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  1. umc's wife wrote:

    And you're right J5 you should be appoligizing.


    First, the insult is "justified" because that is all that is handed out here. You're it.


    WTF do you think Upinyachit means? All I see there is Up In Your s*** and if you don't see that then its not me man, get real. <--------- sorry for using your line.

    I've done nothing here that warrants an apology -- if I need to spell it out, I think that Jeremy owes Candie of Upinyachit the apology.


    As with many other usernames on this site, I do not know what Upinyachit means. Some usernames are not real words and unless something is irrefutably obvious, I don't assume anything. For all I know, that is their last name. If you see something nasty, perhaps it's the way that you perceive things that is causing your dismay. Do you know what a Jomarac is? Didn't think so.


    I certainly wouldn't take anything you say out on your husband, I actually find him to be very reasonable in most cases and quite enjoy his witty replies. I might point out here that I've noticed that he's much better at spelling than you are (and that's not meant as an insult -- it's just my observation).


    I'd love to stay and continue this informative and entertaining chat with you but unfortunately, there is a cache waiting to be found and I'm off to find it. Thanks for your colourful commentary, I quite enjoyed it. :huh:


    Have a nice day.



    Geo 141 54 130

  2. tlg wrote:

    And yes, I went caching today. A DNF on my Nemesis. (How's that for melodrama?)

    Sorry to hear that you got a DNF today. I'm just on my way out the door to do some night caching -- hopefully I'll be logging a find. Love the melodrama.


    Hey bug&snake -- I haven't heard Rindercella in years -- brings up some pretty funny memories. Thanks.



    40E-C 37

  3. umc wrote:

    Read up a little further and I think its funny that you say Candie, All I see is "up in your s***"


    Having multiple people post under one user account is bad form in my book. Especially when one comes to the defense of the other under the same user name.

    Regarding two users using the same account -- is there a rule against that? I don't see a problem with it as they are signing their respective real name at the bottom of each post (I assume that they are real names -- at any rate, they are indicating that they are two separate people). I certainly don't have a problem defining who is who.


    I did a search on both pages of this thread and didn't find "up in your" anywhere. Where do you see that? Up in your what? I think you're seeing things that are not there. And at any rate, I really don't see anything that Candie (or upinyachit) could be construed as a 'first blow' in any of the posts. I'm having a difficult time with this one. How is the insult from 'the man' justified?


    It's pretty obvious to me who should be apologizing.



    Geo 124 113

  4. umc wrote:

    The way I see it (and you can call it jaded if you would like) is that J is a reactive character, he doesn't throw any blow first, its someone else.

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but I just went back and read the above posts and I didn't see Candie (upinyachit) throw a 'first blow' at 'the man'. Correcting someone on something that is incorrect is fine, but the insult to Candie regarding the username and avatar was quite unnecessary, character flaw or not, it's rude and disrespectful.



    Geo 131 136

  5. umc wrote:

    J5 please don't talk to Jeremy in that fashion. He's the man and you know it so quit fighting it please.

    Perhaps Jeremy should stop talking to others in the fashion that was exemplified in his post. I don't know if Jeremy is "the man", or even what that really means, but there was no reason for the remark. I'm certainly not fighting anything, just merely pointing out that his comment was quite unwarranted.


    But if it'll make everyone feel better, I'm sorry -- really, really sorry.


    Edit an extra E somewhere.  :huh: 




    Geo 18F 25 35

  6. Jeremy wrote:

    A side note: Considering that your username is what it is, the name sets the tone for any conversations within these forums. Add the clown and you have your work cut out for you.

    Now that isn't really necessary is it? Giving someone a rub because of their username? What's that all about? And what about that avatar? There is a moderator of this site that at one time very appropriately used a clown as his avatar and I didn't see you giving him a hard time about it. What's good for the goose...


    And you call others childish. Really. Sheesh.



    Geo 40E-PT 139

    Edit: changed 'at one time who' to 'at one time'.

  7. Hemlock wrote:

    It's quite obvious from reading the recent "lurkers" threads, that the vocal minority are very much in the minority.

    I've been following that thread and although there are a few that have expressed that opinion, I don't think it anyone could say it's obvious or the general consensus. I have noticed that several people have expressed that they find the forums entertaining and informative.



    Geo 135 40B-H 2

  8. Why is it that all these people keep threatening to go to another site, but keep coming back?

    Cache listings on Geocaching.com within 100 miles of Pueblo Colorado: 429

    Cache listings on Navicache.com within 100 miles of Pueblo Colorado: 6


    Any other questions? :huh:

    Ooh I wanna play!


    Caches with in 100 miles of Brookhaven NY:


    Geocaching.com: 1759


    Navitrash, oops I mean Navicache.com: 56


    Yea baby, I'm sticking with microsof...ah I mean GC.com! ;)

    I remember a time not so long ago when IBM was much, much, much, bigger than Microsoft.



    Geo 91 45

  9. Cache-tech, no disrespect to yourself, but it looked to me like the mood of that forum was pretty light hearted and no one seemed to be upset, uptight, upended, or the least bit uppity -- in fact, the overall mood seemed to quite friendly and upbeat until you arrived and started editing posts (without notifying the poster, I might add). Did you not notice that? It was just a bunch of friends (yes, nearly all of us know each other outside the forums, and get along splendidly) conversing about a current issue that relates to all of us here as cachers (and people).


    Chill out a bit will ya, there wasn't a problem.



    Geo 40F-BHT 64 140

  10. AlsidPrime wrote:

    Is there any locations in the Tri-Cities area offering this wonderfull discount? ... or one similer... Bussing out to surrey.. or richmond is rarely fun...

    XScargo is only in Langley and Richmond. If you'd like, I can stop by the Langley store tomorrow and pick one up for you. I can get it to you at the Belcarra cache event and you can pay me for it then.



    Geo 18C 99B

  11. Sorry, J5... not what I had in mind, nor what the original poster had in mind, nor what the Discovery Channel has in mind.  But perhaps in your mind, it would be a worthy subject to have a film crew follow you around whilst you create your community?  Fine, then. 


    Still waiting for geocaching/GPS related adventures of the type described in the original post.

    No offense Keystone, but I don't think that you can speak for the Discovery Channel. I think they might go for it. I'm going to start writing my proposal first thing in the morning. Deep down I think you know that there could be some pretty exciting drama in this scenario.



    Geo 97J 104 105

  12. Hey Champ, it's me Jomarac5 -- how ya doin' big fella. It's been a while since ya last were here. I hope you've been causing chaos and mayhem wherever you've been. How's Mrs Champ doing? I hear that she's been spreading out all the tough nuts in preparation for the holiday season.


    I see that you got your first taste of the new "moderation". What do you think of that? Be careful or your likely to get your member moderated. Hey, I didn't know that you owned a doggy doo company -- I can think of someone else who might be good for that job. Anyway, I didn't see where your post was all that political considering some of the posts in this thread but hey, what can I say? Not much apparently. At least the Merry Christmas bit got left in -- isn't that a bit off topic though? Speaking of off topic, your pal Zuuky has been around here lately and made a couple of enquiries asking where you've been.


    Hope you don't "loose" it when you see that your post was deleted. Oops, sorry, it wasn't deleted, it was just edited beyond recognition. <sigh>


    So I guess you won't be heading over to the Island anytime soon. This fairy business is getting pretty messy. Too bad, I hear there are some really good KFWB caches that have come up recently and I was going to head over there over the holidays but I don't want to get stranded over there.


    Let's get together and do a cache or two.


    So there you go, ever since, I've been Jomarac5.



    Geo 95MSUW 105

  13. Just got back from the Surrey/Langley store and they have about 25 BFLs left in stock (as of 6:30 PM).


    While there, I also noticed that they have 1500 mAH NiMH AA rechargable batteries in a 4 pack for $7.98 (with charger the price is $15.00)


    Good deals for cachers.



    Geo 35 37

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