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  1. Hey Geo-trekker, I'm curious, what's your take on all this? *****
  2. Fires are not permitted at Granite Falls at any time. My guess is that briquettes are OK as they are allowed at other parks where open fires are not allowed. Wonder if we'll run into any pirates up there? *****
  3. quote: Keystone Approver wrote:Since the topic originator has articulately and specifically criticized the basis for his own thread, I suppose I ought to close it? Hydee usually gives it the "You've been warned" notice. This gives a fortunate few the opportunity to get in a last word. *****
  4. One of my caches was hit by this scurvy dog (and he can hit another one of mine anytime he wants -- this is indeed a different MO -- either this is a different pirate or the pirates have changed their ways). *****
  5. eroyd, you have to see one of these notes, they're very cool. I'll try to get some better pictures of them. One of my caches was hit by this Urchin as well and when I first went to check on the cache (didn't have my camera with me), I was a bit miffed when I first saw the note. But after reading it and following the instructions on the map I found the cache contents less than 30 meters away. There was another note saying that the finder could keep the box to place a cache of their own, I thought, "this isn't so bad". No harm has been done and there could possibly be a new cache coming out soon. I put everything back the way that I found it and left it for the next person who visits my cache. If this is the extent that this pirate is going to play his game, then I'm fine with it. I hope that I come across a cache that has been plundered by Urchin if a new lock & lock box is what there is to look forward to. I'm sure my kids would get a big kick out of this -- when I told them that our cache had been pirated their first reaction was similar to mine, they were a bit upset, but when I explained to them how it was done, they all thought it was very cool. Obviously, someone is having a bit of fun here and I don't have a problem with it being done this way. I love a good pirate story. *****
  6. The person four posts above me was right and thinks that Pan may have just brought us some bad mojo. The person below me believes that anything is possible.... *****
  7. quote: Perigrine007 wrote:Is that the same place that has the donuts? I've never been there but the fellow at Deep Cove Kayak mentioned something about donuts so it could very well be. *****
  8. Must be a Texas thing. The person below me knows the words to every Lyle Lovett song and sings them as loud as possible when out looking for caches... *****
  9. Glad you can make it Pat. It looks like the following are going: Gorak MrPeabody Hairy Plotter Dagg Peregrine007 WCoaster Pat Patterson Myself and possibly Curious George I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. See you at breakfast. I'm stoked. *****
  10. Amishangel, I'll tell you how to add the emoticons but you've got to promise not to use the frogs. In the pop-up window that you enter your forum posts in, there are a bunch of buttons just above the text entry box. Click on the happy face button and a menu will drop down with a selection of emoticons. Select the one that you want to use by clicking on it and the code will appear in your page where the cursor is. It's that simple. Just don't use those frog emoticons -- they're evil. *****
  11. quote: Divine wrote:I hope you're not an aircraft pilot or something like that... I've never been in an airplane that had frogs on the dash. Nor would I want to be. You can like the frogs if you like. Heck, you could print them out and wallpaper your bathroom with them for all I care. But you'll never convince me that they're a good thing. I don't like them. I don't like them at all. I'll stick with , thank you very much. *****
  12. quote: Zuuky wrote:The pirate needs to be concerned that they may be found responsible should someone tamper with caches in an even MORE distructful way, and leave the blame with the pirate cacher. What if someone left Anthrax in a cache container? Hmmm..... I don't get this Zuuk. It's just a little bit over the top. Come on, if it comes right down to it, whats to stop *anyone* from leaving something evil in a cache? If anyone did, I doubt that they would leave any kind of calling card. quote: The so-called pirate was here too eh? Still a loser. Try this in Canada. I also find it a bit odd that you would challenge these guys to come up here. *****
  13. quote: sept1c_tank wrote:I would like to see a coupla frogs that could do this: I hate the frogs. Personally, I think they're stupid and I refuse to use them. They all look the same. If you use them, don't expect me to know what each of them mean. *****
  14. Looks like the same note that was in my cache. Why is Vancouver Transit now members only? *****
  15. quote: carleenp wrote:To recognize when a person is being sarcastic and I have a sarcastic reply where the emoticon illustrates it more... Is sarcasm allowed under the new rules? *****
  16. Zuuk, I see that you posted on the cache page that you retrieved the cache contents -- are you going to post some pictures of the note here? BTW: there was a second note in the pirate cache at my cache, is this the case with VT? ****
  17. Ooooh... that smarts! The person below me will use a rolling eye emoticon in their post... *****
  18. quote: Gorak wrote:Given all the paddling you've done in the Arm, I'm surprised you haven't heard of Honey's. Well, that's because I'm always paddling around the arm rather than spending my time sitting in restaurants. How about we meet at Honeys around 7:30? This will give the guys who are sleeping in their cars a bit of time to wake up and clear the sand out of their eyes. *****
  19. Arrr!!! I do sometimes talk like a pirate and I've said many times in these forums that I love a good pirate story. But I don't steal caches. Nor do I condone the actions of those who do. BTW: I visited a couple of my own caches after Zuuk called me last night and one of them had also been visited by the pirate. Fair winds to all and may the pirates who steal caches be hung from the yard arm by their thumbs. *****
  20. What an awesome idea Jeepers Keepers. I like it. I like it a lot. In fact, I've been working on something similar. These little side ideas are what makes caching so much fun. ***** [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on September 17, 2003 at 06:56 PM.]
  21. quote: CO Admin wrote:However, too much only spoils all the hard work the chef did. But what if the chef is not doing the best possible job? *****
  22. TPAM didn't press the Post Now button quick enough. The person below me likes putting caches in places where you have to have to stick your arm waaaaaaaay into a hole to retrieve the cache... *****
  23. Hey, no peeking! The person below me has never smoked a cigarette... *****
  24. It's now confirmed that WCoaster will be going with me. I hope that Curious George will be able to make the trip. Hey, Dagg and Perigrine007 (and anyone else who's coming), do you guys want to go for breakfast before we go? I just called Deep Cove Kayak and they told me that there's a restaurant (called Honey's or something like that) on the main street in Deep Cove that is open early for breakfast. I'll give a knock on your car at 7:00 or so, when we arrive. *****
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