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  1. Xitron, my reply to this is on the new post in the Canada forums. *****
  2. quote: Pudman&Pookie2 wrote:Did the cache page owner request that the notes be deleted? Good question. *****
  3. Fair enough Mopar. I certainly don't want to argue the point. Thanks. *****
  4. Xitron, thanks for joining in the discussion. The pirate is not moving the cache from its original location -- he's placing the contents in a new container and placing that container a short distance away from the original cache. When the finder locates the pirate container, they're told to return the contents to the original cache, trade if they wish, and then take the pirate container (in this case, a brand new lock & lock box) and place a cache of their own. Even as a worst case scenario, the pirate cache exists only until the finder picks it up -- and then only the original cache remains (in it's original and only location). Personally, I think this pirate concept is rather cool. It adds a new element to the game (that I'm sure kids would love) and it helps to get more caches placed. The cache owner is not inconvenienced by any of this either, as the cache contents are not far away and are returned to the cache by the person who finds it. The log book is left in the cache so that the finder is not forced to retrieve the contents. The pirate also gets to have his fun by creating a little mischief. All around, I think everyone wins. *****
  5. I agree with Pan -- there should not be any editing or deleting. Give us the option of previewing our posts so that we can check for typos, etc. and then once the post is made, it's done. Being able to edit and/or delete opens the door for much abuse. I know that preview options are available for Ubb. We just saw a recent cacher who picked up his ball and leave the site after deleting his posts, making all the rest of the posts confusing with respect to the initial topic. ***** Edited: because I could.
  6. quote: Sax Man wrote:Since most threads have an off-topic post by about the 3rd reply, Jomarac will request that the post be locked so it can be continued on a new thread. Not likely Sax Man. Unlike a few others who can not take what they dish out, I am not afraid or intimidated by those who take a thread off topic. If they want to be rude, I'll simply treat them accordingly. *****
  7. quote: Pan wrote:Now, about the pirate, I think there is less chatter in the forums about that rascal becuase he is a kinder, gentler pirate, who is not abusive to others' caches, and who leaves a little bounty for the one who finds the booty. You may have something there Pan. Seems that the new pirate (or at least the new method) is not as controversial as the original pirates (who by the way, have also changed their tactics a fair bit). Could it be that the pirate concept is being accepted as a part of the game now? *****
  8. Gorak, I don't think so. I can see making the cache temporarily unavailable, but changing it to members only seems only to stop the majority from viewing it. Whatever the reason, it doesn't really matter now, as the cache is back being available to all. Thanks MrG. *****
  9. So, Geotrekker, You had some interesting opinions about the pirates (and a few other off topic comments). Care to step into Wile E.'s lair and cast your opinions once again? *****
  10. A new topic has been started in the Canada Forums: THE GEOPIRATE HAS LANDED IN BC, II. Thanks Wile E. *****
  11. It was a member only cache last night and this morning. I received an e-mail from the cache owner a short while ago telling me that it was a temporary move -- although it beats me what purpose that could serve. *****
  12. Guess I'll be a lot more careful about who's topics I post to. Kind of reminds me of the guy who takes his ball and walks away from the game. Sorry, Elias, no disrespect to you, but I can't agree with you that that is a good policy. It's not right. *****
  13. Thanks Wile E. I was just on my way to do the same. So where were we? Oh ya.. Geotrekker -- if you're going to flame me, at least do it with something that is on topic. As it stands, your post is not worth more response than what I've given here. Yes, RobertM's question was quite valid but in reality it doesn't matter here. I'll go and take some pictures of the pirate notes a little later and will post them here. I can assure you that I don't have a problem with people seeing them. So... Does anyone else have any comments about this new pirate? *****
  14. Thanks Mopar, for your perspective. It was not the case here. *****
  15. Why was it closed? What's the deal here? If I start a topic and the discussion doesn't go the way that I want it to, can I get it shut down too? This makes no sense whatsoever. *****
  16. Wow. I know there's new rules and all but I can't believe that the thread titled THE GEOPIRATE HAS LANDED IN BC in the Canada Forum just got shut down for no apparent reason. Seems that someone cried because a little reality bit him and the thread was snapped shut. I could see it getting shut down if anyone had responded poorly to the very inflamatory and confrontational post by Geo-trekker -- but such was not the case. I have a hard time believing this one. Normally, I don't get too bent out of shape about a thread being locked but there was no reason for this thread to be rudely cut off. If this is the way that the Canada Forum is going to be moderated, I'll be posting all my regional topics here in the General section, at least the moderators here are being fair. The moderator in the Canada forums could use some coaching from Keystone Approver. This is definitely an appropriate moment for a few of these: *****
  17. It wasn't off topic Zuuk. A few of your pictures were pretty fuzzy. The comment was valid as it related directly to the topic at hand. The poster was just trying to get a clearer view of the evidence. And I have ten fingers -- so maybe I should be typing just that much more. But enough of this small talk stuff -- what do *you* think of this version of the pirate? ***** [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on September 18, 2003 at 01:31 PM.]
  18. quote: J&MBella wrote:Hmm... That's an interesting point. I think we all could write a better script. I'd have to agree with this. It's not a very exciting story line. They need to add a pirate or two in there to make it a real adventure. *****
  19. quote: Keystone Approver wrote:J5, who would you cast as forum moderators in your proposed series? There are both male and female moderators so pick one of each. How about you and I take care of the deed? That would be fun, don't you agree? *****
  20. quote: Zuuk wrote:Groundspeak would still have a non-exclusive right to do with them whatever they will... Do we need to call on the moderator to keep this thread on topic Zuuky? This is not a discussion about the terms of use. Haven't heard what you think of this pirate yet. Care to share your views? *****
  21. quote: New England n00b wrote:I swear I'm gonna smack the next TV/movie studio executive that thinks "Extreme", "EXTREME!", "eXtreme!" and any other variation is an orignal (*&^%&^ idea. Perhaps they should start a new series called "Extreme Forum Posting". I'll bet it would be pretty exciting. *****
  22. Hey Woodsters, they're evil little amphibians. Keeping this on topic, what are your thoughts on this new pirate attack? *****
  23. Arrr Mr Peabody, tis true -- another sunrise and we'll all be talkin' like pirates. Now where's that wench Mystery Woman when ye needs er? *****
  24. Cachewidow, nice to hear that you see the fun in this as well. I don't think that it's fair however to give Hydee a hard time about deleting the log notes -- there were a lot of accusations and finger pointing going on and it's possible that the cache owner complained about his cache page becoming a forum discussion. If it were my cache, I probably would have deleted the logs myself. Dagg, are you suggesting that the pirate is PAT?!? *****
  25. Fair enough Hydee. There were a lot of accusations being thrown around there -- including fingers being pointed not only at me, but also towards at least one very prominent and respected local cacher who we all know didn't have anything to do with the pirating of these caches. btw: Have I mentioned that I really don't like those frog emoticons? *****
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