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  1. Now I Geocache and once in a while browse the forums. It is difficult to read the tone of the comments and many times I'm laughing at a post and the next reply reads anger. I think people might be reading aggression into comments that are just sarcastic or poking fun. I think many people take offense when it is not intended. They just need to lighten up a little.

    Very astute observations. Thanks JeepJohn.



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  2. Once again you miss the point and stick to your same old rhetoric. Thus proving the point, if you dont like the answer you keep asking the question even if the answer is correct.

    Uh... what was the question?


    btw: it looks like you're way off topic. Again. 87227_9300.gif



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  3. Scoobie10 wrote:

    J5, I think what you've missed here is the word "enough". It looks to me that those who are complaining about everything they don't have or how they are treated, number very few. Comparitivly speaking, very loud voices, very few numbers. Clearly, there are not enough people that are dissatisfied with the product for GC.com to make certain decisions. If there were enough users unhappy, I'm certain you would see changes made quickly. I only see 15...maybe 20 people on here that are unhappy with almost everything regarding this site. Others are content and hoping for more in the future. My guess is most of the users are mostly satisfied. See my post post on page one of this thread.

    So I guess what you're really saying here is "tough nuts"?


    If you'll notice, I was responding to BeDoggy's post as it has some information which I feel is incorrect. Are you telling me that I should not express my opinions yet others can express theirs? That you can express yours, but I should refrain from doing the same?


    Out of the few people who post to these forums regularly, how much of a percentage do you think those 20 people that you mention make? My guess is that percentage-wise, those 20 people make up a pretty good portion of those that post here. Also, I don't think that there is anyone who is unhappy with almost *everything* about this site -- but there certainly are a lot who are unhappy with a few things. If you'll pardon me for saying so, I think you are clearly wrong. Just for the record, there are some pretty loud voices the other way as well.


    BTW: This thread is about stifling opinions and criticism -- the very same thing that you're telling me that I should do with mine. Thanks for at least keeping on topic.



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  4. Curious George wrote:

    Let's fire up one of them puppies and take it for a spin. Free White Spot burgers all around, and we can stop and do some caches along the way 

    Mmmm... White Spot burgers. Can I bring my water skis? I hear that the ferries are fast enough if you put the throttle wide open.


    Oh yeah, I'll see if I can spot any caches on the shore while we're screaming by. :lol:



    Geo 97V

  5. BeDoggy wrote:

    You are free to complain here, to bring up new ideas, and if enough forum users share your ideas the site operators will be influenced by popular demand.

    How long have you been using this site? Apparently, you've missed all the threads about people who have been complaining and bringing up new ideas only to be told "tough nuts".


    As far as your reference to the site operators being influenced by popular demand in the forums, I think you'll find it difficult to dispute, with very little exception, that what you are saying is not true.


    No, the site is not a monopoly in the truest sense of the word, but as has been stated here so eloquently by ju66l3r it is a virtual monopoly by the shear size and market share (think about ju66l3r's Microsoft example for a minute or two -- there's a good example of a company that unarguably has a 'virtual monopoly' based on their share of the marketplace). Saying this, is not putting any sort of blame or judgement on the folks at GC -- only that there indeed is a form of monopoly.


    Also, I don't think that anyone said that anyone who doesn't agree with ju66l3r is blind or stupid, but it is quite possible that an open-minded view might enlighten some to the fact that editing and deleting posts, and closing threads is indeed a form of oppression. No need to go to North Korea to see that.



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  6. Bloencustoms, good post.


    Regarding the contents of TEAM KFWB GPS caches, some of them are indeed very generous to say the least. In fact, some of them are absolutely incredible. They do place caches with regular swag -- very similar to the caches that the rest of us put out -- this is the case with the cache that is being discussed here.


    If I'm wrong here, perhaps someone from the TEAM can correct me, but I don't think the intent of the TEAM is for people finding their caches to trade up, or even -- but to trade something of value -- even if it's just a cool dollar store item.


    I doubt very much that a crumpled up parking receipt or a piece of pocket lint would suffice.



    Geo 8

  7. Lazyboy & Mitey Mite wrote:

    My idea of maintainence is removing things that don't belong there and making sure it's still there. I'm not going to provide a group of swag collectors with more than they deserve. I'll start all the traditional caches I place with good items and if the contents are junk afterwards then shame on the rest of you

    I don't know that maintenance requires updating the contents of a cache, but it sure wouldn't hurt to add some new stuff to pick the cache up if the cache contents have degraded.


    On the plus side, it's unlikely that the same people who have not traded fairly will visit the cache again.


    From what I've seen since I started caching, it's an unfortunate fact that a lot of the contents in a cache degrade over time. For the most part, if it is within your means, adding a good item or two is a very commendable thing to do and adds greatly to the activity. The thing to do if you come across a *bad* cache is to contact the cache owner and let them know that there is a problem with the cache. They need to know about the problem to be able to do anything about it.


    The *most* responsible thing to do however, is to trade fairly or not at all.



  8. ju66l3r, hypothetically, would this database be available for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations? Would for-profit organizations hypothetically speaking, be requirred to offer some sort of financial reimbursement to assist in offsetting the costs? Would there be restrictions on the use of this hypothetical database? If so, what kinds of restrictions?



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    Edit: typo

  9. Perhaps we need to form a committee to police conflicting waypoints. Since you are obviously concerned about this can I offer your name up to head that committee?


    That's not necessary, there is already a .10 mi. rule in place on this site and the approvers take care of that. ;)


    Also this site works with land managers on geocaching placement policies. There is no guarantee other sites would. Look how many letterboxes are places in National Parks and other restricted areas that pertain to geocaches.

    Was that an airplane that just went by?



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  10. Ya got me there ju66l3r. If indeed it was to be listed on another site, and then on GC it would not be approved as you mention. As far as a large market share, perhaps now, but it will yet to be seen.


    I still think that NavDog should head a committee to police all those other waypoints though. ;)



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  11. Here's an idea. Make the site open source. All you have to do is find a location to host it and let developers start working on the code. Forget about the arguments of why people wont use it. Open source tends to make leaps and bounds and in a very short time will far surpass geocaching.com's functions. Build a better mouse trap and people will use it. Then others will be forced to follow.

    Well said.



    Geo 64BD

  12. NavDog wrote:

    Not saying I would do that, just pointing out potential problems with competing cache services.

    Where's the problem? There's nothing to stop someone from putting a bookcrossing or letterboxing (or any other coordinates based game) waypoint nearby. Why should it be a problem if another listing site has a waypoint destination near on that is on this site?


    Perhaps we need to form a committee to police conflicting waypoints. Since you are obviously concerned about this can I offer your name up to head that committee?



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  13. Just curious though... why would you buy a yellow eTrex?  While they still have the ability to track a satellite or 3, they have been outdated by many models.  Admittedly the prices are a little higher, but you could get a Geko 201 for about $30 more than that, which has quite a few more features.

    Perhaps that is the reason for the price drop.


    Nothing wrong with a yellow E-trex -- tons of caches have been found with them. If someone is on a tight budget, it's a pretty good deal.


    Thanks for letting us know about this BeDoggy. ;)



    Geo 33B 36

    Edit: added thanks

  14. Gorak wrote:

    If you can't trade up, don't trade at all.

    I very much agree with this statement. I'm also impressed with the number of times that Gorak leaves something without taking anything.


    I was also at the cache with Gorak (although I had logged it some time ago) and was appalled at the amount of crap that was in it. I know very well that TEAM KFWB GPS caches do not start out this way.


    I don't understand how some people can justify a lousy trade to themselves -- surely there must be a little bit of guilt there. I'll bet that if crappy stuff was left in their caches that they would be pretty upset about it. It's a two way street and the reality is that the majority of the trade items are for kids -- if you've got kids with you and you are not trading fairly, you certainly aren't setting a very good example for them to follow.


    If you're not going to trade fairly, then don't trade at all -- no one gets upset about not trading.



    Geo 64

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