive, I may let the cache owner know of the translation, but I would probably look at it as a harmless cultural crossover and make a joke of it. I doubt that I would ask for it to be changed as the cache is not specifically intended for English speaking people so the word was not intentional. With respect to the topic question -- my feeling is that we don't need a list of words that are unacceptable. Most of us should know what is or is not acceptable in public and we know when something crosses the line. Obviously, most words with deliberate sexual connotations are not going to be accepted. Yes, there are words used sexually that are absolutely benign when used in other settings, but the reality is that we are all smart enough to know when those words are being used in an offensive manner. It can be a lot of fun to use words in clever ways that might be taken one way by an adult, and yet in a completely innocent way by a child -- the movie "Shrek" has some great examples of this. If it's done in good taste I'm OK with it (see my two previous posts). Overall, there are definitely some words that should be avoided and 'foreskin' is certainly one of them. ***** Edit: typo
  22. Come on Sax Man, the word "fore" and the word "skin" are both pretty innoculous, but the word in question is not either of those words -- it's "foreskin" -- which is very much defined no matter how you slice it (did I say that?). *****
  23. Darn! I guess that rules out a condom exchange cache. This thread reminds me of a line from a 1950's Disney cartoon where Mickey Mouse and Goofy are chasing a guy with a kitten in a cardboard container -- Mickey says "Quick Goofy, snatch that pussy and put it in the box" -- some of those cartoon writers were likely laughing pretty good about getting that one past the censors. Seriously, this is a family based activity and anything blatantly offensive should be avoided. I would say that the cache title suggested by the topic starter would be crossing the line. Having said this, however, I really don't have a problem with a cache title that incorporates a double-entendre so long as it's obvious that it will go over the heads of the little ones. *****
  24. Sounds to me that they're willing to discuss the matter. It would probably be best if you contacted them to see what they have in mind or to give them some perspective of the positive aspects of caching, i.e., trash in, trash out, etc. I thought that the 'personal safety' comments were a bit comical -- I guess they've never been in the wilderness before. You might want to get in touch with cache-tech as it appears he is currently involved in talks with Ontario Parks and may be able to offer you some helpful advice. *****
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