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  1. I just noticed that the "See the forum posts for this user" link from the profile pages is still directed to the UBB forums. *****
  2. You're going to get your Warn meter slapped using words like that. Hmmm.... wonder if Navicache works. *****
  3. I've got one too. I think it means that we're extra special. *****
  4. quote:Keystone Approver wrote:I think that there's a big difference between Hydee's phrase "a little honey" and Gorak's phrase "sucking up." Toe-may-toe, ta-ma-toe -- the only difference is the tone. I've always considered the phrase "a Little honey" to mean "sucking-up". If you want to talk about being reasonable, or respectful, that's a different thing altogether, if you get my drift. Gorak's assessment of the phraseology is on the money. It only stands to reason that if I'm attempting to resolve a difference in a polite manner that I'm going to get a lot further than if I'm being antogonistic. But I won't suck up, nor do I feel that I need to feel obligated to, if I want to get a cache approved. I haven't read the new rules yet, but I truly hope that I'm not going to see something referring to giving the approvers "a little honey". *****
  5. quote:Or you could be a typical grade 6 school yard bully like the person I have quoted.Hmmm... I don't see how saying something like that would make someone a bully. There was also a smiley at the end of it -- did you miss that? *****
  6. I've always loved a good pirate story. *****
  7. quote: Seneca wrote:Ooohhh I can feel it - I'm getting dumber with every post...... Well, that's one theory. *****
  8. I thought you were on to something since all posts before 695 were rather stupid. 697 was looking like a promising new beginning. *****
  9. As with nearly every feature of these forums, the software is fully customizable. If the number of posts field was not wanted, it would not be here. *****
  10. quote: Alsid Prine wrote:talking beer... Not sure about talking beer, but I've seen the beer do the talking on more than one occasion. And yeah, how about those Canucks? *****
  11. The pirates aren't dead. They're just sleeping. *****
  12. quote: Hydee wrote:The perceived problems for your area have been reported to the site, and to this point all allegations against the reviewer are unfounded. Since you brought it up (here instead of replying privately to my complaint) -- I can't say I'm surprised. Lift carpet. Move broom. *****
  13. quote: Hydee wrote:I see excluding one user or a group of users as mean-spirited and very different that reserving the FTF to honor one member. Fundamentally, it is the same -- the only difference with this scenario is that you are discriminating against the entire community instead of one person. If it's not OK for me to place a cache and say "so and so" can't log a first find, it shouldn't be OK for me to say no one can log a cache until a "so and so" has. If it is indeed done to 'honor' a cacher, perhaps it should be set up as an event cache. Regarding the honey comment -- I've heard time and time again about how tough the approvers have it -- has it even occurred to you that the problems that they endure are created by the lack of succinct rules regarding cache placement? Perhaps if everyone didn't have to go through hoops and be confused about what is acceptable and what is not, the approvers job would be much, much easier. No offense to the approvers, but I don't think anyone should have to suck up to get preferential treatment. *****
  14. quote: Hydee wrote:...and with a little honey they will go the extra mile to assist you with your next cache. What exactly does this mean? *****
  15. quote: Diablo wrote:J5, as usual, you take everything to the extreme. The cache in question as well as my caches were eventually opened to the public. It wasn't like they were made private for any signifigant amount of time. I see no harm in a cacher placing a cache for a special cacher to find and then opening it to the public. If you do...then get a life. Seems that you've misunderstood what I was asking. I didn't suggest that the cache never be made available to others, only that a FTF not be picked up by specific cachers. And by the way, your comment about getting a life seems a bit out of line just because you think that someone doesn't agree with you. This comment seems like a personal attack to me. *****
  16. quote: El Diablo wrote:I don't see the big deal that one was placed with the intentions that a certain person or group log it first. Since you are excluding a group of people (i.e., the rest of the local community), would it make it OK if I excluded a group of two or three specific cachers? *****
  17. quote: Keystone Approver wrote:I can point to many caches where there are restrictions to a "particular person or group." quote: Hemlock wrote:There is nothing in the current guidelines that prohibits reserving FTF, so yes we would approve it. So by this logic, can I single out one or two people who cannot log a First to Find on my caches? quote: Hemlock wrote:Who really cares? I think those that are complaining just wish they had thought of the idea first I didn't think of it first, but if it's an available option, I might like to exploit it. *****
  18. quote: Prime Suspect wrote:Well, I see that travisl has found The Search for Mata Nui cache, so our long national nightmare is over. That he found it or not, is not the issue here. A reserved FTF is cheesy. *****
  19. Seems rather elitist to me. I'd be of the mind not to do the cache at all. Ever. Perhaps for my next cache, I'll stipulate that only someone who writes nice things about me and my cache can log the cache as a FTF. But it'll have to be something really, really nice otherwise the log will be toasted. *****
  20. They're not people. They're aliens. With super-human powers. They have super-sonic methods of travel that allow them to not only visit several places in one day but to also be in several locations *similtaneously* Quite frankly, they're super cachers and as such are exempt from many mortal caching laws. *****
  21. quote: ju66l3r wrote:In the grand history of moderation here, I think you're the only one who has actually had their posting privileges temporarily revoked for a week. You're far too kind. Don't forget that RobertM shares that distinction equally with me. *****
  22. quote: welch wrote:They're slapping Jomarac around?!! Where are these threads?? those are the ones I want to be reading! Me too. *****
  23. quote: The Navigatorz wrote:Do we get our names listed in the Honorable Mentions of Who's Who in Geocachers of the World because we have a bunch of FTF's? Who really cares? They way that some people go after them you *would* think that there's a special prize for them, but even still, there are some who apparently do care (even if they shouldn't). quote: BassoonPilot wrote:I don't know what all the excitement is about, because Jeremy clearly stated, back on April Fool's Day, that (the name that was mentioned) "was an approver for a short time but isn't one now." But it turns out that what Jeremy said isn't, is. *****
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