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  1. sept1c_tank, how did you get your last post to post a minute earlier than the one before it? Perhaps I could log it as a virtual anomaly? ***** edit: typo [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on November 01, 2003 at 03:41 AM.]
  2. quote: Brian - Team A.I. wrote:Clearly not the way to go about handling the situation, but I can't say that I'm sad to see it go by any stretch of the imagination. The website is gone, but I doubt that it's the last we'll see of the pirates. *****
  3. In a recent e-mail with the owner of the pirate website, he told me that he closed it because he was receiving death threats from cachers. Kind of sad when you think about it. *****
  4. quote:Originally posted by umc: quote:Originally posted by Pantalaimon: quote:Originally posted by Jomarac5:LOL! Hey, Jomarac5, congratulations for getting that particular piece of wit by your personal censors! It's good to see they loosened your muzzle a bit. Pan _Outside of dogs, reading is man's best friend. Inside of dogs... it's too dark to read._ - Unknown Instead of Moderator. Morbidrator and please don't make me have to start doing that to this thread. LOL! *****
  5. quote: Sax Man wrote:You mean like 'Panty-Lamer' for Pantalaimon? LOL! *****
  6. Fmpmfpmmmppppmp ffmppffmf Ffpfmffmfpmpffm, mpfppfpff fmpmfpmpp mpfmffpppmpp mmfpmfppffmmmffpppmfm fmmfmpmmmfmpmppppmmpppppfmp -- mmmpppmpm fmpmfpmmmppppmpfmm fmpppf Pmpmppppppppffm mpfppfpff fmpmfpmpp mfpmpppmfpfmmffpppmfm mfpmmmpppmpm mmmfmm fppmpppmfpmf! *****
  7. Hey, very cool Jeremy. Thanks for listening. *****
  8. quote: Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy wrote:What, you've never hit "reply" when you meant to hit "edit"? It happens, but it's even easier to just close the pop-up window and cancel the operation. *****
  9. quote: CO Admin wrote:How about adding a "Doesnt matter to me " choice? This is my poll so I'll ask the questions. If it doesn't matter to you, then don't answer. ***** no edit was done. I hit the wrong button and replied in here by mistake [This message was edited by CO Admin on October 29, 2003 at 01:27 PM.] [This message was edited by CO Admin on October 29, 2003 at 01:28 PM.]
  10. When you submit an encrypted log entry to a cache log, the email message sent to those who have the cache on their Watchlist is sent decrypted (possibly revealing spoilers). Should watch list notifications be encrypted or not? [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on October 29, 2003 at 08:50 PM.]
  11. quote: CO Admin wrote:The BEST way to report a problem or a bug is to e-mail contact@geocaching.com. The description of this forum section: Discuss new features (or feature requests), bugs, etc. specific to the Geocaching.com site. *****
  12. quote: CYBret wrote:How is this a problem/issue? Fmmppfppmmpp pfmmppppfpfmpmfmpp pmmfmffmmfmp mpmppfppp'fmp mfmmppfmp mfffmp. *****
  13. quote: Stunod wrote:Perhaps someone can enlighten me on why it should not be encrypted? Mff mmfmmmppp'fmp fmpmfpmffppppmp ppfmpf mmm pffmppmmmfmmppfppp pppppffmp fmpppf mpppppmmfpffffmpfmfmp fmpmfpmpp mpp-ppmmmmmffpmf ppmmppfmmfmmmmmmfmmppfmm. Pfmmpppffmfpmmmpfmfmm fmmpfmppfmffpmfmpppfffmm ppfppp mmfmmmmmfmfpmpp pfmmmmmfmmppfmm fmmmfpppffmfpmfmpm pppppffmp mmpmpp mpppppmmfpffffmpfmfmpmppmpm mppmfffmpmfpmpppff. *****
  14. Please allow me to offer a bit of my expertise here as some one who has had his member moderated. I can say with certainty that when I posted to a forum topic while being moderated, that the specific topic would jump to the top of the list and would remain there until another topic was replied to. At that point, the topic that I attempted to post to would disappear. It seemed to me that the topic would reappear once the decision was made to allow my post or not. ***** What bugs you, does not necessarily bug me.
  15. quote: CO Admin wrote:is it possible to do this without getting personal and bringing up names? I'm curious as to why you oppose mentioning names, and as such you have deleted a post that contained names, but you then quote the entire offending post and put it in your own post. What was the point of deleting the offending post? *****
  16. Pfmmpppffmfpmmmpfmfmm fppmpp fmmmfpppffmfpmfmpm pmmfmffmmfmp pmpmppmpppfm mmpfmfppmpfmmffpppmfm fmpmfpmfffmm fmpppfpfmmffmmf fmfpfm fmfpppfmpmffpmf fmmppfppmmppfmpmfpmffpppmfm mfffmp mpmppfpppmpp. Fmmmppmppppmfmm mffppmpfmppfpfffmpmmmpppfmp mpppppppffmfmfmmfp fmpmfpmmmfmp mfffmp fmmmfpppffmfpmfmpm mmpmpp mpfmfffpfmppmpm. *****
  17. quote: Renegade Knight wrote:Reclaiming the park is a good idea in my book and that activity would never stop me from placing a cache in a nice spot. Although I think it's admirable to want to reclaim a park, there are dangers associated with these areas and I don't think it's a good thing to be encouraging cachers to go there, especially considering that this is a family activity. I contacted three police departments after the incident that I witnessed and all three departments were all fully aware of the problem and had no intentions of stopping it. I explained what I was doing there and they suggested that it was not the safest area to be in. My theory is that these areas are locations that local people rarely visit and therefore the problem goes virtually unnoticed. If the police were to stop the activity, the perpetrators would likely move their antics into urban parks. The later of the two being much less appealing. Unfortunately, it seems that the police are unconcerned regarding what goes on in the wooded areas and washrooms near rest stops -- I know I won't be taking my kids anywhere near them. I also really don't feel that I need the aggravation of being accosted by some sick son of a gun or by the police because they mistake me for a sick son of a gun. For those reasons I won't look for or place caches in rest areas. Leading fellow cachers and their children to known problematic areas that the police seem to go out of their way to avoid, just doesn't strike me as offering a responsible contribution to the game. *****
  18. A few months ago I had the misfortune of looking for a cache that was placed at a rest stop near Vancouver. While looking for the cache I happened to witness exactly what these guys were doing there. Apparently, this is a common activity at rest stops throughout North America. We learned after this incident that truck drivers refer to rest areas as 'pickle parks'. I notified my local police department and they were very aware of the activities going on at rest stops but didn't seem the least bit interested in stopping it. My suggestion would be to avoid placing caches at rest stops. *****
  19. We have some very stiff competition around our area for FTFs. Generally you've got to be fairly quick to pick them up. Over the past year I've picked up about a dozen of them -- some I did right away (especially when I first started caching) but over the past several months, I've waited at least a day or so to allow some of the newer cachers in the area to pick them up. If a day or two go by, it indicates to me that no one is overly concerned about the FTF and may step out and pick it up. I recall the thrill of being the FTF for the first few times and just think it's a nice thing to let others experience this feeling as well. I've read some pretty good logs from people who have logged their first FTF -- they obviously think it's a bit special. Leaving the FTF for a newcomer just seems like a neighbourly thing to do. *****
  20. We have some very funny logs by a local cacher -- read the June 26 log by craggers. Very funny stuff. *****
  21. I agree with eroyds suggestion -- it's a good one. *****
  22. quote: RobertM wrote:Yes Septic_Tank, J5 usually has a positive and respectable approach to things. ;-) He probably takes after me. ;-) Why thank you RobertM. You do often set a good example yourself. *****
  23. We have a rule that if you are first to find the cache, you continue mulling around (as if still searching) so as not to attract attention to yourself and the cache location. After a half a minute or so (or if someone else is getting close to the cache) we move to a position near everyone else and say "I've got a secret". Usually works pretty well -- even with three kids. Once everyone has found the cache, it's opened and the logbook is signed and trades are made. ***** [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on October 23, 2003 at 09:08 PM.]
  24. quote: Hydee wrote:Most of the cachers expressing concerns here are voicing hearsay not actual experience. Wanna bet? ***** Frogs taste like chicken, but fish is better for you.
  25. quote: Yumatori wrote:I also caught Jeremy saying there's no record of e-mail complaints No, that's not what he said. He said that there's no record of e-mail complaints from Cache-Advance. I know he can't say the same of MrGigabyte. It was obvious side-stepping by not being completely upfront about the matter. Bear&Ducky is not muddying the waters -- he's bringing to this forum the concerns of those in his region, as he's already noted. ***** Frogs taste like chicken, but fish is better for you.
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