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  1. Team Sand Dollar, if you want religious materials then I suggest that you go to a church. There's probably one near you that would be happy to give you all the pamphlets, CDs and other material that you could hope for. Religious material is not appropriate for a cache. *****
  2. BrianSnat, I'd be interested in hearing about how the cache was plundered. Can you fill us in on the details? *****
  3. Arrr Gorak, I'll bring me extra tent for ye mate. Dagg, I don't have an frs. If you have one to loan, I'll gladly borrow it for our boat (unless WCoaster has one). quote: Consider your cache plundered har har har *****
  4. That's interesting Charis. And I'm glad that you've let us know about your cache being plundered. I'm curious, how far did you have to travel to pick up your cache? What is the response of other cachers in your area (that you know of)? *****
  5. SylvrStorm, I don't know if this new pirate would honor the wishes of people who don't want to have their caches plundered or not, but like yourself, he strikes me as the sort that would. It's obvious that he wants to make this work or he would have simply taken the caches or plundered them in the same manner as the Washington pirate. From the experience that I had with the pirate plundering my cache, it was very benign. Frankly, when I first opened the cache and saw the note, I was pretty miffed as I thought it was the same scenario as what recently went on in Washington. After following the instructions and seeing that nothing was harmed or taken, I thought it was quite cool and fun. In fact, I left it there for the next person to find. If you e-mail me, I'll tell you which cache it is, and if you'd like, you can take a look at how it was done for yourself. I can't answer your question of whether or not he'd be open to contacting the owner first, but from my discussions with the pirates at piratecaching.com, they seem very adamant about keeping their identities unknown, any contact with the cache owner could compromise that. I also doubt that the pirate is going to post on these forums. Previous pirates have already been banned from the site for posting. It might be better if you have questions for the pirates, that you post them on www.piratecaching.com -- that's where they all are. *****
  6. Arrr!!! Gorak me friend, 'ow big do ye thinks me ship is matey? She be a big one fer sure, but takin the kitchen sink is outta the question. Me already gots Daggs stove, as well as me own -- I think we're goin te be OK with the stoves that we 'ave. Maybe ye should leave yer stove at 'ome (or brings it and if it's not needed ye could leaves it is yer auto). As fer as the tarp goes, bring it along -- we can straps it to the deck if we be needin to. Gorak, ay've gots an extra two man tent that might work fer ye. It's a bit old, but it'll keep the skeeters from findin yer blood. Me thinks it's OK in the rain, but we could throw a tarp over it if the skys begins te fall upon us. Aye, good to sees ye Plotter, and we hopes te sees ye in time fer some grub before we set sail. Arrrr!!! *****
  7. quote: SylvrStorm wrote:But I don't see how asking them to ask the cache owner could hurt. Where's the anonymity in that? The pirate scenario doesn't work if everyone knows who it is. Where's the problem with putting a graphic on the cache page to indicate that you're not interested in having your cache plundered? Seems to me that this is an easy, simple solution. *****
  8. quote: Zuuky wrte:You are worthy of a reply. But my boss says I can only tell one person per week to **** ***. This is suitable for a family oriented website? Where do you get off? You should be banned from the forums for using this kind of language (it's meaning is pretty clear to anyone that sees it). You should be ashamed of yourself for dropping to such a low level. I thought you were smarter than that Zuuky. Guess I was mistaken. *****
  9. quote: SylvrStorm wrote:Thoughts? Opinions? Flaws in this idea? Suggestions for improvement? Asking to pirate a cache is not going to work -- what pirate is going to agree with that? Part of the fun is the element of surprise -- it's not having anyone know where the pirate is going to strike next. How about this for a solution -- add this graphic to your cache page if you oppose pirates -- all pirates will be expected to honour this badge and stay away from caches that display it: *****
  10. quote: btouch wrote:Sharing the Gospel is not just an act of obedience, however, it is also an act of Love. We believe that all have sinned and fallen short and are undeserving of the Grace that God has provided, but the offer of Grace is there for all to accept. And what if I don't want to accept it? What if I don't need to accept it? I'm sick of you people telling me that I should think this way or that way. Who the heck are you to tell me anything? I don't want your help. I don't want you to be my saviour. If there is such a thing as the pearly gates, I'll take my chances there. I'm fine with my beliefs, thank you very much, and it's obvious from this thread that I'm not the only one who thinks this way, so stop putting your religious crap in caches. *****
  11. Arrr Dagg, it is true that today is talk like a pirate day, will ye be joinin the fun matey? MrPeabody, hope all works out with your gear. There are two of us bringing Coleman stoves that I know of which should be enough for all of 8 (or 9) of us. Dagg asked about briquetes but I don't know if he's bringing a barbeque or not. Dagg? It might be a good idea to go back to page one of this thread and take a look through the list that I made up. I'm pumped guys and looking so much forward to this -- see you tomorrow morning at Honey's. *****
  12. It's no secret that I have defended the concept of the method that this lastest pirate has used. I think it's fun and it adds a new harmless twist to the game. Obviously, there are those who disagree with this concept and instead of trying to work out an amicable solution to a problem that is happening (and will continue to happen, no matter what you or I say), they wish instead to tear people down and throw insults and unsubstatiated allegations -- how many have been named and accused since our local pirate struck? At least three. There are three people that had their character questioned, and not only questioned but accusingly threatened. The pirating of caches is going to happen. It is happening. And quite frankly, there is not much that anyone here can do about it. I have spoken several times in the past that I do not agree with the pirates and the way that they have been taking caches and either just keep them, or take them, hold them for a while, and then drop them off at great distances from the original cache location. I do not condone this behaviour. However, this new pirate added a twist -- he didn't take and hold up the cache for an extended period. He did it in a way that actually adds something to the game -- he leaves a cache container so that a new cache can be placed. Instead of trying to meet these people half way, and find a way to incorporate this new twist, there are obviously some here who would rather not try to reach a solution but instead, fuel the fire of those who are taking the game pieces. I have said all that I need to say about this. I have expressed that I agree with this new twist and many others have expressed similar sentiment. I believe, as do others, that the new pirate twist is a much better than the old. I feel that I can no longer add anything to this arguement. Those of you who wish to attack me directly and point fingers, shame on you for doing so with nothing more than far reaching accusations. So have it your way. You can have the pirates continue to plunder your caches in manner that is far from fair. This new pirate method was a good compromise, and I'm far from being the only one who thinks so. At least I tried to work out a solution that would meet these guys half way. All you have done is complain about a problem, that realistically, you can do nothing about. So keep sending your idle threats to the pirates, infuriate them further, and continue on your merry way. I will no longer support your narrow outlook. *****
  13. Just to make a point -- quote:Geo-blabber wrote: To reiterate that you are the weakest link, you obviously don't realize that had I been banned, I wouldn't be here with the same Geo-Trekker user name. Unless of course I was using a sock puppet account of Geo-Trekker (with a period) Where did I say that you were banned? Your detective skills are right up there with your reading and comprehension skills (and your manners could use some work too). I will no longer reply to your insults and warrantless accusations. *****
  14. quote: DocMagoo wrote:Now if a cacher sets out to find a cache taken by a pirate, once they finally find it, they may not place the cache back in the original place that the cache owner placed it... Then we're back to someone posting notes in your cache page, condemning you for not having the cache in the proper coordinates Doco, where did you get this idea that the cache moves? The cache does NOT move. Not an inch from where the cache placer put it. My cache that the pirate plundered was exactly where I had placed it. There seems to be some confusion of how this pirate works. Let me recap the pirate's method: 1. The cacher locates the cache that the owner placed. The cache has not been moved. 2. The cacher opens the container and finds the following: - The log book - A pencil and/or pen - A note from the pirate The note says: Arrr Matey!!! This cache was plundered by pirates! Avast ye scurvy dog, this ‘ere’s the dreaded Captain Urchin and I gots a tale I’m urgin’ ta tell ye. We sailed on me ship fer many a night when we come across this treasure and bein’ pirates and all, we had to take it with us – it’s in our blood ye see. All the booty is now hidden from ye scallywags at a nearby location. We be kind enough to leave the logbook for them of ye who would rather walk the plank than go on to find the booty. But fer them of ye who still wants to trade fer the loot, ye will ‘ave to go a little farther to get it by followin’ the instructions on the back of this message. Yo ho ho... 3. On the back of the note, is a map that leads to the pirate cache. The pirate cache is nearby (in the case of the two caches here, the loot was around 30 meters away). 4. After reaching the pirate cache, there is a second note that reads: Arrr!!! Ye found it!!! Ye gots to do a last deed so ye can trade fer the loot. Take this here box of booty and return to the original location of the cache that it was taken from. When ye gets there, take the loot from this here container and put it back in the original cache box. Then ye can trade yer swag as you normally would. Trade fair or we’ll be huntin’ ye down and sendin’ ye to Davey Jones’ locker! Now ye gots this treasure box left over from Captain Urchin and we’re bettin’ that ye wants to know what to do with it – take it home, put some loot in it – and use it fer placin’ a cache of yer own. Now that’s a good seafairin’ deal ain’t it? Fair winds matey, and may the sun always shine upon ye… 5. The cacher trades, and takes the container with them and uses it to place a cache of their own. There is zero maintenance for the cache owner. The cacher experiences a little adventure. Another cache gets placed. Nobody loses. Everyone wins. Where's the problem? *****
  15. quote: Geotrekker wrote:And Jomarac, no offence but you seem very adament about pursuing this topic. So adament that it's becoming alarming and obvious. You are standing way too near the edge of this plank and some of your 'caching peers are becoming more suspicious of you and your possible link to this piracy. Is that some kind of a threat? quote: If you visited your own caches that night and one of them was visited by the pirate, does that make you the pirate?Apparently, you seem to think so. quote: Why didn't you mention the name of the so called pirated cache? None of your cache pages show a log from you doing maintenance and "discovering" the plundered swag.As I mentioned, I left the cache the way it was. I don't want to ruin it for the next person that goes to get it. Why don't you go out and find out which cache it is? Then you could find out for yourself exacly how this thing works. quote: Yet another piece of evidence...Why would you make such an irreverant remark? Like, I don't murder people but yeah I don't think that murdering people is wrong. Evidence? Conjecture at best, I should think. You should have been a detective. Zuuk mentioned nothing about a second note. My plundered cache had a second note -- it is correct to assume that the same method would be used. quote: What was on the second note? Care to elaborate? The same thing that was on the note that Zuuk took a picture of and uploaded to the site. Evidence? Are you joking me? You already falsely accused one person and called them the pirate, or did you forget that already? Now you're pointing a finger a me? You don't learn very fast, do you? Your posts are filled with nothing but conjecture and confrontation. Grow up. Aren't you the one who got banned not so long ago for pretending to be Team KFWB (with a period) and got slapped by Jeremy for it after sending cachers in Victoria to two unsavoury locations? Why, yes you are. If you want to continue with your allegations, I suggest that you put them in an e-mail, and send them to yourself. ***** [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on September 18, 2003 at 11:24 PM.]
  16. Sorry, I gave my word. The person below me is going to say something that will make everyone stop and think, if only for a moment... *****
  17. cacherunner, Renegade Knight, and Bug and Snake, So what is a solution that will make *you* happy AND allow the pirates and everyone else that wants to participate, have their fun? *****
  18. Woodsters, the pirate that is in our neighbourhood is not operating the same as the one recently plundering caches in Washington. The pirate that plundered our caches is called Captain Urchin. One of my caches was plundered by the pirate, along with another local cache. This pirate is removing the contents of the cache, hiding the contents in a Lock & Lock container close by to the original cache location (of the two caches plundered so far, the contents have not been more than 30 or so meters away). A note is left in the original cache saying that the cache has been plundered and a map is drawn on the back of the note showing the location of the plundered contents. After opening the pirate container (the Lock & Lock box), a second note is found, with instructions to take the contents back to the original cache, put them back in the original cache container, trade whatever you want to trade, and then take the Lock & Lock box and use it to place a cache of your own. You can see some photos of the notes that were left on this thread in the Canada Forums that is now closed. Quite a different method compared to the Washington pirate. *****
  19. quote: Briansnat wrote:But without sock puppets, how am I going to post silly threads, introduce controversial topics and flame other geocachers? I'll do what I can to help you out there. *****
  20. seekerbc, nice to hear from you. I'm glad that now you see that this pirate thing is not what you initially though it was. I know that you spent a few bucks and a lot of time preparing the new VT cache and can understand completely why you were so upset the other day when it appeared to have been gone forever. I never thought of the pirates method as 'doubling' the cache, but that is true, isn't it? Good observation. "Cache doubling", hmmmm... it does seem to make it all look a lot less like a nasty thing. Thanks for your comments. *****
  21. Well cacherunner, I was hoping for a little more open minded reply but you seem to have missed most of the points and instead decided to comment on semantics rather than the playfulness of the overall concept. To compare stealing a car to this, is quite frankly, ludicrous. It's not even remotely the same thing. It's a game. No one is *taking* anything here - in fact the opposite is true but you've decided to avoid giving that aspect of it even the slightest mention in your reply. I am a bit curious as to what you think you *could do* if someone were to pirate your cache, either in the manner of this playful pirate, or of a person completely unattached to caching taking your cache. Seriously, I'd be interested to know how you could find this person and even give them a hope of letting God help 'em. Seems like a very unreasonable statement to make. In the end however, you are completely entitled to your opinion and I thank you for giving it. *****
  22. cacherunner, I'm curious to know exactly why you feel that this is such a wrong thing to do? The cache is not removed, the contents are only placed a short distance away and the person walks away with a new cache container that they can use to place a new cache. You mention that if you wanted the cache to be a 2 stage cache that you would have created it that way and I can appreciate this. However, it is not effecting every person that goes to your cache, only one person that is looking for your cache is being effected. From the majority of responses today, it seems that most people would like to find one of these caches that have been plundered in this manner. Considering that the pirates were previously taking the entire cache away, I'd say this is a scenario that is a good compromise. I'd appreciate it a lot if you could offer a response to this. Thanks. *****
  23. Saves me from getting up to go to the John when I'm totally absorbed in my beer drinking career. The person below me is going to make sure that they answered the poll already... *****
  24. quote: Keystone Approver wrote:You wrongly assumed either that I'm female, or that I'm willing to have an operation. Are YOU willing? That would be fun, don't you agree? Ughh... I think I need to clean my keyboard. My mistake, I assumed because of the avatar... never mind. Since, it's turned out that there's somewhat of an incompatibility issue here, I'd have to suggest that Hydee and I do the moderating. That would be good. Hydee's cool -- and she is a woman, right? *****
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