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  1. I heard that Criminal was the pirate who went by the name "The Captain" and that he's starting up a new pirate website. ***** Geo 101
  2. I particularly enjoyed this log: May 18, 2001 by Jeremy (Jeremy) (100 found) That's truly unfortunate. It's almost worth making a virtual cache in these areas since it's definitely worth the visit. Check out my link to see some photos of the location. - Jeremy Good thing he said "almost". ***** Geo 33D
  3. What? And deny all of you the entertainment that I provide? Pardon me, but my fans await me... ***** Geo 97X 114
  4. I'll cross post my caches because I think having choices is a good thing and competition generally makes for better customer-oriented services. Perhaps a little business competition will make the people here stand up and see that there are many who have different opinions of where this game should be heading and would like to contribute to that effort. As Gorak has indicated in his post above, I will also be listing my new caches on the NC site prior to listing them here. ***** Geo 33E 128 105
  5. CO Admin is going to Navicache? I didn't know that. ***** Geo 94DY
  6. That is one persons opinion, and very well may be the opinion of a few others as well, but it is not the opinion of all. In fact, there are many underlying reasons why there are so many problems -- most of them have are related to unfairness exhibited by the admins. The most predominant being that there are many issues regarding the way that people are treated that have NEVER been dealt with properly and these issues continue to fester. Perhaps if those issues were dealt with properly, they would cease to exist. ***** Geo 45 54
  7. I agree with CR -- so what? Am I not entitiled to my opinion, as you are to yours? As for the rest of your post... whatever. I don't agree with you because I don't think you get it. But feel free to think the way you want -- you're entitled to your views. btw: Your post seemed more like a personal attack than a contribution to this topic. ***** Geo 17 18F 27
  8. OK. But I just have to say I'm just amazed at pnew's ability to read all that is not there between the lines. As far as CR goes, I always enjoyed his insightful comments and will genuinely miss his posts and hope that we'll see him back here from time to time. ***** Geo 97S 25
  9. Are you for real? I asked you if you thought they were all wrong. The opposite of wrong is not always *right*. In this case the opposite would be *correct*. There is a correct way to deal with customers. Yeah, that's right. A correct way. See how that works. People see that something is wrong -- as in not correct -- some of them might even use the word *right* -- and that would not make them wrong. How can you possibly argue that point? See how that makes your argument not quite right? Note that I didn't say you are wrong -- but incorrect sure fits. Ah, yeah, right. Except that those deleted threads are not there any more. You do understand that, right? Personally, I don't think that deleting posts is right. That would make it wrong. Right? ***** Geo 51
  10. Ah... no, they haven't been changed as you suggest. But many of them have been deleted. Yes, gone. Finished. Never to be read again. Like they never existed. I don't see how you can see that as a positive thing. If you can't see it, perhaps you are not paying attention to what IS going on. It's pretty obvious from all the postings that there are a LOT of people who CAN see the oppressive actions. Do you really think that they are all wrong? ***** Geo 113 115
  11. I don't know where you get your groceries, but where I get mine, if I ask for a particular product and the manager is able to get it through his suppliers, he will bring it in for me (it's a big store, but they know about customer service). If there is a problem with a person at the checkout having a bad attitude, I'm sure that it wouldn't take more than a few complaints about the person before something positive was done to correct the situation. If there are not enough cashiers to deal with all the customers, the good manager will open additional cashiers to accomodate and please the customer. That's just good business because the store manager understands his customers and wishes to make the experience of being a customer in his store, a good one. You should try shopping for groceries where I shop -- they're great at keeping their customers happy. Is it the right of the customer to complain if they are not happy? Absolutely is is. You asked if it's RIGHT? Yes, it is. ***** Geo 96N 104
  12. Can't say I agree with you here. Although there may be some cases where what you say is true, it's my experience that many companies take a VERY responsible approach to dealing with community issues (it's in their best interest to do so). Perhaps in your world companies are distrusted -- in my world, companies are run by people, and those that run their business with the wants and the needs of people in the forefront, generally fair quite well. Your comment regarding the unpaid volunteer as more honest and unbiased doesn't bode well -- I've seen plenty of volunteers who are little more than inept, heck, some are inept. There are capable people on both sides of the fence and it would be wrong simply to exclude one side because of an unfounded bias. Personally, for-profit or not-for-profit doesn't matter much to me -- what does matter is who can get the job done the best. ***** Geo 23
  13. I thought there was a point to this thread before it was so rudely taken off track and there it is -- it's about the caching community. Thank you. I very much agree with the community input aspect of your suggestion. It's a very good one. Now who could be expected to head such a query with a fair and unbiased perspective... ***** Geo 95M 105
  14. I agree. You want to go? Go. Whatever. Why do you feel the need to explain your actions to us? Wow. That sure gave this thread a shot in the arm. Well done. Hey, I'm alright if you want to express your thoughts on the subject even if they go against the grain. At least you weren't rude about it. Don't know if I can answer your question adequately, but perhaps it's just because they can. Or maybe they feel an alliance with several personalities on this board and just want to let their online pals know why they're not around anymore. I really don't know. I suppose it could be for one or more of many reasons. It's not my style but hey, who really cares? ***** Geo 96DFV
  15. I don't think that it's so much an issue of profit or not for profit entities ruling over caching. Either way can be equally bad. There should not be a problem with anyone making money for services which they work hard at to provide. It's been said here previously that the answer lies in an open source database of all caches. This would allow anyone to provide services (for pay or not) in a manner that they feel is the way that the majority of people want. People can choose for themselves which service they wish to use. Obviously, whoever is giving people what they want will get the business/memberships and the profits (monetary or otherwise) that come from it. This is truly a situation of the provider providing to those who choose to have their caches served up in whatever manner they feel best. There are many ways that this can be set up so that no one entity commands absolute ownership of the cache listings. ***** Geo 35
  16. There's another group; those who believe that the lack of prohibition does not necessarily imply permission but that there are some things that shouldn't require permission. Hiking, walking, caching, and other non-invasive human powered activities on public land (excluding ecologically sensitive areas) should not require permission or fees. As a resident and tax payer of our respective countries, it is *our* public land and public means you and me. ***** Geo 97R 67D
  17. Please pass the honey. ***** Geo 25 29
  18. That's not very nice. ***** Geo 115
  19. Wheeee.... ***** Geo 94TY Edit: added comment
  20. Majormd&PUNditOK, your post reminds me of a situation that happened a week or so ago while on a night caching hunt with Gorak. It appeared that a beaver had decided that it wanted the tree that the cache was placed under, and after removing the tree it left the cache exposed for anyone to see. I placed that cache about three feet away at the base of another tree and covered it up -- and then, as you did, I e-mailed the cache owner to let them know of what took place. They were very appreciative that the cache was moved to a nearby hiding spot and not left lying in the open (the clue still worked fine in the new spot). I would say that if there is a good reason for moving someone else's cache, it is a prudent to e-mail them about it as soon as possible. I think in most cases, the cache owner will be thankful that you are looking out for the best interest of the cache. ***** Geo 33H
  21. Sorry CO Admin, I didn't see your post until after I posted mine. Yes, let's get it back on topic. ***** Geo 97S
  22. Thanks Gorak, I try but it seems that some people just misinterpret my playful and fun mannerism. ***** Geo 101 106
  23. Mean? I don't think you know me nearly well enough to make such a statement. Many people tell me how nice I am. What's mean about what I posted? *****
  24. Thank you for replying to my post (that used to be there). Yes, it does clarify your point although the ecological aspect alone is quite enough to warrant the stand that your organization is taking. My apologies if I appeared a bit agitated regarding the ever tiring "liability concerns". Thanks for being open to discussion regarding the placement of caches on HCA land. *****
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