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  1. quote: evilrooster wrote:But I am disappointed that others' prejudices are on their way to ruining my fun. That's the case in our neighbourhood as well. There are a lot of people here who LIKE virtuals as well as other variations on the game, but a small minority is making it difficult for the rest of us to have fun in a way that the rest of us agree with. Yet, another case of the vocal minority getting their way. *****
  2. quote: sranddboggny.us wrote:i think people should lighten up and play the game the way that they see fit. And that's where the problem lies. People *can't* play the game the way they see fit because others don't let them. *****
  3. quote: mrn-man wrote:mtn-man... admin brick mason "approver of all trades" -- per Woodsters Outdoors Is it acceptable to use quotes from other cachers in signature lines? Cool. I know of a few that would make great sig lines. *****
  4. This cache had an image removed. Obviously, it's not there now now, because it was removed. *****
  5. Is is also removing images all together? There's a cacher or two here who've had images completely removed from their pages. *****
  6. Maybe they're cave pirates. Let's gather 'em up and burn 'em at the stake. Or we could threaten 'em with all sorts of other physical violence. *****
  7. We have a multi-cache that combines both: WWII - Irene Pearce Trail We even left a compass in a small container at the second stage so that those who don't have, or didn't bring a compass of their own, can complete the cache. *****
  8. Jomarac5


    quote: Zuuk wrote:JJ, you're more than welcome to start a private topic and include all the people who you think would be interested in reading about your moments of relaxation and rest. Boy, you say that with quite an air of authority Zuuky. Are you an admin now? *****
  9. quote: You'd think they were a recently divorced "couple". That's funny, maybe it was a rest stop divorce. Whatever the case, what's it to you? You're a little far away from your regional forum aren't you? *****
  10. Jomarac5


    I was wondering the same thing. I didn't see where that discussion was bothering anyone. *****
  11. Oh yeah, one more thing... My favourite so far is the lesbian dog. *****
  12. quote: amishangel wrote:You folks have any idea what the deaf community would think if they saw the placement of the "L" hand along the lower part of the face. I don't and because I'm not deaf, I don't need to. Nor do I need to apologize for it. If deaf people find it offensive then they need to realize that the majority of people who are enjoying themselves with this silliness are not in any way attempting to offend anyone. They're just goofing around. It's fun. Just relax. Not everyone can be expected to know every little nuance of every group or culture. Is it really necessary for you to even bring this up here in an attempt to spoil their fun? Please don't say "But I want to educate them so that they'll be more sensitive to the feelings of others..." EVERYTHING offends someone. By the way, do *you* have any idea of what the deaf community would think? Although I can't speak on behalf of any commmunity, my guess is that most of them would laugh because it is exactly what it is supposed to be -- funny. *****
  13. quote: Zuuk wrote:I'm puzzled though. (And this may be me just not correctly identifying the underlying issue.) Where are all these topics that are being closed 'on a whim'? Or was this just a 'hypothetical' example? No answer required if there isn't one. There's always an answer. But there's not always an underlying issue. Only a couple of examples were needed to see the great potential for this to be abused. That one of the examples happened to be your thread is of no consequence. Why should threads be closed by the topic starter? So that someone who's not entirely pleased with the discussion can write their best 'last post' and then snap the topic shut at an opportune moment? There are so many compelling reasons for this NOT to be available that there is no argument for it that makes practical sense. If you need more convincing Zuuk, reply to every part of Seneca's entire post instead of just a small select portion of it. *****
  14. quote:Originally posted by seneca:I voted no. I can see no rational reason why such an option should exist. This gives the topic starter far too much control over the conversation. Everybody in a thread, including the topic starter, always has the right to walk away from the conversation. If someone starts a discussion and others join in, the topic starter has the right to walk away, but why should he also be able to insist that everybody else “shut up”. If somebody started a topic and then shut the topic to myself and others who joined the discussion, I would be inclined to simply restart the topic on another thread, thus effectively defeating the topic starter's option to close it. Opening a can of worms that you can’t close, should be a risk that every topic starter considers in advance. Well put. I agree completely. I voted no as well, despite the fact that I just exercised my right to close a thread (just because I could). *****
  15. Corp of Discovery, no it's not actually the same thing. ju66l3r, I was very specific. Zuuk, thanks for the fish. Enough already people, it's not nice to talk about people after they've left the room. Closing this thread. *****
  16. Thank you. That's all I wanted to know and I'm satisfied. As the owner of this thread, I wouldn't object to it being closed. In any event, I will not post to it anymore. Thanks again. *****
  17. Thanks for the information Jeremy. Perhaps you can shed some light on the question that I've asked. I'm not about to argue with your reasons for allowing the thread starter to close a thread, I'm just curious as to the reasoning for it. *****
  18. Before this thread goes completely off topic: My theory is that there is no good or warranted reason for anyone to close a thread unless the forum posting rules are violated. Anyone have any other thoughts as to why closing threads is a good idea? *****
  19. quote: Zuuk wrote:The pre-conceived notions you have about the answer you are seeking is what caused you to subconsciously type the word 'correct', which you edited to 'satisfactory' upon second thought and review. (which is okay) Thank you Sigmund. I changed it because the word expressed my thought better. Not everything has hidden meanings, Zuuky. Sheesh. *****
  20. Pan, private discussions are quite a lot different. And if you recall, two people opted out of that private discussion you are referring to because *you* were getting off topic and abusive towards others. I closed the thread because of that reason and because nearly everyone in that discussion had suggested that the thread be closed. Private threads are not the same as public threads in any case. *****
  21. Sorry Zuuk, just edited that before you posted your reply after realizing that 'correct' wasn't the right word. It wasn't intentional. *****
  22. quote: New England n00b wrote:Gotta go with the admins on this one - you just don't like the answer. No. I haven't been given a satisfactory answer yet. The closest that it has come was when it was suggested that a thread could be closed once a satistied answer was determined to a specific question. Then someone else responded that because someone may have a future answer that is relevant to the original question that it may not be a good reason to close a thread. Made sense. It's not about me liking or not liking the answer that is given here. It's about discussing what could be an answer. So far I haven't seen where anyone (perhaps with the exception of Zuuk) who has directly given a reason *FOR* someone to have the ability to close a thread that they started. My theory is that there is no good or warranted reason for anyone to close a thread unless the forum posting rules are violated. *****
  23. quote: Pan wrote:Why, Jomarac5, did you utilize the means of stopping a discussion that you started when the forum conduct rules were not violated? If you are referring to a private thread that I started and then ended -- then yes, but we're talking about public discussions here Pan. Closing the private discussion that you were involved in has nothing at all to do with this topic. Aside from this, I cannot recall any instance where I requested a public thread that I started be closed. ***** edit: finished sentence ("with this topic") [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on October 07, 2003 at 09:28 PM.]
  24. Zuuk, you seem to be of the impression that this thread has been started and centers around *you*. Or maybe you think that it centers around *your* recent thread that you closed. Feel free to continue to think so if it makes you happier, but this thread was not started for your benefit in any way. Your thread may have sparked the thought and got me thinking about the question of this thread, but make no mistake about it -- it is not about you. Now, you've already very elequently expressed yourself regarding your logical answer and I thank you for that. I'll consider it, but I don't think that it's the only viewpoint and would like to hear from a few others who have an opinion. Thanks. *****
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